Create a Religion Challenge


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  • Religions need to be original but can be inspired by an existing one.
  • Can have one god, multiple gods, or no gods at all (It's completely up to you).
  • Must be detailed (Include rituals, traditions, dress, participants, history, location, etc.)
  • Include at least one story/ legend to go with your religion (Can be its creation)
  • Include cultural influence from/ to the ambient society

  • Creativity: 10 points
  • Cohesiveness: 10 points
  • Grammar/ Spelling: 10 points
Max points: 30

I will give comments via DM.

Have fun ^w^!!!!!!


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Oh! I can totally do this!

hold on, hold on I got this.

Religion Name: Vivism
Deity: Dædalus, a deity that alerts the human populace about the many impending catastrophes it suffers, allowing them to defend themselves and their world
Clergy: a lineage of priests whose genetics allow them a telepathic link with Dædalus
Worship method: no real worship, just sincere gratitude and humility

I'll add more detail later
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Name: The Old Faith/Celestism

Gods: Politeist. There are three gods: Father Sky, Lady Moon and Mother Earth.

Worshippers: This is the religion of the orcs of the sabanna of Avalon, and the WereWolf of the Teralia forest. There is a group of three priests in every community: the Old Man (commonly the older warrior in the group) who represents Father Sky, the Sweet Mother (normally the woman that has had most children) who represents Mother Earth, and the Shinning Sister (always the most beautiful girl) that represents the Lady Moon, and her other self, Sun Face.
The other members of a community tend to be called Drops, since in the holly rituals they simbolize the stars that dance around the Three, and stars are belived to be drops of the blood of the enemies Father Sky has vanquished.

Worshipping: There are three moments to worship in this religion: any day, when lady moon wears the Sun Face it's a good time to worship Father Sky. Here the Old Man wears the ritual shorts and covers his body with the drops of the blood of a sacrifice. Then, he calls all warriors to ritual wrestlings to ask for power against any enemy: other people, a sickness, a fire, etc.
Any starless night or full moon you worship Lady Moon. The Shinning Sister calls upon all old people and they all dance with her. Also children join once it has started, and the other Drops play the drumms.
This is the moment to worship and ask for magic, to ask everything that exists to thrive and to ask for a wish as a community.
After every rain, in Dusk or Dawn, you worship Mother Earth and the Three together: in a wild place, the Old Man offers a sacrifice and waters the soil with blood. Over that place an altar is rised and there a fire is lit. If you ask for harvests, game (i mean hunt) or children, a holly meeting takes place: the Old Man has ritual sex with the Sweet Mother and the Shinning Sister. If any of them become pregnant, it's the best sign, and this takes place at Dawn.
If you're simply worshipping or asking for protection, the Sweet Mother sits in the altar and tells a tale and the priests represent it. Once it is over, the Old Man performs the Quintuple Kiss (he goes to both other priestesses and kisses their eyes. "Blessed be your eyes, for they allow you to see the Truth" he says, and kisses them in the lips. "Blessed be your mouth, that speaks every holly word" he says, and kisses them once in every breast. "Blessed be your breasts, for they are bountyful so you can feed all your children" he says, and kisses their womb. "Blessed be your womb, for it is the source of all life, the seat of four children" he says, and kisses their knees. "Blessed be your legs: by them you stand tall and proud, by them you're allowed to follow the path of truth and for they allow you to kneel and pray" he says, and the other correspond his kiss) on the others and ritual games take place.

Tales: it is said that monsters once travelled throughout the cosmos. Mother Earth was rising her first children, but she couldn't profect them from the raids of the monsters for she is always pregnant. So she called her husband, Father Sky. He took his axe and went out, hunting monsters until he found there was nothing left.
He then took all the monsters and burnt them in sacrifice to Mother Earth, so she could give him a child.
After a while, Father sky embraced Mother Earth to look over her children, and their union gave her what she needed to give birth to Lady Moon.
Lady Moon grew with the stories of his Father's exploits against the monsters, and when she was old enough, she went to other places of the cosmos and used all the monster's bodies to make a Mask. This mask was perfect, and Mother Earth understood that this was the reason why the monster existed in the first place, an they all rejoiced. From then on, Lady Moon uses her Sun Mask half the day so she can show her brothers when to work and when to rest.

