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This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

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Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

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Name: Zlakia Na'Ruane
Gender: Female
Father; Kuan. Mother; Aikana. Sisters; Mian'li, Saikua, Akkala. Brothers: Naulon, Gherat'hu.

Zlakiais sweet, energetic and naive. Always on the move she can't sit still for long, she is a prankster and a free spirit, she loves running free through the woods of her home and bath in the bright blue ponds. While she isn't stupid or hard to teach Zlakia has a hard time sitting still and listen and must generally like the subject if she is to learn. Trusting and kind Zlakia has little to no knowledge of more complicated emotions, her life is bright and happy with only sunshine. Zlakia is active and can't keep silent for long except among the animals of the forest, there she speaks there langauge and keep silent so she can observe them without scaring them.

History: Zlakia was born as the youngest in a family of seven, having five siblings didn't stop her from being a bit spoiled and she was often the center of attention. Born and raised in the deep, humid forests of Kalang she knows no other life, she's raised to respect naturae while living off it and she spends most of her time playing with other kids and running wild through the forest, climbing trees and tracking animals for fun and to study their patterns and behaviours. Her schooling has begun but she has too much energy to sit still and she's mostly found in the forest, her oldest brother, Naulon, usually succeeds the most in getting Zlakia to sit down and listen as he teaches her on her own terms, crawling through the forest pointing out and showing stuff. ZLakia, while finidng it hard to concentrate wants to be a tracker like her mother and Naulon and she does her best in finindg the small signs of animal tracks, despite her upbeat personality Zlakia is quite good at tracking.

Current Goal/Purpose: Live her life and become a great tracker like her mother and oldest brother.

Appearance: Standing only at 4'7" Zlakia is a cute and wild girl, slender and flat like a twig, her skin is a dark bronze, the soles of her feet are hard and used to running on the forest floor. Black hair falls down past her shoulders and is mostly messy and tangled, contrasting sharply with her piercing ice blue eyes, she has high cheek bones and and angled jaw, her eyes are alrge and innocent. Wearing a simple beige skirt made from deer hide and a top made of the same with saturated green patterns at the edges, she wears feathers and beads braided into her hair and wears bracelets and a necklace ade from wooden beads and smooth rocks.


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Name: Athena
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Mermaid
Family: None
Personality: Happy, peaceful, kind
History: Athena and her mother used to live together in a beautiful cove like area, until one day her mother was killed by a human. Now she lives alone.
Current Goal/Purpose: To learn not to hate humans or be afraid of them
Appearance: Black, long raven hair that flows down to her waist with ice blue streaks. Pale skin and a jeweled dark red and black tail. Deep purple eyes and long purple nails.


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Name: Raelyn Sevan
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Species: mermaid
Family: unknown

Personality: Raelyn knew how to be appealing and welcoming, but that was her greatest tool. Underneath it all she was mischievous. She relished in the knowledge of knowing anyone that stepped near the waters edge could easily be seduced and pulled under the water for a deadly, but entertaining, game. There were other merpeople under the surface of the sea-green water, but they didn't take the same satisfaction in her cruel antics.

History: These merpeople were not the kind in story books; they were not family oriented and dependent on one another. This species valued independence and forging one's own future. Records of age or family were not kept because that knowledge may hinder one's independence. Every so often there would be one merperson who would try to keep their age by the number of solar eclipses they have seen which happens about once ever year and half. If Raelyn had to guess her age she would say maybe.. 22 or 24 eclipses. She never cared for her age; it was trivial in her mind.

Yes, she had a family, but she didn't know where they were. All she knew was they pushed her from their home around her second or third eclipse. Raelyn was excited to be rid of something that held her down. She was always being the rebel in their rule-less colony, and she knew it. After swimming through masses expanse of ocean for many eclipses, she found a colony who had been changing the ways of the past. At first this colony was novel, and the feeling of being accepted, wanted, and cherished was something Raelyn thought she could get used to this new life, but when the leader of the colony marked her as 'matchless', she left.

The next colony she found was based just outside of a cove. That colony was like the one from the times of her lesser eclipses, and that is where Raelyn stayed. The cove was where many when, and sometimes women, lost their lives to the charm of her mystery.

