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  1. High School settings are one of THE most popular roleplay settings! And you rarely ever see more about these settings than "it's a school". Which is a shame, because a little bit of flavor can go a long way in creating atmosphere for your roleplay and development for the characters.

    In this exercise you are going to be designing a unique High School!

    What is the NAME of your school?
    Schools are named after towns, famous people, the streets they're on, founders, etc. Choosing a significant name for your school could add something really interesting to the place.

    Is the a Public School or a Private School?
    This is important because it tells you what kind of students and teachers you'll have. Public schools tend to have students from all social classes. Private schools will have wealthy students or scholarship students.

    What is the school MASCOT?
    Are they the Panthers, Bulldogs, Satyrs, Trojans? You can go with classic common mascots, or you can do something really unique and meaningful for your town or roleplay.

    What sports teams does the school have?
    Not all schools have the same kind of teams, whether it be because of funding or because of the local culture. Northern schools might have a Hockey team, while schools in the south will have swimming teams. Some schools can only afford one well funding sports team, while others have several.

    What clubs does the school have?
    Drama club, glee club, chess club, art club, movie club. You can have ANY kind of club! They can be official, sponsored by the school clubs, or they can be something the students themselves organized. Is it a popular club? A crappy club? Are there competitions or is it just for fun?

    What does the school EXCEL at?
    Most schools have one thing that they're known for, that makes people want to go to that school. Is it a badass sports team? Do they create the best actors in the country? Genius mathalethes? Superb teachers? Hot models? If they are not good at anything currently, were they famous for something in the past?

    What is TERRIBLE at this school?
    Do they get no funding? Awful sports? No clubs? Lacking enough teachers? Are desks falling apart? There's bound to be one thing at the school that really sucks.

    What sort of special events does the school host every year?
    Prom and Homecoming are obvious staples of school life. But what OTHER events does the school hold? Do they have something even more special as a tradition?

    What are the features of the school building and campus grounds?
    Multiple floors? Special lunchrooms? Rooms for Orchestra? A theater? Give a basic run down of the halls and architecture like you are right a map.

    Am I forgetting something that is important about schools? ADD IT IN!
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  2. The Academy, red


    Welcome to the Daucus Private Academy
    "Home of the Spartans"
    School of the Red, Black, and Gold
    (open to students of 12 to 19 years of age)

    ~&&~ Sport Teams ~&&~
    The Daucus Private Academy has all of three sport teams. The main sport team would be the Football Spartans. In terms of sports, the Academy excels the most in football.
    The second teams would be lacrosse players. In this area, there is a separate team for boys and girls.
    The third team is soccer. This sport also has separate teams for boys and girls.

    ~&&~ Clubs ~&&~
    Here at the Academy, clubs are voted on by the student body. The common clubs of chess, art, drama, tech, French, and Spanish, and others are chosen by the students at the beginning of the school term. The clubs that receive the most votes will be the clubs that are available for sign-up two weeks later. This voting is made every school term.

    However, if a student, or students are not as content with the selections, they have the choice to form their own club. These student-made clubs, unlike the year-selected ones, are run by the students instead of teachers, although there can be teacher supervision if requested. These clubs are also more permanent than selected ones, and can only be removed from the club roster if the students that run it decide to have it shut down.
    In order to form a club, the club maker must obtain at least two more students that will be the co-leaders. These three must make a petition for said club, and they have to receive 50 signatures in the next 30 days. Once the petition is finished, they are to turn it in to the Daucus front office, along with a letter explaining their reasons for opening this club. The Daucus Board of Administrators will look over the petition and letter and then they will decide whether or not they will approve the club.

    ~&&~ Pinpoints of Excellence ~&&~

    The Daucus Private Academy prides itself in its day and night classes. In the day time, academic classes take place. However, what they take most pride in is their night schedules, which are for performing arts classes. They have excellent and proper funding for these particular classes.
    Another pinpoint is clubs. There are four student-made clubs in particular that Daucus Academy is most proud of. They include: The Honor Society, Sincerely Music Society, Voices 4 the Quiet, and Bully Awareness and Prevention.

    Low Points ~&&~

    Of course, any school or academy has their downsides. Unfortunately, the quality of books in Daucus is, in short terms, crappy. The Daucus Board of Administrators are working to get new books for science and history classes that contains more detail and accuracy.

    ~&&~ Special Events ~&&~
    There are two special events that occur every term. The first special event is known as the Daucus Ball. The Ball occurs two months after the term begins. All students that attend the Academy dress in masquerade wear, despite the school taking after the Spartans, for the Ball. Their masks must veil their identity, and the students shall not reveal who they are until the Big Reveal is signaled to start. The students take on different names to also cover up who they are, and during the Big Reveal, all will take off their masks.
    The second event is known as Spartans Day. On Spartans Day, the students--as well as the teachers--will dress as true Spartans. They will attend school in these costumes, instead of their standard uniforms. Night-class students have a dorm-to-dorm party during the day, though this particular part of Spartans Day is not official. The day-class students carry out their dorm-to-dorm party at night.

    ~&&~ Academy Building Features ~&&~
    The Daucus Academy's halls have a signature design. The front doors of the academy are all glass. There are three sets of double doors. Each door has a large, steel gray letter on it to spell out DAUCUS. In the lobby of the school, there is a bronze statue of a Spartan warrior, holding up a spear. All the halls are wide, and the words 'Daucus Academy' lines the floor of each hall. The halls also have arches. The moderately tall lockers that line the wall are red.
    There are many glass windows around the school. Most of the classrooms have a wall of windows lining it, letting the sun shine through.

