PROMPT Create an Event #10

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  1. [​IMG]
    Using your own imagination, create a significant event that is connected to the picture above in some way. Remember that this connection does not have to be the event taking place nearby or the event having created this situation. As an optional challenge, use the following words in your response:

    Noise, terror, flood
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  2. In the world of spiritualism and paranormal, there are many theories of how spirits and ghosts react with the world of living, how they demonstrate their presents. You could include a heat signature, poltergeist of any intensity or the good old ectoplasm. However, not that many people know that there is actually some sort of an artefact in Guangzhou, China. During a rainy season, many years ago, the city could not handle a disaster. They could not even prevent it. It was sudden and brutal. The one death that no one would probably wish upon the enemy is by drowning, yet not that many innocent people managed to escape its terror as the floods filled the streets, rooms and houses. Wreckage was found in various places and among these even an old radio that was beyond repair. All the electrical circuits destroyed so it was thrown into the garbage dump somewhere else in China. Due to that no one knows that sometimes, especially during rainy nights, there is a noise to be heard. It comes from the speakers and if one would listen closer it would be the pleading voices of the drowned.
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  3. This sound system was salvaged in a flood years ago. In fact, it was your grandfather’s sound system. He described the event as filled with terror. The noise of the water pouring in everywhere, people yelling at each other and for their lives - their belongings, cars trying to chug through the water, it was all overwhelming, and he and his sound system barely made it out themselves.​
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  4. The sun had started to set and the music kept playing from the vintage radios plugged in around the small coastal bar. I loved the noise that I couldn’t understand. The bar had a small crowd of people but I lingered not wanting to go to my room. The only tourist to come this time of year I stuck out like a sore thumb and gained plenty of stares. One female eyed me as the music played she started towards me. Her moves captivated me and I couldn’t look away. Her dress, her eyes and hips, I was in love.

    I couldn’t take my eyes off her as some screams from the beach filled the air but I paid no mind. People were always messing around. She looked up towards a man that shouted something in Spanish at her and the look of
    terror upon his face made my heart stop. Was something wrong? She waved him off and returned her focus on me. As her hands found mine she pulled me off the barstool I had claimed for far too many beers. Suddenly I found myself with this beauty dancing on an empty dance floor. She smiled at me as I felt something at feet and looked down to see it was water.

    How was there water here now? She lifted my chin as we moved to the music. The sounds of our splashing in the water faded as my heart raced. Her grace and beauty stole away everything else. Nothing else came to my senses. No fire, flood or crushing wave could wake me. We danced as our world started to end and I didn’t care.

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  5. The woman stared at the thing, crinkled parchment skin hanging loosely around a deep frown. She had been staring ever since it was brought in and placed in her room, a family member being responsible for it's reappearance. 'It might make you feel better!' that ungrateful son had said. 'Maybe remind you of papa.'

    It did just the opposite as her mind went back so many years ago to her past. When she was a teenager and back when that dreaded flood happened. They were sitting around, listening to the radio as they went about their activities of knitting, reading, and playing with the family dog. Then it cut off to a cacophony of noise that they couldn't discern. Before they could make heads of tails of what was happening, they were surrounded, water pouring in from all the windows of the house.

    She lost her parents that day... and her dog. She could still feel the terror that she felt back then, like it was brand new. The radio was repaired, her grandparents thinking it was the best for her to have something to remind her of her last moments with her parents. She wondered if they were only doing it as a means to torture her.

    And now her son is doing it, too.

    There was no warning all the way back then, when the dam gave way. Not even a quick warning on the radio. The radio still didn't give her any warning, though, as to when the chest pain was going to start. No warning of how long it will take the nurses to run in and find her. No warning that the next time she saw that radio after all these years would be the last time.
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