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  1. Hi!! Well hopefully no one did anything like this yet e.e but this is a creepypasta highschool. Obviously. Plot's below and to all the hardcore creepypasta fans I'm sorry of I ruined creepypasta for you or if something here is 'impossible' or if I misunderstood something. For I am only a new in the fandom..

    Slenderman has gathered all of the pastas and the 'worthy' killers of the world ( or so he thinks *rolls eyes* ) He decides that its time for them to ACTUALLY GO TO SCHOOL. He doesn't like it when their all crammed up in the slendermansion so he created proxy academy. Although he is the principal.

    OC Sheets (Limit- 1-3)

    Looks (description or picture):
    Any other info you wish to add:

    Roleplay Rules:
    • Please be polite and kind to other roleplayers in OOC chatting
    • Do not romantically “claim” anyone right away, it’s okay to have a character crush but don’t claim until the other person allows it
    • No god-modding OCs
    • Nobody gets killed unlesssomeone wants their character to be killed off for whatever reason (perhaps they want to make a different character or leave the roleplay)
    • Limit to taking canon characters is at most 2 per person
    • Limit to OCs will be around 2-3 at most
    • You do not have to take a canon character in order to make an OC
    • Have Fun!
    Cannon characters:

    • Jeff the killer
    • Jane the killer
    • Ben
    • Zalgo ( the dean of the school )
    • Slenderman
    • Masky
    • Hoodie
    • Ticci Toby
    • Laughing jack
    • Sally
    • Lost Silver
    • Eyeless Jack
    Anyone else?? Pm me

    Colored = taken

    Name: Anastasia Merchoy
    Age: 16
    Looks: unnamed (17).jpg

    unnamed (18).jpg

    unnamed (19).jpg
    unnamed (16).jpg
    (( blue eyes ))

    Likes: performing, being praised, singing, playing the violin

    Dislikes: rude people, when people disturb her 'performance' being told what to do.
    Personality: she's a brat. Period. She's rude, she always charms her way into getting what she wants and she get what she wants all the time.

    Once a musician, her dreams were crushed and now she is seeking for revenge. Period. She doesn't have a disorder, okay maybe she does but no one knows about it, not even herself. She just went insane. She was once a great musician, she had a voice like an angel, and she played instruments so swiftly. Then, she started to get old... More people became popular, and she was forgotten. "My music is absolutely wonderful! You shall hear it all the time, and even before you die." Were her last words before she was completely forgotten. Ever since, she would sneak into peoples houses a violin in her hand singing and playing a song she wrote called "Forget me not" she would sing that to her victims before swinging her bow - which by the way has a blade at the end - and cutting their throat. After she did this to her mother - who refused to listen to her - she laughed, and laughed before carving a music note into her forehead.
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  2. Name: Nikoli Pycrian


    Likes: The sound of the piano and violin, The smell of cinnamon it soothes him, The sound of bones snapping, dark humor

    Dislikes: If someone calls him Freak, Monster, Stupid. Insults towards his disability, Silence, Similarity, Peer Pressure

    Personality: Creative, Humorous, Reckless

    Bio:With DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) growing up can be a pain as a child. His parents they abused him and never cared for him causing him to go into a independent state trying to take care of himself but he couldn't do it his world slowly melted by 14 he realized his reality had slipped where everyone thought he was OK when he really wasn't. Until the day he finally snapped in his school he was sitting writing down notes for chemistry a group of kids walked up to him and started mocking him when he finally stepped up to one of them he took a test tube and smashed it on the boys arm. He stared him down and that's where he finally broke he started punching the boy and pulled a lighter out of his pocket he lit it and dropped it in a beaker of Nitrocellulose ( A highly Flammable chemical) and watched the group of kids burn to death. As the authorities found out he was sent to juvenile detention when let out he was not done yet he poisoned the food of his parents and killed everyone in his neighborhood differently and creatively from gouging there eyes to dragging there intestines out and burning them. As he murdered more it soothed him he became a well known killer and he was feared in his area when he finished his last victim he saw a letter on the ground addressed to him and there he was invited to the high school. Although he is weak and small don't mock him he won't be afraid to hurt you

    Any other info you wish to add: Has his disorder under control sometimes. dyed hair white, from russia, Bad Anxiety covers it with something
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  3. Accepted, hold on, I'll post my oc in a minute
  4. [​IMG]



    Looks (description or picture):
    She has mint green hair that covers her one eye. Her eyes are grey, and are darkening underneath. She has freckles, and wears one cross earring. She is rather tall, and wears dark clothes. She also has a bloody hook for one arm.

