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  1. Curses, sometimes called hexes, are unfortunate enchantments cast on people or objects, often as punishment or retribution. They can be situational or constant, and some curses are even transmittable through genetics or magical interference!
    In this exercise, you are to design an undesirable enchantment that fits the description of a 'curse'!

    Name: what's this curse called?
    Danger level: is this curse more like a prank? Is it a serious problem or more like a nuisance?
    Notoriety: is this curse widely known?
    Effects: what's it DO?
    Casting: what is necessary to inflict this curse? Is it easy to inflict?
    Casters: who can inflict this curse? Is it exclusive to a certain race, or caste of magic users?
    Target: is this a curse for living things? Objects? Plants?
    Transmission: is this a curse that can spread or switch victims? How?
    Trigger: is the curse in constant effect or do certain things trigger it?
    Cure: can the curse be lifted? If so, how?
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  2. Name: Tenebrae Veil

    Danger level: Extremely High

    Notoriety: Only a few people know of its existence and the rest only see it as a myth.

    Effects: It causes the victim to be covered in a veil of darkness that alters their mind and appearance into that of a weird creature (Or if on an object into a warped evil version of itself) and it takes the victims soul and replaces it with darkness and turns the vixtim into what in known as a Darkling. Also if the caster is very powerful they could cause the curse to reach a wider area (A town, Village, Island, Country)

    Casting: To cast this curse you need to have a heart full of evil and no emotions (Besides anger, Sadness, etc.) and be well trained in the Forbiden Dark Arts (Not the same as regular dark arts)

    Casters: Usually only demons could cast this but on rare occasions others have been able to cast this
    as well.

    Target: Anything

    Transmission: If a person/object were to touch or be touched by something while covered in the veil the veil will cover the other thing also.

    Trigger: Constant

    Cure: Can only be lifted in 3 ways

    1. The Caster were to be killed.

    2. Very powerful holy magic

    3. Direct sunlight (But since they are turned into a Darkling they fear direct sunlight)
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  3. Name- Taraluein
    Danger level- Usually minor and more of a nuisance, but it can depend on one's daily life.
    Notoriety- Known locally where dandelions are abundant.
    Effects- It causes paralysis in one major muscle group for 2.3 seconds.
    Casting- Dandelion seed heads have to come into contact with an open wound.
    Casters- Anyone can sprinkle some fluff onto lacerations but no one really does that. More often, it's an unlucky natural occurrence where the winds carry dandelion heads into animals' and people's injuries.
    Target- Humans and animals.
    Transmission- Blood transfusion from a carrier, which is uncommon.
    Trigger- The paralysis is completely arbitrary but it has been known to take effect at least once a day. The highest amount of times, 4, was recorded from a man who stayed up for 19 hours. He complained that it got more frequent as he neared the 24 hour mark.
    Cure- No one has found a legitimate cure, but one can cut down the time they have taraluein to a week by engaging in ten minutes of daily moderate physical activity. Otherwise it goes away after a month.
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  4. Name: Blolst
    Danger Level: Wide range varying upon the situation the person is in (battle/ non-battle). Nuisance if the person is not actively fighting. A serious (fatal) problem if the person is in battle of any sort.
    Notoriety: Known only to those who fight as a living. (Mercenary, Army personal, etc)
    Effect: Blood burst out, creating a wound on the person ranging from minor cut (not in battle) to a sizable gash (in battle).
    Casting: Any contact with infected blood. It's easy enough, just take a hit and wipe the blood on the person's skin
    Caster: Anyone who has the infected blood.
    Transmission: Contact with infected blood. (Oral for quickest results. But any skin contact will do)
    Target: Living, sentient beings.
    Trigger: Constant.
    Cure: Of course. Upon death.
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  5. Name: Narco
    Danger level: Depends, but usually high
    Notoriety: None but the one that uses it
    Effects: once you start doing something important, you pass out entirely
    Casting: a gesture and a phrase with an expenditure of mana.
    Casters: One specific magic user developed this and never shared it, now he is a litch
    Target: anything that can become dormant or fall asleep. Machines get turned off and golems are unaffected.
    Transmission: Single target, does not spread.
    Trigger: constant
    Cure:Death, but being revived brings back the curse since it infects your soul, not your body

    Extra: Undead, golems, and things that are immune to charm type spells are uneffected, though elves just have a longer time that it takes to take effect.
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  6. Name: Phobos

    Danger Level: Depends on what the victim fears

    Notoriety: Infamous

    Effects: Reaches into the victim's mind and causes their worst fears to become manifest in reality.

