EXERCISE Create an Event #5

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  1. [​IMG]
    Using your own imagination, create a significant event that is connected to the picture above in some way. Remember that this connection does not have to be the event taking place nearby or the event having created this situation. As an optional challenge, use the following words in your response:

    Harvest, claws, salvation
  2. They were doomed. Their town had been deemed nonprofitable and had been set for demolition a month ago. Most had moved out but some stayed, unwilling to believe that the government would do such a thing. That was until they were woken up by the sound of a thunderous engine early this morning. The remainder of the town had come outside to see what the racket was only to find a huge mechanical beast approaching. There was a multitude of different reactions. Some froze and stared at the whirling metal. Some fled in all different directions. Some simply dropped to their knees and prayed for salvation.

    The wheels were built for digging into the earth and that was exactly what they did, propelling the machine forward. Its claws harvested the materials that were salvageable while the dozer plowed everything else to the ground. The bright spotlights on the front glared down at the destruction, a warning for those who were in the way to move or be moved. The noise was deafening as trees were splintered and buildings crumbled. The ground rumbled under the weight of the contraption. Only when the town had been completely leveled did the wrecker leave. In the wake of the destruction, the people who had stayed and survived wept for their obliterated hamlet.
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