Creative Works By J.W. Coleman

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  1. October 7, 2007 R.I.P.

    Never have I been so down and low
    But my tears I will never show

    Drink, Drink I away
    Hoping memories of you will astray

    It seems to only get worse
    So I begin to scream and curse

    Always wondering why
    Still I never cry

    They say I hold to much in
    Talk they want, But I dont know where to begin

    Room spinning
    Sickness begining

    Confessions I make to the toilet
    It allways say I'll get through it

    Now awake
    Half past eight

    Head throbbing, Legs sore
    But still I'll continue to do it more and more
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  2. Can't wait.

    My time has come.

    I know the hell that awaits me.

    I'm not afraid just impatient.

    Wonder if I'll see you there.

    Maybe we can suffer our sins together.

    It wouldn't be hell if it means I got to see you.

    You left and now I come. ​

  3. Mistake

    Watching the seconds go by on the clock.
    Tick' Tock'

    Counting the minutes away.
    Right up till my dying day.

    The knife cuts deep.
    The blood trickles down slow.
    The light fades.
    Red is the only color that shows.

    I drown in my own misery and sorrow.
    Hoping for a better tomorrow.

    The world stops spinning for me.
    As I sit there going weak in the knees.

    Last Words,
    I have none.
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