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  3. The Tempest Academy

    Home and school to the young monks that give up their lives, their families, their lovers to become a Tempest Monk, the future heroes of Solaris. Devoting their soul to the path of enlightenment under the gods of old and bringing peace upon the world.

    But at what cost?
    Soul Mark

    Every human has a soul and within that soul is an image. These images appear on the body on a random location, shifting and changing; the older the soul the more intricate the pattern is.

    Upon entering the academy every monk must withstand a trial of initiation. When this trial is complete, the monk is ready to start his training to become a hero.

    Sound Body, Sound Mind
    Physical activities in The Tempest Academy are designed to push the monks beyond human limits. Some of the activities are tame, but others are designed to kill.

    Activities that encourage focus and the ability to remain calm under pressure are also provided for the students. Instead of coming to tranquility, the students are encouraged to feel their emotions and tackle with them.

    The Choosing: Champions of the Gods
    Every so often the gods come forward to the Academy to select a champion to be sent on a quest. It is up to the individual whether to decide if they would like to become the champion of the god that comes forth.

    If none come forward, three candidates are picked by the Master to take part in the trial. The one that survives the longest, will become a champion of that god until they are released.

    While the teachings of the Academy are very different they still take part in normal activities.

    Mandatory Lessons:
    The Tempest Ways
    Mythology in History
    History of Man
    Body and Mind
    Ancient Runes

    All these lessons are mandatory while other lessons focus on more specific criteria to the individual monks. Such as scrying may be in the interest of one monk while Horticulture and the communication with nature may be more important to another.

    It's Dangerous
    Many who have tried to become a monk have died, many who have been training to become a monk have died and many fully fledged monks have died. The trials are ruthless and are designed to push people beyond their limits.

    And the worst danger of all, the secrets that lay hidden behind it's glorified walls. The darkness that lingers, allowing the school to shine so brightly.

    The Academy holds several festivals throughout the year to allow the students to relax and enjoy a bit of life. Giving them time to indulge in the life they have earnt for a short while until they will be tested further.

    The School Grounds

    The School is built underground and split off into several different sections and trials are often taken place around the globe. The Masters do not confine the children to the walls of the Academy unless they are needed to.

    Underground Valley - With an exquisite waterfall and wide open space this area is often used to train the mind and body. Students come here to focus, to achieve higher and feel the emotions within them as well as practice their martial activities.

    The Temple - The temple itself is used for gathering and is where the students and masters eat together.

    The Shrine - This is where the students can pray to the god(s) they worship. Masters often come here to discuss matters such as trials to the gods and it is often where the trial of champions takes place.

    The Tunnels of Passage - This is a tunnel-way designed as a trial for the initiates that come to the temple wanting to be a monk. It is consistently changing by the will of the Masters.

    The Underground Hot Springs - These are open hot springs for the students to relax in.

    The Classrooms - There are only two classes because of the survival rates of the students and how many do not make it. There are no desks in these classrooms, only cushions. Every student is expected to bring their own quill and paper. If they do not they are forced to carve the writings onto rock.

    The Student Housing - Small areas of housing are provided for the students. Their beds are comfortable but it is their own job to look after their room. Each student is allowed to bring no more than seven items from home to help them with their motivation.​
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  4. [​IMG]

    ST.Anne Private Academy
    ST.Anne Private academy is an all girl school which were taught by a special “father” and “sister” in order to become a devil hunter. A huge range of age from 14 to 23, these girls were slowy but surely learned to became a perfect killing machine in the eye of demon.Class graduation were based on how you did on the academy and if you've reach the age limit of 23 you'll be assign into variety place to be the eye of the academy.

    School's symbol
    ST.Anne Private Academy's symbol was a cross. It has no whatsoever do with religion butt in order to camouflage as a church and it's the only way to put giant cross(demon's worst enemy) normally in front of a building without being suspicious.

    School facilities
    St.Anne Private Academy consist of 4 classes depending of what major you're taking (hand to hand combat, medic, long range fighter, and all rounder). With each major will be teached by differend fathers and sisters, it has it own unique way of teaching. Apart from that there's a huge library which is located right beside the academy between the School dorm for student to live. The library indexed to have nearly over 100000 in all language including from demon's anatomy to their root of existance.

    School rule
    The academy never always giving a barrier on what the student would do, the only rule was to be at the dorm before 10 (Demon extermination weren't counted) P.M. And never to date someone. School club Outside of the school activites these girl could create any club that they could think of with a limit of 20 clubroom. In a club there should be at least a teacher guide, president, vice president, and 3 member. The academy would provide for stuff that they would need after being active for a week.

    School Class
    Hand to hand combat (Class Michael)
    This is a class where the student academy were taught to be a raw strenght fighter, they would be taught on how to fight with only using their hand and as a result only some that graduated witout losing a limb or other part of body.

    Medic (Class Raphael)
    At this class student would be taught on how to treated the wounds or even inject the antidote on the right side, this class need presicion and huge sence of touch.

    Long range (Class Gabriel)
    Student were taught on how to use long range weapon such as Sniper rifle. At this class student needs to have sharp eyes as well as good sence of direction.

    All rounder (Class Uriel)
    Basically this is where talented student were made and survival ratio of 1:5(each class contain 30-40 student in average for every 3 year). Student would guaranteed to have a succesful life as a Demon hunter once they were graduated from the class

    School's sunday event
    every sunday like other normal church, the academy would be open for public so that they could be preached by Father Salomon (founder of the academy) all stutdent must participate (according to schedule or run down).

    School's dormitary
    The Dorm provided 148 room in a 2 storied building. Each room was intended for a student but if student wants a roomate, the academy provided a lot bigger room that's just perfect for 2 people.
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