Create a Character Challenge #81

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:
  2. Name: Faun
    Gender: male
    Age: 247
    Species: Fey, nature spirit
    Family: Flora (mother), Thorn (father), Fae (older brother, eldest), Rose (eldest sister), Autumn (older sister), Robert (younger brother), innumerable cousins
    Personality: Faun is extremely shy, even for his kind. He is reluctant to approach anyone or to be approached, but once he becomes familiar with someone he is a very lighthearted creature that enjoys playing games.
    History: Faun is a nature spirit in a family who have lived in the region for generations, caring for the massive flower that juts defiantly from the side of the mountain that has provided them with shelter for centuries. Faun, despite being the second to last child in his family and being extremely shy, has been chosen to rule over the family of nature spirits and oversee the maintenance of the flower. He does not want to take the job, but being selected makes you obligated to fulfill the responsibility.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Find away out of becoming the family leader
    Appearance: Faun, like most nature spirits, is but a wisp of air passing by, until he wants to make himself seen. Then the figure of a small boy that looks to be no more than six years old can be seen in a whirl of flower petals. Think the flower people from Narnia.
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  3. Name: Skara
    Gender: Female
    Age: 439
    Species: Wood Elf
    Family: None; she killed them all.
    Personality: The emotional side of Skara has been hardened, locked away in a shell deep within herself. As self-appointed ruler of the land she grew up in, she is quite narcissistic and can be overconfident when concerning her abilities. Skara's sense of humor is very sadistic and outright gruesome in nature, and she never lets her prey free.
    History: Skara was born an only child in her small village, her parents' pride and joy. At the age of physically 7, Skara received her first bow, enchanted to grow with her so it would always be useable. As Skara made her way through life, tales of both her beauty and prowess in sparring spread throughout her small home, inspiring love into the countless hearts of males who would ask for her hand and challengers who would shortly after be defeated. This continued until Skara was physically 20, when she journeyed into other lands in search of adventure. When she learned of sorcery, Skara took an immediate interest in learning the art, and found and educator willing to show her the practice for free. For years the wood elf studied under her dark elf educator, and once the lessons were finished, Skara ran back to her homeland to tell her family what she had accomplished. When her parents found out about the sorcery, however, they reacted with disgust and horror. An argument broke out, and Skara swore that she would get revenge for her parents' ignorance. In her rage, Skara summoned a very powerful spirit that she hoped would help her, and it broke her control. Try as she might, Skara could not resist the spirit's power, and it took partial control over her, twisting her thoughts and filling her mind with darkness. With a mad grin, Skara took her bow, walked to her home, and slaughtered her parents. The witnesses attempted to stop her, but the spirit gave Skara strength like no other. She quickly mowed down her people, one by one, until the village was vacant. This Skara continued in every village, town, and city, wiping them out or gaining their forced loyalty. Soon, the king of the land was assassinated, and Skara took the throne. Unsatisfied with the castle's appearance, Skara had it demolished, brick by brick, and used the magic of the wood elves to create a new palace of pure pink petals that were embedded into the mountainside. There she sat, watching the inhabitants of her land suffer, and crushing the slightest hint of rebellion, for as long as the land existed.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To crush any sight of rebellion.
    Appearance: This.
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  4. Name: Ysora Dys

    Gender: Female

    Age: 37

    Species: Human

    Family: Threin (Master and adoptive father), Myka (Sister) and all the other Guardians who live under the guard of Threin.

    Personality: Ysora is centered, calm and wise. Will hold her hand against the ones who deserve another chance, but won't have pity to the ones who don't.

    History: Ysora lived in a small village near the Glooming Sanctum with both her older sister and her parents, from wich she knows little. All that was said to her was that in dark times things weren't how she was used to. There were people who wanted to destroy Life Blossom, the flower of life, wich was the one thing that kept our world running.
    They striked from the shadows and with surprise, claiming the lives of anyone who tried to block the path, and the ones who lived in the village weren't any different.
    The only thing that kept Ysora alive was her older sister Myka, who took Ysora, still only a baby, in her own arms and ran and never looked back as soon as the attack started.
    Her coming to the sanctum was the only warning the guardians had, for what they thought to be peacefull times were the darkest to ever be.
    The guardians weren't ready for that, they had grown lazy and careless, and for those mistakes all who lived arround the sanctum paid, but the ones who lived to see the better days where taken in for shelter. And some, like Ysora, stayed there forever, serving the world with one only mission. Don't make the same mistakes that peace has once lead us to make.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Be sure that no evil will caught her world unguarded.
    Appearance: Ysora is a tall brown haired woman. Eyes big and blue, thin lips and a small nose in pefect harmony in her serious but pretty face.
    Her body was slim and almost flat. She didn't had any curls, but was beautiful in a way.
    Wore the big robes of a priest, only to hide the leather armor that covered her body, and the blades that laid in her waist. Her hair was cut short a little longer than her lips line and ran straight downward.