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  1. Hi there my name is Kim and I'm looking for some 1x1 roleplays to do via PM! If you'd like to see my writing style and character preferences please check out my roleplay resume. I write one to two paragraphs regularly and can easily post 2+ times a day so long as unexpected issues in real life don't occur. I will only play a female and am looking for male characters to play beside mine. Obviously since this is in the mature section expect romance, mature scenes, gore, blood, violence, and foul language. (I WILL NOT FADE TO BLACK.)

    My Current Interests
    Resident Evil Games
    - Looking for something similar to a setting like RE:ORC maybe something like they are on an umbrella testing facility located on a secluded off the record island. Filled with all manner of b.o.w's to test the new agents, Those who live would become Umbrella Agents.
    Pairs I would like to do: OC X OC, Chris x OC, Leon x OC, and Jake x OC.

    Skyrim- This option is pretty open as far as what we could do! Skyrim is our setting and we could be two travelers who meet by sheer luck or we could plot something much bigger. Id also be ok with following the story just as its played out for the Dragonborn.
    Pairs I would like to do: OC X OC and Dragonborn x OC

    The Walking Dead- Setting here explains itself, Were simply survivors trying to make it in the zombie apocalypse! Open to indepth plotting.
    Pairs I would like to do: OC X OC and Daryl x OC

    Supernatural- Wanting a very hunter meets hunter type of setting. Please note I'm only just getting into season 3 so I don't know the current events of the show so id like to leave it unspoiled thank you.
    Pairs I would like to do: OC X OC, Dean x OC, and Sam x OC

    Xmen/Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters- I want a very mutant school life type of roleplay for this. A new year is starting at Xavier's and mutants all alike are coming to learn to fit into today's society. Though some are here because they have nowhere else to go and want somewhere to belong. Do you have what it takes to prove yourself and become one of the Xmen?
    Pairs I would like to do: OC X OC

    Teen Titans/Young Justice- Also very easy to pick up on, A new member joins the team and battles evil while dealing with trying to just have a normal life.
    Pairs I would like to do: OC X OC, Robin x OC, Cyborg x OC, Beast Boy x OC/OC x OC, Nightwing x OC, Kaldur x OC, Superboy x OC, Kid Flash x OC, and Red Arrow x OC

    DC/Marvel Universe Misc- I want to do a very damsel-esque story here. Raiding a lab (your character) finds a girl sealed away in a cryostasis tube. Feeling sorry for her you release her and take her to safety only to find out when she awakes that she doesnt remember anything at all about herself.
    Pairs I would like to do: OC X OC, Red Hood x OC, Deadpool x OC, and Wolverine x OC

    Please PM me if you have questions or are interested to be my partner :)
  2. I like Skyrim and The Walking Dead.
  3. Awesome :) Message Me.
  4. I'll be interested in doing Teen Titans Oc/Oc or maybe RobincOc/OcxOc if you will be Robin
  5. Supernatural OC x OC? F x F?
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  6. Male x male

    i would do the dc and marvel
    i like batman x robin
    and Iron man x captain america

    super man x flash
  7. You, Love, apparently have impeccable taste. I would happily do just about any of these, especially the first three and the Teen Titans or Young Justice ones. I am afraid I'm not very good at playing specific characters, however. I also play male characters almost exclusively. According to your information, that shouldn't be a problem, right?

    Unfortunately, I am not going to be home for a couple of days or longer. But, we can maintain contact and figure out specifics. Sound good? ^_^
  8. Thank you , You too sound quite fancy in taste XD

    Wanna start with ....Which one? And age please im 18 i dont want to accidently apply for 17 year old mature rp like last time , LOLz
  9. The first one really calls out to me. Only I can't really play already existing characters so it would be OC x OC.
  10. I wouldent mind playing. I am in the mood for DC but no one wants to play with me...
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