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  1. Hey there! I'm looking for a partner to play Jeff the Killer/Jeffery Woods. Someone that wont ditch me half way through the RP. Someone who has knowledge of how to play his character and can post at least a paragraph. I'll be playing his precious baby brother Liu Woods. Kinks can be discussed when we plan.

    The main plot:

    The plot starts out when Jeff and Liu move into the new house with their parents. Jeff is starting to form feelings for his baby bro. Some of them quite sexual, he hasn't acted upon them yet due to he doesn't know if Liu returns the feelings. But when Liu comes to him and confesses he shares the same feelings they act upon them. They choose to keep their 'activities' a secret from everyone. When Jeff snaps and kills his parents he spares Liu and brings him with him as he runs away from home. Soon Liu's urge to kill becomes stronger and he soon becomes a killer like his brother. Jeff becomes very possessive of Liu almost to that of a Yandere.

    We can expand this much more but, this is just a vague plot to start on. It will include sexual situations that probably will not be skipped over. I'm looking for someone literate who can make this long term.

    Other fandoms could be included as a sort of crossover, so let me know your other fandoms.
  2. Still looking :/
  3. *makes winky face*

    I make a really good yandere roleplayer. I have... Experience.
  4. So you are up for playing Jeff?
  5. Still looking.
  6. Sorry for embarrassingly late reply. Sure, I'm up for Jeff.
  7. Awesome, drop me a PM and we can plan :D
Thread Status:
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