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  1. Creepypasta Roleplay. Can be a cannon (or already known character) pasta or an OC. You can be a normal non-pasta human too. You can have up to 2 characters.

    (rough profile skeleton, you can make changes to it as needed but use the provided/required ones and add to it)
    Species/type of pasta:
    Short Bio: (Try to make your bios somewhat short so we can easily fit everyones on here. If it's an already made pasta that people know, even putting a link to the story on like creepypasta wiki or anything like that would be fine. if it's an OC try to summarize your story as much as possible but so people can understand what/who you are suppose to be without making it SUUUPER long.)

    1: No god modding, 2: No killing off someone's character without their permission, 3: No spamming or trolling, 4: Be civil OOC. 5: Give people ample time to reply before going on too far ahead. Peoples' real lives can get busy and we have to understand that.

    (Main RP thread: )
  2. Username: Linklove93

    Name: Jeff The Killer
    Age: 18
    Species/type of pasta: Human/Killer
    Short Bio:
  3. Username: Kuroshi
    Name: Yami
    Age: 16
    Species/type of pasta: Vengeful/Ghost
    Short Bio: Yami's parents were murdered when she was young and she was taken into another family. She was constantly abandoned and adopted, until she ended up in a family that kept her longer than most. Despite meeting their expectations so that she wouldn't be abandoned again, she was constantly bullied at school because of her origin and low status from her foster parents. Obviously being looked down and bullied by snotty students at her school, she ended up being dragged away by them and brought into an abandoned factory. After being beat up and raped, she was supposed to be left alone. One kid though threw a cigarette and it landed on something flammable. This created a domino reaction to other flammable things in the factory and caused everything to blow up and all of them to die in a fire. Being that she was adopted, the articles stated that she was the cause of the fire to keep the reputation of the school from being ruined. As a ghost, she first tormented/wreaked havoc in the school that was the main cause of her death and burned it down.
  4. Username: Angel_Hearted__Demon
    Appearance: [See uploaded media]
    Name: Jessica Gluton

    Age: 19
    Species/type of pasta: Insane, human being, serial ____er
    Short Bio: Jessica, or Jess as she likes to be called, is a serial torturer. She loves the sound of screams and has gotten into the bad habit of kidnapping people and torturing them. She doesn't kill, though. No, she's never taken a life. Instead, when she feels that her job is complete, she drives her victims to the hospital, leaving them to suffer in front of the ER. But that doesn't make her any less evil. If anything, it makes her crimes worse, because she keeps them alive to suffer longer instead of putting them out of their horrible, agonizing misery. Her chamber is well hidden and well used...

    Attached Files:

  5. Username:Catwoman Supreme
    Name: Laughing Jack
    Species/type of pasta: Insane,cosmic being(what he calls himself),clown
    Short bio:

    Catwoman Supreme
    Appearance: a girl with long silk white hair with black highlights and a blood red streak in her bangs. One eye is bright orange with a slited pupil and the other ice blue also with a slited pupil, her ears are pointed like an elf. She has fangs with her canines sharper then normal, her nails are pointed like claws. She wears high heeled black boots, gloves and a dark purple tight-fitting outfit. She's tall for her age and has slightly longer arms, her legs make up most of her height. She's pale but not completely white like some of the other creepypastas she knows. She has angel like wings except every feather is razor sharp, she has a ring earring and a gold stud earring on her right ear. She has a bandage on her right arm but she won't explain from where. On her ice blue eye is a black slash-like mark which she was born with, a red scarf hangs around her neck. Small black stripes can be found around her body, and a scar is near her orange eye.
    Name: Heather Edwards
    Species/type of Pasta:Demon, two personalityed, half-human
    Short bio: She knows that her mother and father where killed for their relationship and that she has to half-siblings who are twin demons. Her young brother is taken care of by their demon uncle, she was found by Laughing Jack the day of her parents death, he knows her history but he won't till until she turns 18. Other then that everything else is a hazy mess.
  6. Username:


    Nina Coleman


    Species/type of pasta:
    Ghost, Killer, Revenge

    Short Bio:
    A few years before her untimely death, Nina had a boyfriend.
    He was kind and he was gentle with her, but one evening she came
    home to find him in bed with another girl, and so she exacted her revenge by killing both
    him and his new girl. The bed was soaked with their blood and afterwards she felt
    so much guilt that she went atop the roof of the apartment building and leapt from about twenty stories up.
    Landing upon the ground, every part of spread across the concrete. She began killing others out of
    pain and seeking and endless revenge for her betrayal by her one love in life and she sought
    to kill anyone and everyone who so much as resembles or seemed to remind her of her ex.​
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