Creepy Circus anyone?

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  1. probably sure that this idea has been used more than a roll of napkins but still, id like to see this as a thing if it 'aint already.
    opening night a poem by moui
    Greetings guys and gal's!
    We hope you enjoy the park
    where its wondrous, fun and loud
    but much more fun after dark
    the roaring tigers and laughing clowns
    are always such a sight
    we will feed to them your parents
    and make you watch them fight
    the children laugh and crowd
    on the happy summer lights
    just please, I beg..
    come visit us tonight.
    The concept of the story is simple, but I would like help!
    You wake up, in the early afternoon of midsummer, a happy feeling of hot summer days and the rest of the day doing as you please. A knock on your front door rouses you from whatever thoughts you had about plans, and whoever it is seems to have already left. A small flier is pasted to your door, advertising this:

    carnival sign blank.jpg
    After reading this, and looking up online to see that its in the boonies, a quick drive from your house, you decide. "Why not?" ​
    (So yeah..thats it…i would like any suggestions on how to make this a gripping story with loads of suspense. I would also like to see if anyone would like to gm? Pretty please '-'.)
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  2. It sounds fun and cool to me. An idea to make it better in my opinion would be to have alot of quirky characters, and perhaps a murder or two.
  3. @AngelOnTheEdge
    There will most definitely be a death or two, and I have a few characters brewing in my mind atm..
  4. I'd definitely join if I could play one of the members of the circus
  5. @Ramiel
    And what role would you like to play in my lovely circus? I would most certainly accept a character sheet as perscribed below.
    Circus job application (open)

    Stage name:
    Creepy aspect:
    Text color:
    We hope to add you to our family! Sincerely, Infirni.
  6. Have you set up an OOC yet? I'd post it there if so, if not I'll begin working on it and post it once it's up.
  7. Im working on it now, ill notify here once it is up,
  8. Thank you, I'll start drafting a character.
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