Create a Character Challenge #68

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!
    This week's image:
    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
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  2. (( I have never ever done something like this))

    Noctis, Watatsumi (Night Sea)




    Long, Straight, Black Hair.

    Dark blue, with a hint of Teal.

    (Skin tone)
    A marble of blues.

    Strong willed, Stubborn.

    (Back Ground)
    Noctis, is a disowned mermaid who has given up her soul in order to be able to travel the open sea, with a ship all her own. She runs a crew, of uptight men who only server her because they fear her. She has never taken a prisoner and not killed them. Though she is currently tracking down another ship, that was the only one to have gotten away from her. A endless journey that she will die to finish.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Cedric Patey
    Gender: Male.
    Age: Twenty-Four (24)
    Species: Human.
    Family: His only remaining family is his grandfather - Smith.
    Cedric is an adventurous man, and someone that could never be content with staying in one place for too long, no he always has to be on the move, and with some kind of purpose in mind. He is someone that becomes quite bored if he doesn’t have anything to do, and he’s a living example of someone with ADHD. He has a brave soul though, and is someone that you wouldn’t have to meet in battle, as he has no problems with killing someone if he has to. However he is a bit merciful and if they plea to him before killing them he sometimes lets them go. He suffers from a deep rooted depression that usually remains in remission, though has been known to break through at certain times and cause this man some more struggles. He unlike all the rest of the town isn’t highly religious and has it in his mind to prove that their beliefs are false, which is where our adventure begins...​
    Technically Cedric was never supposed to be born, nor were his parents supposed to be together. You see the town of Radcliffe is a secluded town harboring underneath a monstrous hand which sprouts from the ground. There are two beliefs in Radcliffe for following two different gods, each of these people believing that within the hand itself either lies the ‘Crystal of Hope’ (Axis’ Believers) or the ‘Fragment of Damnation’ (Noric’s Believers.) Noric and Axis are the gods of night/moon, and the day/sun, and both of these beliefs hold close that one of the gods extended his hand down to the earth and left a gift in his palm. Of course in order to get to the palm you must first travel deep underground labyrinth which is within this god’s arm, until you receive their blessing. Naturally Radcliffe holds the tradition that a Noric believer and an Axis believer cannot be together, which was exactly what Cedric was; the offspring of two opposite lovers. When this was discovered both of his parents were slaughtered, and when asked what they would do with Cedric his grandfather (Axis) offered to take him up and raise him as his own. Of course this caused some tension with the Noric side of his family, but they agreed because they didn’t want a “half-breed” child in their ranks. Growing up Cedric always got into trouble, and Smith (his grandfather) always tried to tell him better, though he would never listen. Nowadays he’s still a troublemaker, and he takes care of his grandfather who is now quite ill. He also longs to prove that his parent’s deaths were meaningless and there are no gods, by going underground and proving there is no such thing. However he must remain to take care of his pop.​
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To prove that there are no gods, and that the hand is just a land formation; and that the reason that his parents were killed was meaningless.
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  4. Name: Kirro Nokigastan

    Gender: Male

    Age: 32

    Species: Half human, Half elf

    Family: Hirro Nokigastan (father, missing), Jenko Nokigastan (mother, missing), Shimota Nokigastan (sister, deceased), Kenshi (grandfather, deceased)

    Personality: On the outside seems cold, calculated, heartless, on the inside is compassionate and gentle

    History: Kirro, as a boy, was trained by his father in the way of the sword. His mother taught him the way of the bow. Over the years, he perfected these arts, and became a master swordsman and huntsman. He was exploring the Titan Hand that looms over the city with his sister, Shimota, playing and hunting a deer. The deer went very close to the edge of the finger hanging over the docks, and his sister leapt towards it. As it would seem, another hunter had his eye on the deer, and Shimota was caught in the heart by his arrow. SHe died within moments. Kirro spent the next seven years of his life hunting down the man who killed his sister, as he had promised his grandfather, Kenshi, that he would bring the man to justice. Kenshi died right after that promise was made. As it would turn out, the kill was intentional. Kirro defeated him and returned home. With his enemy slain, he went back to being a simple man. That was, until his parents went missing, chasing after the legendary Silver Stag, an animal sacred to the hunt goddess Artemis. They never returned. Now Kirro spends his days tracking the Silver Stag in hopes of finding what happened to his parents.

    Current Goals/Purpose: To find his parents

    Appearance: About 6'8", long silver hair, bright saphire eyes, white skin, long, pointy ears, silver tunic, pants, and silver/white boots, usually wears a silver band around his forehead
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  5. Name: Monika Jaegar
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Family: None. Died when she was little
    Personality: Very untrustworthy. She does not get along with anyone and sneaks around, keeping to herself and doing little jobs for money. She loves to stay up late, sneaking around and just observing. She is very used to only 3-6 hours of sleep and gets about very well.
    History: When she was 8, her parents where killed in a bar fight. She had learned many things quickly, like stealing and sneaking around. She was hardly ever noticed, hiding high in caves in the rocks.
    Current Goal/Purpose: She is looking for a job to earn a little money for food.
    Appearance: She has jet black hair and startling clear green eyes (like a cat). She is fairly tan, considering how much time she spends outside. She is very athletic.
    ((I hope this is okay! =D))
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  6. Name: Chess
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Family: Father (Pirate) Mother (Pirate) Brother (Merchant sailor)
    Personality: Chess has always been a vibrant and carefree soul. Never seeming to be distraught or disappointed.
    History: She grew up with her mother, a maid in a royal palace, up until her eleventh birthday, when a pirate came into town. Chess and her mother were out shopping at the market for groceries. The hall was to have a banquet that evening. But at the same time a crew of pirates were gathering supplies for their journey. The captain, a man with an iron gaze and a chin that could smash rock, noticed them, and walked over. He started with a casual greeting to the mother. The two chatted like old friends, it wasn't long into the conversation that he asked if she'd like to join them. She declined, saying she had a child to take care of. The man looked down at Chess, who stood still looking up at him. His gaze intensified but the girl didn't flinch. She was either daft or brave, and he had a feeling he knew which. He scooped up the girl who made no attempt to fight, placing her on his shoulder. She stared in wonder at all that she could see, for a moment she felt like she was the most important thing in existence, though the feeling didn't last long as he put her back down moments after. The man smiled, telling her mother that she felt she born for the sea, and that she should go with them, before asking Chess herself if she'd like to go with them. The mother proceeded to chide the man, telling him that a child couldn't possibly make a decision like that, that she'd want to back on land before a weeks time. Chess made her decision to go with them, regardless of what her mothers arguments against it were. In the end, her mother ended up joining them, originally believing that Chess would need someone to care for her. Though she was wrong, the girl took to boat life like a fish takes to water. Since that day she's sailed with her parents, keeping her eyes on watch from the crows nest. But just recently in a stop at town, she picked up a clue for something.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To look for the hidden cove of the gods.
    Appearance: Her hair is brown and would be shoulder length and uneven providing she let it out of the bandanna she wore. She cut it herself with a rapier. Sure it looked absolutely terrible without the bandanna but she didn't care. Her shirt was a ruffled shirt that she cut the sleeves off of. Her pants were a fine silk that were cut off at the knees so she didn't restrict her movement. She wore stockings coupled with black leather boots. She always had her rifle on a sling made of brown leather. Her dark green eyes generally pulled attention away from all her other ragged features and toward her cute face, upon which sat a smile, that could cheer up the darkest bars.
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