Influence: The old religion is the base for all religions in Avalon, but while most revere just to Mother Earth, the old faith remembers her holly consort and her daughter.
This is important because gives a place for everyone in society. Also, Avalon has a great matriarchy system that is greatly discriminatory to all men, and their belivers give a more even place to men.

Ok, religion is based in Wiccan beliefs. Happy to know your thoughts
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Name: The Rites of Knowledge, The Path of Knowledge, The Path, Personal Knowing

Gods: There are no 'gods' worshiped on Delium as a whole, though some fragments of species that immigrated to Delium may still cling to their beliefs. The concept of a god or gods is replaced with seeing yourself as your own 'god'; multiple selves are multiple 'gods'.


  • The pursuit of knowledge is the most important goal a being can have.
  • You are your god, responsible for your own path and destiny.
  • Being your own god means being in charge of your personal knowledge pursuit (your Personal Knowing).
  • The more knowledge you consume, the more open you will become.
  • You do not scoff at the deity-centric beliefs of others, you are too enlightened to judge.
  • Personal pleasure comes second to The Path.
  • The Bronze rule: When in too deep, simplify.
  • The Silver rule: Magic makes you lazy.
  • The Golden rule: All knowledge is worth having.
  • Standard garb is a solid color (any color), flowing robe that allows freedom of movement without drawing individual attention. While some will stray from the standard garb and don clothing from other cultures, it is an anomaly. It is considered back form to wear the individual's 'word' on standard garb.
  • Learner's Garb (adolescence): a two piece, solid colors, set of top (with their word attached to it) and bottom worn during the nine-hour study day while in attendance at Academy. The first wearing of Learner's Garb is commenced by the 'Young Pursuers' ritual.
  • Young Pursuers ritual: Taken by adolescence (generally by age 3, before age 6) to initiate them onto The Path of Knowledge. During the ritual, held at Academy twice a year, each initiate is given a word (words are taken from all languages known to Delium), which will be stitched to their Learner's Garb. This becomes the background focus of their adolescence. Once the word is entrusted to them, they will study it passionately until the word is a part of them. At graduation to 'Pursuer', a ten minute speech on each word is given by the word's carrier.
  • Pursuer's Ritual: (Pursuers wear standard garb) Taken after the age of 16 (with a few notable exceptions), the ritual is simplistic. Once the Pursuer has chosen which profession to continue in, often influenced by their word, they then select an Academy of ___ Knowledge to attend. This is celebrated within a familial unit, privately. In recent years the younger generation has taken to forming large gatherings and celebrating as groups (this amuses the older generation, though it is essentially frowned upon).
  • Knowledge Keeper's Garb: A standard garb that is accented with an obsidian-like color of flowing liquid.
  • Knowledge Keeper's Ritual: This ritual is not recorded and not for public consumption. Knowledge Keeper's are professional pursuers who are entrusted with educating future generations. They can only be appointed by Delium's Council of Government board, a board made up of secret members.
Favorite Stories

  • Kaida H'shu'din: Kaida, a human, received the word secret (from Planet Earth: English). Her graduation speech became legendary. She stood on stage in silence for her ten minutes, then walked off.
  • Frentud the Knowing, species debated, founded The Rites of Knowledge. It is said that she stood alone in a field for four days, fed only by her thoughts as she stared at the sky and watered only by the rain that washed her. At the sunrise of the fifth day she became enlightened, declaring "I know." She led the people of Delium out of the darkness of relying on divine beings and into the light of being their own gods, hungry for knowledge.
  • Wilcup the Mad, Aducien (Magical), dedicated his life to melding magic and technology into a cohesive, single tool. He went mad from his pursuits, inciting centuries of distrust for magic and technology working together. Had he remembered the bronze rule, he would have discovered what scientists did four centuries later, the answer was a simple algorithm based on the seasons and melting points of metals. This discovery essentially ended the uncertainty of magic and welcomed in an age of melding technology and magic, which resulted in Delium's advanced technology.

Delium is home to a plethora of different species. While most conform to Delium's idea of the self as god, there are those who do not. These 'deity-blinded' folks are not looked down on by the rest of Delium, but they are pitied in a matter of speaking, for not being enlightened. Often times the 'deity-blinded' are found to be working menial jobs. Menial jobs on Delium generally involve basic maintenance of machinery.
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