Goal/purpose: Live the rest of her eclipses for instant gratification.

Appearance: Chocolate brown hair that was long enough to cover her bare chest with mother of pearl shells braided every so often into her hair. Raelyn had dazzling green eyes that could be equated to emeralds. Her tale was an exquisite silver color that led down into fins that were as graceful and delicate looking as Siamese fighting fish.


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Name: "Paul"

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Species: Human

Family: Mother, father, elder sister.

Personality: Is under the illusion that he is Paul the parrot from Robinson Crusoe. He runs around one specific area of the island saying "Robin, where are you?" Sometimes he is a zombie that has no identity. All he does then is roam around staring at crap.

History: Born strange, got stranger, went on vacation with his family to this island where they thought he died after falling off some cliffs into the water. He didn't. He was left on the island to boop around like the nutcase he is. Sometimes he'll amuse tourists and take pictures for them, but for some reason he always rubs his hands on trees after taking photos. He loves mangoes. Most of the time he is traipsing about trying to find Robinson Crusoe.

Current Goal/Purpose: Be a good parrot. Take photos for tourists. Eat mangoes. Find Robin Crusoe.

Appearance: Tall, gangly, and dimpled. An attractive man until he speaks or makes a face. Light brown hair, brown eyes, and very tan skin.


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Name: Lenalee Skaton

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Species: Human

Family: mother- Rose, father- Kyle, brother- Ashton

Personality: Very sweet and loving. She likes spending time with family and reading. Isn't interested in long-term relationships though, she would prefer to adopt a child rather than get married and have one.

History: The youngest in her small family. Was born two years after her brother. Her brother would always take her out whenever he went to the park or to the woods that surround their town. They have a close bond. In their teen years, the two became interested in spelunking and other activities.

Current Goal/Purpose: She and Ashton decided to explore a cave near their hometown, as celebration for Lenalee's graduation from College. Entering the cave, they discovered that it goes deep into the earth, ultimately opening up into a beautiful forest. However, they soon discover that the forest contains a tribe of cannibals.

While running away from the hunters, who wield wooden spears and poison darts, Ashton and Lenalee became seperated. Lenalee manages to escape, but finds out that her brother is nowhere near her. She knows that calling out to him would get her in danger, she also knows that he'd be screaming if he were being hurt (unless he's been poisoned of course).

Going against her instincts to find the cave and leave, she begins to search for her brother.

Appearance: Straight, blonde hair that goes to her mid-back. Her silvery-blue eyes often appear to shimmer, especially when she's in dim-light. On her left wrist, she has a tattoo of a small, purple fairy. On her forehead, she has a small scar, almost unnoticeable.

Tetsuri Tokai

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Name:Rico Yuri

Family: Rosailia and Phios (Twins: daughter and son. They aquired the eye color of their mother which is red) Ages: 17

Rico is a fun, loving parent who relaxes at home with his kids. He has a love for studying mythical things as well as he is very considerate of people around him. His studies of mythology often gets him the title of "crazy." He is always doing what he can as a father to take care of his twins as a single father. Although times get hard, he still smiles and continues his research on the existance of mythical creatures'.

Rico had heard of the existance of mythical creatures in his university. Rumor had it that there was an island off the coast of the Bahamas. On this island was a jungle habitat. Within the heart of the jungle rested a ravine where mermaids lived. Since his wife's death, his children had been sad and upset. They hadn't smile since. Rico couldn't stand to see them sad, but he was still intrigued by the thought that mythical creatures existed.
Finally, after thinking for a few days, he decided that he would travel to the island and take his kids with him. He felt that it would be a great way for the his kids to cheer up as well as give him time to study the ravine. Rosailia and Phios happily agree and Rico rejoiced with happiness. They all packed their bags,then headed to the airport and caught the next plane to the island.

Current Goal/Purpose: Rico's goal is to get his childern's minds off of the death of their mother. He takes them on the trip to get them to smile once more. His purpose for heading to island, other than cheering his kids up, is to study the mermaids. If the legend is true. He hopes to get picture proof in order to prove his colleges wrong.