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  1. [size=+2]Make a Monster Contest[/size]

    How better to celebrate a month of horror than with some member created monsters?

    The contest will run from 3:30 pm central on October 3rd to 11:59pm central on October 13th.
    There will be a mystery prize at the end of this contest, for the first place winner (and the runner-up if there are enough entries).
    Your judges will be myself (Kitti/Encantado), Ozzie (Lenore), and Davion (Stein the Bloodletter) .
    We will be accepting entries with any combination of text/original art.
    The monster that you create MUST BE your own original work. We will not accept an existing monster such as the Headless Horseman, etc.

    Go forth, my little spooks, and make me some monsters!
    Post your submissions here to be officially entered!
  2. Partial nudity.

  3. I... don't... ... eh.. .. It's good enough! *Not satisfied but to tired to do anything about it*
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    Crazy scientists has created a dinosaur-like being that now is on a killing spree and no one seems to be able to stop it o.O WAAAAAAH!!!
    (Click on it to see the whole tail, even though it's not much to see)

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  4. Well, why not.

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    In the shadowy woods, it dwells, lurking in the hidden shadows and the sweet smell of fallen leaves. It approaches with the sound of those leaves swirling in an unfelt breeze. One cannot mistake the creature for anything but that thing you can’t remember from your dreams last night.

    It should make more noise. That is your first thought as you look upon it, and it is standing on digitigrade feet. It stands upright, canted slightly forward. Knees bend the right way, though you could swear it looks as though they shouldn’t. Its shins are covered in a hard armor that looks like the cracked callouses of weather toughened feet. The creature is thin and about the height of a short human. Its chest is broad compared to the rest of its body, the skin stretched tight where it is visible. Long arms seem to have mobile elbow joints that slide up and down the limbs in a waterlike rippling. It can bend those arms, with their ground dragging hands, anywhere it wishes. You don’t see it, but you know it can do the same with its knees, too. The hands seem to vanish into the ground, but when it lifts them, you can tell that the fingers aren’t all there, as though this world cannot hold all of them in place.

    Midnight blue skin-- not scales, not fur, though it is covered with a soft layer of thin, unobtrusive hair-- is patterned in dark not-violet stripes. These burn the eye to look upon in a way that makes you try to rationalize them, try to force a name to this color. You have a feeling that, around this creature, maybe space and time bend just a bit more than normal; maybe your brain isn’t meant to see it. But you see it anyway. The only spot of pale blue is a blue so grey one’s mind gets confused in early evening and morning. The chest, pale perhaps from being stretched over a body that doesn’t quite fit in this reality.

    The creature’s face would be of little note, but it contrasts sharply with the body. The strange coloration remains, and the face is wreathed in a mane of that same not-violet. In fact, as you stare, you realize that those tiny body hairs are this color as well, that it bends and distorts the creature you stare at in odd ways. But the face. The face is unremarkable. Simple lips. Black eyes, an upturned nose. The face of a child or a soft faced adult. You can never be too sure because it is so hard to look at with that mane surrounding it.

    Clothing. You think it might have clothing, because there are breaks in the strange colors where it doesn’t distort so much. Black cloth that wraps tight around stomach and hips, that should preclude graceful motion but does not. This cloth is unadorned, but one can almost believe that there are universes inside of it. You know. You know that this is more than a mere piece of clothing. It is where the creature stores what it steals.

    It steals universes, not the already made, but the potential. Every universe and world and bit of creativity trapped in the minds of those it preys upon. It creates them full, unlocks them from the limits of human minds and language, and puts them in the Real. Every thought, every flight of fancy that would be alternate to what is real is made Real, made into an alternate universe. Each world building experiment, each hypothesis, each religion in all of its forms. For this monster is the creator of alternates. The victim, the prey, is hunted, inspiration, ideas, inventions, and idle thoughts drained. They say that if you are an unimaginative person, you may survive with just the feeling of having run a marathon. But for those of us who create, who dream with all our beings... we may find ourselves trapped in one or all of our worlds, unable to relinquish them. And then. The mortal body drifts to madness.

    The monster smiles. For as long as it can make more universes-- and there will always be more universes-- there will be more prey...
  5. I think I've got it!...

    This is Fury Demon. She looks like a human when calm, but when she's angry or even the slightest upset, she transforms. Her ocean blue eyes turn white and yellow flames erupt from her eyelashes. Her black hair turns to flames and her olive tan skin turns to an ashy black. Her clothes burst into flame and she can shoot fire from her hands. She has black wings that drop ash when opened and they have razor sharp edges, which explains why they are splattered with blood. She is gentle and loving in her human/calm form, but when she transforms, she is litterally BLAZING with fury.

    Flame monster.png
  6. So I've actually written a little bit of a story over on my blog (found under this link) about this creature. I felt there was a lot of lines I really didn't need to include for a simple description competition so I'll just cut and paste the creature's details and add in anything I think needs adding.

    As far as I know, this creature is original and plucked straight out of a recent nightmare of mine.

    The Hoarder (open)

    If ever you have the unfortunate chance to meet this creature, you will only be able to notice very specific things in the midst of your panic.

