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  1. For now i will just dump some poems in here hehe
    The World
    That old man down the street,
    stole the presidents baby.
    My wonderful mother,
    died and came back to life.
    Dad's tongue started bleeding
    and the hospital just cut it off.
    Cousin Robbin is in a band,
    and got arrested for tooting her own horn.
    So the world is messed up
    I don't care, you know why?
    Because that's what makes it fun.

    Deep Emotion
    Immersed in water,
    the tears wont stop,
    I'm running from the truth,
    the reality that is.

    For I myself,
    am but a figment
    a figment of the imagination.
    But who is it imagining me?

    I do not know,
    so I will stay
    in the deep waters
    until something eats me up.

    Pure Bliss
    My joy is tinted
    with wonderous emotions
    clinging to my smile

    Pain is washed away
    when I see your smiling face
    and the day is done.

    Seemingly quiet,
    elegant light fell upon a lonely home.
    Tap, scrape, screech went the quill,
    deep breaths, gasping, calling me.
    But his dastardly plans won't claim me,
    I am no doll to be played with,
    this man, will not bend me to his ways,
    cause I control who I am.​
  2. Btw you are allowed to comment on things.. give your oppinions and such lol
    Our shadows danced
    as if they were alive,
    while the fire flickered
    with greatly lacking emotion.

    It was as if they
    were trying to tell
    a wonderous and
    compelling story .

    It ripped through the lands,
    and shreaded anything in it's path,
    I screamed as it came closer,
    for the fear grounded me to the spot.
    Worse then any storm, then any tsunami,
    it ran at me with it's jagged teath, and crooked eyes.
    A creature more fierce then any other.
    The people in the area called it Tempest,
    and he came here...
    to devour my soul.

    Though I hide,
    it isn't good enough,
    and I fall to the
    hands of the broken,
    and I am shattered.

    To Wake
    In the lightness of my sweet slumber,
    I hear the sounds of merciless birds,
    the crackle of the campfire,
    and the wind dancing against my tent.

    As I wake, I feel the burning light in my eyes,
    only to shut them again,
    escaping back to the cool darkness
    of the promised and enchanting dreams.

    So as to wake me fully,
    the burly bears roar with their might,
    just ouside my trembling tent door,
    and here is where I must now stay.

    As the bear tramples away,
    A grin appears upon my face,
    for now I know it was just a dream,
    as I look up to the gleaming stars​
  3. Sorry that all i've put is poetry.. it's all i have for you guys at the moment lol
    To You
    I write this letter,
    to inspire you,
    to escape reality,
    with your mind intact.

    To lead you to
    your destiny
    with every feeling
    within your reach.

    To show you that,
    you are your own person,
    and need no help,
    to be your own poet.

    No, I tell you,
    you must find your light
    at the end of your tunnel,
    to find your muse.

    Because I am me
    and you are you.

    I sit here, hoping, wishing, dreaming,
    for something,
    something I've longed for,
    for many years.
    I sing out to the world
    what I wish for.
    You are what I want,
    my one and only love,
    and nothing but a wish
    could bring us back,

    All of a sudden I realize,
    just how little time I have,
    to make the biggest
    decisions of my life,
    and that,
    makes me absolutely scared.

    What should I do,
    time passes by faster
    and even faster,
    and each moment
    is a moment wasted,
    as I stare at a wall scared.

    I'm lost,
    and I want to find my way,
    before it's to late,
    so what should I do?
    What should I do to
    not be so scared?

    white blurs,
    my sight,
    with beautiful
    endless scenery.
  4. Kitti was asking for some "horror theme'd" poems so i thought i'd stick a few in here though Tempest it a pretty good example of one.
    Monster of the Dark
    I believe that darkness will eventually eat me up,
    for I just sit here day in and day out.
    I'm the only one left here.
    Why only me? Why am I the only one left?
    I don't understand why,
    they all are watching me,
    but aren't making a move to hurt me.

    They don't even stir a little when I do,
    they just sit there day in and day out,
    watching me carefully, almost caringly I think.
    When I fall asleep, I know they move around,
    for when I wake up there is food and water for me,
    enough for a whole day,
    which for me wasn't a whole lot.

    After weeks of waiting for something to happen,
    I finally broke down and started to cry.
    Then monsters for the fisrt time stirred,
    making strange noises of which I thought to be their language.
    Then, one monster, that surprisingly looked human,
    walked up to me and held out his hand.
    I looked up at him questioningly, he smiled.