    -My Chemical Romance
    -Black Veil Brides

    -Social Events
    -High Heels

    She is always insecure about herself. She is found shivering or looks as if she had not slept in months. She is a bit shy, but she is murderous.

    She was born as Kira Gonder in Butte Falls, Oregon. One night she snuck out of the house to go visit her friends who lived down the street. Before she left she found a phone, covered in blood. It started ringing, so she picked it up. On the phone was a deep voice that said, "Yes-- I am looking for Jack. Is he there?" She replied, "Uh no- who are you?" She voice hesitated knowing he got the wrong message and he voice said, "You know too much." She felt a shadow creep behind her and grab her, she tried to pull away. Before she knew it she was tied to a piece of sheet metal where a mysterious CreepyPasta sawed her hand off. She luckily escaped and found a hook for a hand.

    Any other info you wish to add:
    Her killing method is like how she was captured. She puts a phone in houses and she lets it ring. When you pick it up... that is why she says 'Before you find the phone...'

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  5. Name: Angela

    Age: 17

    Looks (description or picture):
    download (3).jpg
    Likes: Moonlight, Sunshine, Rain, Anything white or blue, and sometimes black

    Dislikes: Cheaters, Lovers, The color pink

    Personality: Often is depressed when she isn't being evil, Enjoys torturing her victims before taking them as her own

    Bio: Was murdered by her father at a young age(17 is young if you think about it) and she later took revenge upon him while he slept and now she seeks out the unfortunate humans who cross her path as she has never been able to do anything in life otherwise.

    Any other info you wish to add: DON'T OPEN THE MUSIC BOX...

    download (5).jpg
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  6. Accepted, you can go to the rp
  7. Can I preserve Ticci Toby dear?
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  8. Can I be Jane please, & thanks for telling me!
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  9. 022c9b64f6a8abe54e12fee3f110dbae.jpeg Ticci_toby_by_bleedingheartworks-d6xotve.png ticci_toby_wallpaper_by_the_blurred_kid-d7akmfd.png
    Name He Goes by: Ticci Toby.

    Real Name: Toby Rogers

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male.

    Height: 5' 6"

    Weapon of choice: two hatchets.

    Attitude/Personality: Usually happy and full of laughter, even more so while or after killing someone. His rage is a force to be reckoned with.

    Friends: Slenderman, Jeff the Killer, BEN, Mr.Widemouth, Smile Dog, Seed Eater, Eyeless Jack, Heartful Lou.

    Rivals: The Rake, Masky

    Bio: Toby Rogers was born with many disorders, many out which attacked his nervous system, causing him to be numb from pain. One of his disorders is tourette syndrome, causing him to make many jerks and random movements, most of which are him snapping his neck to the side, twitching it as if he were trying to pop his neck. He was born and raised with his father and mother. At some point around the age of 19, he fell and began having a major craving for flesh, in which he would start biting and eating the flesh around his fingernails. A little while after the fall, he ended up killing his father. He left the house which ended up burning down but not before taking two hatchets, one new with an orange handle, and one old and worn with a wooden handle. After all of this, he had a meeting with Slenderman whom is now a friend of his.
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  10. No problem c:
  11. No problem c:
  12. I thought Toby was a cannon character so... I guess its automatically accepted??
  13. Well he is. I just decided too make a character sheet for him. :)
  14. Oh okay XD you can go to the rp now
  15. Errr. Where is it? I cant find a link dear.
  16. Hi... is it alright if I join as Ben Drowned?
  17. On the side of the first post, it says play, like the literal first posy with the plot and stuff

  18. Name: Tyler
    Age: 17
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Likes: Football,cats,cold weather, and music.
    Dislikes: Annoying people,chalk boards, and neon colors.
    Personalty: He doesn't kill everyday. He's a jock. Girl magnet. He's weapon is a baseball bat. He doesn't look like a monster but he can turn into one & when he does you do not want to be around him. He got abandoned as a kid. He would kill people, eat their flesh, and drink the blood.
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  19. Accepted you may go to the rp
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