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  1. Creepypasta Roleplay. Can be a cannon (or already known character) pasta or an OC. You can be a normal non-pasta human too. You can have up to 2 characters.

    No god modding, 2: No killing off someone's character without their permission, 3: No spamming or trolling, 4: Try not to be a complete asshole to anyone else in the RP. 5: Give people ample time to reply before going on too far ahead. Peoples' real lives can get busy and we have to understand that.
  2. Jeff the Killer walked quickly in the shadows of the houses of a small town's subdivision. He was stalking a young teenage girl. She looked to be about 16 or 17 and was one of those 'cheerleader', preppy, stuck up looking girls. She was walking fast paced, but he had no trouble keeping up, even while keeping to the shadows. She was chatting quickly on her phone, talking shit about an 'ugly, nerdy' girl in her school that she and her friends had apparently been picking on. His blood boiled to think of people bullying others for their looks, and that is why he'd chosen her for tonight's kill. He would follow her to her house, wait until she was asleep and creep into her window. A twig snapped under his converse shoe and he froze, mentally cussing at himself and keeping still in the darkness a moment while she whipped her head around to see what the sound was. Her eyes scanned the area around her and after seeing nothing she shrugged. He heard her snarky voice quip 'must've been a stupid animal' to whoever she was conversing with on her oh so expensive looking smart phone. He relished the thought of slicing her up, the warm blood dripping down his fingers. She continued to walk, and he continued to stalk her.

    Jeff chuckled at the 'stupid animal' comment. If only she were so lucky tonight. He would be doing the ugly nerd girl a favor. He didn't even WANT to wait for this one to get home and be in her bed before he made her go to sleep. He silently ran on ahead, keeping in the blackest of shadows as he did so. The clouds blotted out even the moon now so anywhere not lit by a street lamp was pitch black. Apparently she had to go through a fairly abandoned part of town. The economy had forced many of the people in this nice stuck up neighborhood into smaller dwellings, which made it a good place for not being noticed or bothered while he made a couple killings and got out of the area before the police caught on. She was going to walk past a dark, almost alley type area between two abandoned houses 8 foot tall fences and he grinned, perfect spot to grab the little princess.

    Jeff waited patiently a moment until she was close to passing the gap between the fences and lunged to grab her arm, swinging her down as easily as a doll she hit the hard concrete that lay as a walkway between the two tall fences. The impact with the concrete had knocked her unconscious and there was a few drops of blood dripping onto the hard ground. She would live though, at least from that. From what he would soon do to her though, not so much. He liked his victims awake when he killed them though, 'putting them to sleep' literally, and for good. He would pull her back farther into the sort of alley and away from the eyes of anyone else who might dare pass this way. it was almost pitch black save for the very faint glow from the street lamp down the street, being just barely enough to see at all. But Jeff didn't need much light.

    He was used to working in the dark. He knelt, straddling her, with his hand over her mouth incase she dared try to scream when she regained consciousness, not that she would scream for very long. Still he didn't need anyone hearing. After a few more moments she groggily started to open her eyes, looking a bit out of it and dazed, likely from the hit to the head. She looked up, seeing Jeff's face, his carved smile and large unnatural looking black ringed eyes set her into a panic. She attempted a muffled scream and tried to struggle against his weight but got nowhere. Jeff gave a sadistic grin and got in her face, grabbing his large butcher knife from his hoodie pocket, "Hello there, miss priss, ready to go to sleep? It's past you'r bedtime." And with that he forcibly jabbed the knife straight into her chest. Stabbing a few times, first her heart, then another in the center where he ripped the blade downward, opening up her chest cavity and stomach, blood spraying up onto his already blood stained hoodie and onto his face. She was still conscious and attempting to struggle, making choked attempts to scream, though getting weaker by the second. He put the knife back in his pocket a second, grabbing onto her intestines and ripping them out of her, tossing them to the side. They hit the fence with a 'splat' and made a large red stain on the wood. "You won't be needing these anymore." He cackled maniacly.

