PROMPT Creature Creation Challenge v2.0 [#5]

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  1. Welcome to the 5th Creature Creation Challenge v2.0!

    This challenge explores one facet of worldbuilding: the creation of fantastical flora and fauna, as the title more or less indicates. Now, whether or not you're a worldbuilder, at one point or another, you're bound to create all manner of beasties, big and small, for your world. This challenge aims to tickle your creativity into bringing to life some of these creatures, and to that end, it brings two things to the table: first, all the submissions for this challenge will be put into a "bestiary" of sorts in the Worldbuilder's Guild which will be a resource for yourself and anyone who needs creatures for their worlds; and second, every week, there will be a different difficulty level set for the challenge. Can't have you budding and veteran worldbuilders alike growing complacent, after all. ;)

    Crash Course in Difficulties
    Difficulty 1: [​IMG]
    - This one's easy. Just create a creature that fits a certain theme.

    Difficulty 2: [​IMG]
    - This one's a bit more difficult. There's a theme to follow but you also have to use a specific body part.

    Difficulty 3: [​IMG]
    - Here's where things get challenging. You will still have to make your creature match a theme. You're still going to have to use a certain body part. However, now it has to fit a certain ecological niche. Predator or prey, to give you two examples.

    Difficulty 4: [​IMG]
    - Ooh boy. This one's tough. Your creature has to match a theme, has to have a specific body part, and has to fit a certain ecological niche, but that's not all! This time, you have to base that creature on a specific animal that lives or has lived on earth.

    Difficulty 5: [​IMG]
    - This is the ultimate challenge for someone wanting to create a species without having to consider sentience/culture. You not only have a theme, specific body part, ecological niche, and real-life animal basis to worry about, but now you have to make sure that that creature also survives in a specific environment as well. Say a volcanic spring, for example, or maybe even the icy-cold, soul-sucking darkness of space.
    This Week's Difficulty
    - This one's easy. Just create a creature that fits a certain theme.​
    Theme: Fair-folk
    Creature TemplateFeel free to use this following template for your creatures. You can add on to it or remove things from it as you wish or not use it at all.

    Sapient: Yes/No
    Means of Sustenance:
    Favourite Food Source:
    Major Competition:
    Mating Rituals:
    Courtship rituals, mating grounds, mating season, et cetera
    Reproduction: you can include period of gestation
    Organization: does this creature travel in packs or herds, or is it a solitary creature that only meets with members of its species for the mating season?

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