    Let us begin with his skin. At one time, it might have been completely grey. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. Scabs and oozing wounds riddle his body like a Leprosy patient so that over half of his visible body would remind anyone of ground beef. His touch is cold like Death itself though surprisingly smooth like the slippery surface of an eel fresh out of water.

    Limbs. He has two of them. Well, only two that you can see. One acts as the anchor so that his victims can't just run away. It is capable of morphing its shape to encircle an ankle and practically making the victim's leg an extension of his arm. The other limb is also an arm, though this one does not morph. It doesn't need to. The shape it holds is vital to his survival. There are only two fingers on this hand, swollen like a diabetic's legs and just as veiny. Except the underbelly. The soft underside of both fingers jut out like sharp little mountain ranges. And both of these digits are curved slightly toward each other so that they form an oval.

    His head is shaped like a jelly bean. Don't laugh. It's only like this so that it can hold all of that wide maniacle Cheshire Cat grin, the outside curve of the would-be-bean where his chin should probably be. The teeth behind that smile are too many and shaped for sawing flesh and cracking bones, stained a kidney-infection-yellow. Not even his face has been spared the disgusting puss-caked scabs that plague his body. And his eyes are four inches in width of glassy solid black dome that parts the long, scraggly clumps of oily black hair sprouting from the top of his head. Looking into these eyes, you would see the same gleeful expression that you would get from a serial killer who "gets off" on hearing his victims scream...and you've just declared bloody murder.

    There are two more things you need to know about The Hoarder: where he resides and the meaning behind his name. I'll answer the latter first.

    The Hoarder has earned himself this name for a very good reason. It has to do with how he is built. Those sharp fingers I mentioned before are not unlike a crab's claws or a pair of wire cutters for a reason. He collects toes. If you ever had the courage to peer into his nest, you would see his stash of rotting, stumpy digits.

    And as for the location of his nest...

    Have you checked under your bed for monsters recently?
  7. OHGOD I LOVE MONSTERS. .___. If I can think of something, I'll make it and put it in this here post. If not, then, take this as a random, over-excited flailing from me with happiness at viewing all these wonderful creations. <3
  8. This is probably not as scary as I intended it to be, but here goes nothing:

    Show Spoiler
    Humans think that the light protects them from darkness, that it chases away the horrible creatures of the night. They think that if something shines with a bright aura, then it must be inherently good. They think that light does not limit their senses, thus, it gives them a clarity that darkness is simply not able to provide. Therefore, humans are limited, for they do not realise that light and dark are merely two sides of the same coin. They do not realise that good and bad, or positive and negative are merely concepts that were created by humans. Nor do they realise that there is light that is so bright that it turns into blindness-inducing darkness, or that there is darkness so colourless that it turns into overwhelming light.

    Thus, it should come as no surprise that humans are not aware of the creatures that lurk within the overwhelming darkness of day. One of these creatures was named “butterfly” by humans. However, do not confuse this butterfly with those that humans see every day, for it is a large insect with beautiful, white carapace and stunning, white and red wings that span a dozen centimetres. It is a creature that is rarely seen by humans, and one that is mentioned even more rarely, for very few survive the encounter with such a butterfly.

    For this butterfly hides a dark secret: it uses its beauty to deceive and entrance humans who encounter it. Because humans simply cannot resist the butterfly’s beautiful colours, they find themselves following the insect despite their wills. Their limbs start to move on their own, carrying the body of even an unwilling human after the butterfly, and the vocal folds of the victim do not obey them anymore. Only their mind can comprehend what is going on, and it is only in their thoughts that they can scream futilely into the abyss, for no one will hear them.

    The butterfly leads the human it trapped through hundreds of different worlds, each more maddening than the last. During the journey, the colourful meadows of Earth slowly become the charred remnants of flesh and bones, the calming blue of the sky slowly turns blood red. The harmless shadows cast by the sun turn into unspeakable monsters that watch with envy as the butterfly drags the human behind itself. Humans slowly turn more and more alien: they first acquire third eyes, then their skin slowly turns blue, while their limbs stretch and lose bones. Eventually, to the human being led by the butterfly, humans become mere lumps of disgusting, blue flesh that writhes around them.

    By the time the butterfly reaches its destination, the human is insane, so the butterfly releases them from its grip. Then the insect watches in wild fascination as the human slowly lose even their remaining grip on sanity as it transforms from a butterfly into what it really is. Only then can the ritual begin. Only then can the feast ensue. Only then can the younglings eat. And only then will the screams of the human create gateways for another butterfly so it may trap yet another human.
  9. Here is my EXTREMELY late entry! XD
    Monster (open)

    This is Moke-Moke
    He is a hand sized creature that lives in peoples pillows
    He loves to steal human eyeballs.
    He digs them out of the socket with his tiny claws

    Sorry about the quality... i don't have a scanner
    And no one never said that my monster couldn't be cute >.>
    Moke Moke up close

  10. After intense deliberation, the judges have come to an agreement.[size=+1]

    The winner of the Make a Monster Contest is ... Lstorm!

    The runner-up of the contest is The Watcher!

    Congratulations to you both and thank you to everyone who participated. This was not an easy decision and there were some really great entries so no one should feel discouraged. Participate again next year!

    Both the winner and runner-up are going to receive a profile award. I'll PM the details of the mystery prize to Lstorm!
    Have a spooky rest of your Halloween, everyone.
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