    When I didn't make a move to take his hand,
    he got on his knee's, and wiped away my tears.
    He tried to tell me something, but I couldn't understand him,
    I laughed saying "I don't understand your language."
    He smiled at me and spoke, this time I understood what he said.
    He said, "Finally I got you to smile. Please come with me, for I love you."
    I was shocked at this but only nodded and let him take me away to hapiness.

    For I loved him to. My monster of the dark.

    Death Herself
    She was once a beautiful woman,
    with long brunet hair,
    faded hazel eyes,
    and a long curvacious body.

    She was the curse to all,
    even to women and children,
    for she brought death to many,
    for she was cursed herself.

    The Fates had cursed her,
    forcing her to do their bidding,
    making her kiss poisonous to almost all,
    and her hands her greatest weapon.

    Hard she tried, to get away,
    but to no avail, she failed.
    Every time she fell in love,
    another male would fall.

    Soon enough she was well know,
    so the Fates turned her gruesome,
    if she could find the perfect man,
    she would no longer be Death.

    Warning, graphic scenes depicted in the up coming poem
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    Disturbance in My Heart
    My heart was racing,
    I was more than pacing.
    I was running frantically,
    I wasn't thinking practically.

    I found myself in an alley,
    if this was going to be the finale,
    I wasn't about to go out without a fight.
    I just had to look into a window for some light.

    I shouted and I screamed,
    I got tag teamed,
    by two strong men,
    I couldn't fight then.

    Bad things happened to me that night,
    and I try to forget with all my might.
    Now I use it as an excuse,
    to let me blow off my fuse.

    Now that I'm older and wiser,
    I can protect myself from any miser,
    who thinks it's easy to get in a girls skirt,
    because of the one time I was hurt.

    Now after many years,
    I've gotten over my fears,
    and have let go of my tears,
    just so long as no one hears.

    Hears the blood curdling calls,
    that come from long halls,
    out of the room that I live in,
    because of those who have committed on me, a sin.

    I ran into these creatures one day,
    They call themselves the Gulmaneck, the Gulmaneck I say.
    They say the came from the stars,
    so I guess that means from Mars.

    The smallest one begins to cry,
    and the biggest one says they'll fly,
    right back to where they came from,
    but they are tired of eating chum.

    I say to them I'll help them in any way I can,
    I said I could get them as far as Japan,
    but they shook their heads,
    all they needed were beds.

    That night, they slept in my doll house,
    I went to bed, trying to be quiet as a mouse,
    but when i woke up they had left a note.
    It said thay had left all afloat.

    That was the last I heard from the Gulmaneck.
  5. another set of poems i've writen XD and seriously!! go ahead and give me some comments!!! i'd like some feed back!!
    Tales of a Friend
    Mister Pumpkin
    was a regular guy
    until he got his nickname
    the Jack o' Lantern.
    For it was at this point
    when we found him,
    with sharp teeth and
    glowing eye.
    Halloween night.

    Tears flow down
    to the frozen ground
    turning into icicles
    before the shatter
    into millions
    of tiny pieces.
    Blood curtling scream
    escape my
    shaking body
    as I watch you die.

    It hurts me so deeply
    these lies I tell
    the one I seem to say
    just to protect myself
    and those so dear to me,
    cause I feel that
    if they new the truth,
    they'd never really love me
    the same way they
    always seem to have.
    If I let the cat out of the bag
    or so to speak
    I feel as if the whole world
    will come crashing down
    and I might end up
    losing everything.
    So for now,
    I withhold the truth,
    in hopes that one day
    my family will understand
    why I fell for this older man.

    Writhing with the unstopable wind,
    myriads of stars whisper their names
    as their longing to be heard,
    reaches over the millenia.
    Rain, tear drops of those above,
    lingering fears and doubts
    wash into each living soul,
    like the endless sea's of our world.
    Lofty sounds stretch their meaning
    as a girl fiddles with her hair,
    a glowing smile, radiant with glee
    as her final moments arive.
    Unbenounced to her though
    the arival of someone unknown,
    trancendent and ethereal,
    flowing arms embrace her to him,
    and she lives again, in herself
    a bountiful soul of wonder,
    with the hope and love of many.​
  6. This is only the beginning of this song. I haven't made up any more of it yet XD
    When everyday is harder, than the last
    try and take a deep breath baby, and forget the past
    Cause winter's breath, is in the air
    this ain't no time to stop and stare,
    cause life ain't no game, to play
    there is no dragon, to slay.​
  7. These are very good. You're descriptive and use very vivid imagery. I like your writing style, very nice rhythm and flow.