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  1. So I'm watching this video on YouTube about the creepiest stories (true stories). It popped up on my feed and the morbid curiosity of my mind prompted me to watch it, and I got around to thinking; what is my scariest story? What is other peoples? So I figured I'd take this question to Iwaku. I've actually got a couple that I am going to go through.

    My creepiest stories:

    When I was about eight, I was home alone. My sister was off at a friend's house for a birthday party sleep over thing, my mom and dad were at work. We lived out in the boondocks, so there was nobody around. We had neighbors but that same night my neighbors were gone on vacation as it was Spring Break for their kids. It's about 3 AM Saturday and being a kid left home alone, I'm going to do what I want. Eat ice cream for dinner, drink a shit ton of coffee, watch cartoons and murder mysteries (I was a weird child). The phone rings and I hear my mom telling me to lock the windows and doors because there was someone in the neighborhood with a knife breaking and entering. I get up (mind you, my house had three levels to it and many windows and doors to it) and start locking the windows and doors in a hurry. But as I near the back door, I hear someone rattling the outside screen door (our back door had a huge wooden door with three deadbolts on it, a small greenhouse area attached and then a door that led outside). I can't turn on the light but shine a flashlight through the window to find a man standing there in a ski-mask, heading for the back door. In a panic, I run to the closet and pull my bow and a few arrows out, pointing it at the guy and screaming that I'd shoot him if he didn't leave. The man ran out of the greenhouse and through the backyard (where he actually got to meet my German Shepard who wasn't happy to see him).

    The next morning I saw my dog chewing on a piece of bloody cloth. Never heard from the guy again.

    Another time, just actually a few months ago, I was pet sitting at this house miles away from any town or city. So getting any visitors was considered to be strange. This house had two floors but many open windowed rooms. It kind of freaked me out. I was downstairs in the TV room watching Game of Thrones (I think that was the show), it was around 11 at night. I'm starting to fall asleep, and all of the animals (2 dogs, 1 cat) are inside the room with me. The doors are all locked, the curtains closed. I suddenly hear BOOM! CRASH! upstairs, and you can imagine that I'm pretty freaked by it. I go upstairs and a dining room chair is knocked over. I rush to look around the house and nobody is there (I was pet sitting alone). I look in the twin's room, I look in the parent's room, bathroom, copy room, closets, everywhere. I go downstairs and the dogs are staring outside the window growling. The cat is puffed up and scared and I can't help but feel watched. Then I hear something come through the kennel, so I run and I quickly shut the door to the kennel and barricade it. I call a friend and they come over to comb over the house with me. We checked every single room.

    The bedroom closest to the kennel was messed with. You had to have really pressed hard onto the door to get the bedroom door open, and I found it ajar three times. I closed it firmly each time. I'd never been inside that room, ever. I never opened it, I never looked inside or messed with the covers. The first time the door was open, I inspected it. The covers weren't disturbed; the bed was tidy and neat. The second time however, the covers were pulled back and it looked like someone was laying in it.

    I left that night, too freaked out to stay.
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  2. Shortest creepy story ever:

    The last man on earth heard a knock at the door.
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  3. My husband and I, when we were dating, used to go for drives on Friday nights after I got off from work at 11 at night. We both still lived at home with our parents, and weren't allowed to have sleepovers, so usually we'd find a place to go for a few hours before he dropped me off at home. One night we decided we were going to go on a hike at a state park, because I was exhausted and he thought getting up and moving around would help keep me awake.

    We get there, and we were sitting in the car arguing about whether we were actually going to get out or not. I didn't want to because it was dark, and there are no lights there. Plus, I'd been walking for eight hours, I really didn't want to walk anywhere else. Luckily for us (Although we didn't know it at the time) the argument continued on for a good half hour when it was interrupted by the sound of a woman screaming. We both stopped, cracked open our window and listened thinking we were hearing things, but then we heard it again. I think we listened for maybe a full minute before he started the car and zoomed out of there lie the devil was chasing us. I was freaking out thinking that some poor woman was getting killed, and that we needed to call the police. He kept telling me that it was an animal and I should relax. We never did figure out what it was. I watched the news for weeks but no body was discovered there, and there was no crimes reported in the area. To this day I still freak out whenever we go near that park, and I've refused to take a trip there with my kids. I'm still convinced that someone was getting raped or murdered up there though, but my husband swears it was some kind of animal.
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