Creative Content Cleanups

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  1. Just a couple of small updates about the Creative Content section today!

    1. Since there has been some confusion about the different subforums and the prefixes, there is now a Resource explaining the lingo. You can read it here, but we've also linked it on a block notice that appears when you view any of the Creative Content forums. Hopefully this helps clear up any confusion.

    2. The prefixes in the Roleplay Help section have been trimmed down and renamed to be more useful and clear. There were still some leftover from previous incarnations of the forum that weren't being used. (Flora? What is this, Herbology class?)

    3. We've decided to start doing an annual year's end archival of Roleplay Help threads, starting this year. All threads older than October have been archived. This is to help promote new discussion in this forum, which tends to stagnate much more easily than the guide and exercise sections, without too quickly killing what tend to be slower-paced discussion threads.

    You can expect this spring winter cleaning to happen every year between November and January!

    We recommend you guys go check out the Content sections if you're looking for help or would like to spend time doing a few creative exercises, or just want to discuss the ins and outs of roleplaying with your fellow Iwakuans. You do not have to be Staff to write a guide or answer help threads.
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  2. And please for the love of all things holy help me revive these sections. ToT Hop in, drag members in screaming if you must!
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  3. Meanwhile: *Infernal Summer in Australia*
    Someone shoot me.
  4. me: "you can't just cheer people up by shooting them with finger guns"

    also me:

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  5. So I was thinking of creating a thread in the Inspiring Muses subforum where people can leave prompts for others to use/make use of prompts that others have left. Am I correct in assuming that would fall under the umbrella of the Resource prefix?
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  6. While you can do this, I would recommend it only be a thread for posting prompts and not for answering them, because having a mass prompt thread is generally both messy and counter-intuitive because people won't want to go through the whole thread so they'll only reply to the first prompt, and it can be hard to tell what prompt they're replying to, they'll have to scroll past prompt answers to find prompts, etc.

    A collective prompt post that isn't intended to be answered in-thread would be a Resource though, yes.