    Her consciousness started fading and he slapped her, "Don't fall asleep yet, I'm not done!" He gripped the blade once again, slipping the tip inside her mouth and ripping to one side, making a half cut smile much like his. Then he did the same to the other side as the light finally diminished and died from her eyes and she lay still and quiet. He laughed insanely, getting up and admiring his work a few moments. "There. You're beautiful now...Sleep well." He smirked as he began to walk away.

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  3. Jess strolled down the streets, carefree. She seemed to look like an innocent young woman, but no. That was just a disguise. In reality, she was searching for her next victim. She came across a strange figure in a gray sweatshirt. She was armed with a knife, a pistol, and a container of pills meant to knock one out in a matter of seconds. She approached the figure. His aura was not innocent, no, not in the least bit. It was... evil. She liked it. Then, she saw something... incredible. He murdered a girl brutally. She watched with pure energy in her eyes. Each strike filled her with feelings of excitement and joy. Finally, he was done. She went up to him. "Hi," she said to the hooded man. "My name's Jess. I saw you kill that girl. Don't worry, I won't turn you in. In fact, I liked it. A lot. Wanna hang out? I have an idea of what we can do." She thought of her last victim. They way he screamed. The way he thrashed. The way he sweated at her. She wanted to relive that experience. Except this time, she'd have someone else nearby to share her pleasure with.
  4. (Oc, Kazuki, meaning One Hope)

    Little Kazuki wondered down the street aimlessly. He wore no shoes, a baggy pair of pants and a shirt much to large for him. As he walked for what seemed to be no distance for himself he stopped abruptly in the middle of the road and sniffed the air. "...blood..." He slightly mumbled, a dark black goo dripping from his mouth. He walked towards the sent, soon sensing two people, a man and a woman. He walked towards them but not close enough to interact with them.

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  5. Jess looked at Jeff. She sensed the presence of another being. It was an evil aura. She liked it, and chose to simply ignore it, pretending she hadn't even noticed.
  6. Emily sat still near a tree. She heard the murmurs of the people nearby but did not interact. She couldn't. It was a shame but they would not be able to see her until she could appear near them .For that she needed the blood that was around them. She looked at the knife in her hand. It wouldn't last, this thirst. It would just go down into the dirt and she would be filled with happy thoughts once more. Because she was ever changing .But hearing those people gave her courage that she did not want to have. Her solitude was her courage, but something inside her told her to get up and walk to them. She hid behind a tree for a minute and smiled . She saw all three of them but she held onto the tree steadfast. There was no point in rushing. Everything came with a price. And if they were to be on her side, she had to observe first.
  7. The presence of a third person. Curiousity. Hunger. The aura was so pleasing and strong and made Jess want to interact with it more. She turned around and saw the girl behind the tree and smiled slightly at her, being sure to make eye contact.
  8. Kazuki followed the girls eyes to see where she was looking. Seeing the tree from his angle he could see no other person by could most definitely sense them. He was curious but didn't Wang to move from his current position.
  9. Jess put her hands on her hips. "I know you're there!" she called out, hoping for the other person to make an appearance.
  10. It seemed everywhere she went,there was rain.It was always rain, rain rain and more rain. Never was never sunshine in her presence.
    She carried such a burden with her that she herself had been absorbed by it, giving her a sort of downcast look filled with pain and rage.
    She carried in her hand a bloodied dagger, one with a jagged edge soaked with the blood of a boy she had earlier strangled and ripped
    until there was just a mangled corpse left, unidentifiable by any means. She heard the words of others she figured were like herself, killers,
    insane and thirsty for blood. Her pulsating red eyes gave her an intimidating look, one of utter anger and infuriation. She wanted to see these,
    strangers. As soon as she found the group, she looked at each of them, searching for any resemblance to her ex and seeing none, she simply
    sat on the concrete with a blank expression, listening.
    " Hello... "
    As soon as she spoke, a sadistic smile crept onto her face, , causing her to look crazed ind insane.
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