    Casting: A personal object of the victim must be burned along with a blood sacrifice from the caster while the caster says an incantation

    Casters: Any magic user, though most abhor this kind of magic

    Target: Any sentient being

    Transmission: Does not spread

    Trigger: Casting

    Cure: Face your fears, which isn't always easy to do when said fear is very real
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  7. Name: Omega-Sanction
    Danger level: It is very deadly, and costly to all involved no mater who you are.
    Notoriety: Only a select few actually know how to cast the curse, but many others have learned through the grape vine the affects of its power.
    Effects: The curse is known to turn the mind of the person against themselves, driving them into a state of constant unrest and paranoia. It worsens every time you try to tell someone, and can be passed on little by little if one has constant exposure to the afflicted person. May also cause the continued alteration of not only the mind, but sometimes in worse cases the physical state. Can become shaky or fragile.
    Casting: There has to be someone extremely peeved to cast this, someone with unlimited power.
    Casters: Only the Gods can cause such a curse
    Target: The curse works better on animals and living people
    Transmission: Omega-Sanction can be generally slipped onto another person is they continuously have contact with the affected persons
    Trigger: The only known trigger is the immediate death of the affected persons, if the person dies after it has just affected others, those the curse has transferred to will be freed from its holding.
    Cure: The only cure for Omega-Sanction is Death of one or all of the affected person, is best if done immediately.
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  8. Name: Gaseous Nervosa
    Danger level: A serious problem
    Notoriety: It is only known to those who have been wronged by the unfaithful.
    Effects: If your ex kisses another person, a magical barrier will encase them, filling with nerve gas, rendering them unable to move, so they die from poisoning.
    Casting: The hair of the unfaithful, a knife, a piece of paper with the unfaithful person's name on. Once the hair and the blood has been dribbled on the paper has been written on, place it by your door and by next morning, it will have been cast, the paper disappearing.
    Casters: Anyone who knows how to can cast it.
    Target: The unfaithful.
    Transmission: Anyone within the vicinity of the couple who undergo the curse will die from gas poisoning.
    Trigger: The unfaithful kissing someone.
    Cure: The unfaithful admitting their wrongs to their loved ones.
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  9. NAME: Necrophillios

    DANGER LEVEL: Very Fatal

    NOTORIETY: People thought it was a myth to prevent children from sleeping late.

    EFFECTS: Releases a Mist of Pungent Smoke so Necrophotic that when a person comes in contact with the smoke, it shall get itchy warts, plump boils, large pimples that are very painful if contact has been made. When a person breathes in the smoke, it completely stops the heart from beating, thus completely halting the Blood Circulation & ultimately leading the way to the person's demise. If an object made contact, it will quickly rot into nothingness.

    CASTING: All it needs is a Sharp Knife, Black Widow's venom. 1 Pint of Blood from any kind of Creature & a Leather Sack with an upside-down cross. Put in the Venom & the Blood inside the Leather Sack & cut the upside-down cross with the knife while chanting: "Necrophos, summon your breath of pestilence." A Dark Smoke with Green Small Skulls surrounding the Smoke will spread out of the Sack. & Anyone in contact with the smoke (except the caster) shall be cursed.

    To uncurse the person or object in contact with the smoke. All the Caster must do is circle his hand around the person/object & while chanting: "Necrophos, inhale your breath of pestilence" rip the Leather Sack into 2 Pieces.

    CASTERS: Anyone who knows how to invoke the curse.

    TARGET: Everything that comes in contact with the Smoke (Except the Caster & the Sack)

    TRANSMISSION: Through contact with the Smoke.

    TRIGGER: Through the Caster's Incantation.

    CURE: Either a very strong holy spell or the cancellation of the curse.
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