Create a Character Challenge #66

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!
    This week's image:
    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
  2. Name:Cryo Shikitsi

    Gender: Male

    Age: 27

    Species: Kodei

    Family: Birth Killed by organized crime syndicate boss Nogi Maasti; Kitka Maasti

    Personality: Quirky; sarcastic; paranoid; joker; somewhat awkward around people he doesn't know

    History: Cryo Shikitsi is a Kodei, a race of beings known for their aptitude to use advanced technology. As a young boy, Cryo's parents were killed by the crime lord Nogi Maasti, a man who secretly had a hand in every racket in the city. Nogi's seventh wife took the young boy and raised him up. She found he had a knack for hacking passwords, protected documents, and the like. As a teen he moved onto more profitable- and less legal- hacking. Bank accounts, a few government records, simple security codes. As he grew older, his escapades continued like this, going onto security codes for vaults, confidential government records, secret corporate documents, blueprints, etc. Eventually, he would work for the man who killed his family. He also became the creator of the casino game Hacker. It is a make-or-break lose-all-or-win-a-lot game in which two players set up across from each other and attempt to hack the other's accounts and take their money before they do, while setting up pass codes and such to try to protect their own account beyond the capabilities of their opponent.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To become the best hacker on the planet; to avenge his parent's death

    Appearance: about 6'7" with pale blue skin, short, black hair, short horns protruding from his forehead, and a glowing, green ID tattoo in binary code going up his right arm. He usually wears a black suit with a crimson tie and sunglasses that hide his eyes. His eyes remain hidden because they aren't eyes at all. Looking into them, one sees a fluctuating and constantly changing Matrix Code, signature to all Kodei.
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  3. Name: Sakura Tanaka
    Gender: Female
    Age: 5362
    Species: Transhuman
    Family: Every other transhuman in the cosmos
    Personality: Calculating, serene, unemotional, calm.
    History: She was once a human scientist working in Japan, but that was thousands of years ago. She is now part of the Great Mind that all were now part of, and growing more and more enlightened every day. She had transcended humanity.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To transcend her current state along with all the others.
    Appearance: Bits and pieces of biological human melded with silvery liquid nanocircuits
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  4. Name: Amani the Grand Enchantress

    Gender: Female

    Age: 350

    Species: Android

    Family: No family. First Generation of the Droid Awakening.

    Personality: Amani is a curious one, dangerously getting herself involved in many of the different arts of the androids which wasn't really available when she was first activated. Her dedication despite her being a low-tech in today's standards, makes her a very admirable being, always happy and never a frown on her face. Her personal past is nothing to be a secret to anyone, she will always say what is on her mind and what has been going on in her life. Her program makes it that she is always honest and sweet with her words, though she can switch it off every now and then to keep certain things hidden from specific clients. On the other hand, she chooses not to and can blabber about anything, despite the confidentiality.

    History: Amani was created to become an intercourse android in one of the most high-end brothels called the Snowy Swoon. The brothel was one of the first to allow androids into their business, a strange but popular concept since the recent happening of the Droid Awakening ten years back. Amani was one of the favored in the brothel due to her human-like personality and easily climbed up the ladder. She was granted the title, Snow Princess, only available to high-paying clients. Amani was allowed much more freedom as she lived her life as she was programmed to. It wasn't until she met a fellow android who stumbled secretly into her private living area, heavily injured and asked for her aid, that her content life was soon transformed into a more exciting and interesting one. The android's name was Cl'vath, named after a famous dwarf who took an army of a thousand by himself, back in the years of the Reverie. Cl'vath was hesitatant in allowing Amani into the dark arts that he and some of his companions have come across on that even androids can make use of it. Amani had convinced him though since she saved him after all and allowed her into their secret society. There she learned how to use the essence of living beings around her that were unlike androids, who relied on energy from a silver stone. The essence would absorb into Amani's body, giving herself a magic aura that could be used as a weapon or a defense against enemies. Though Amani had no enemies, she spent the many years in the dark arts learning to the best of her abilities. Amani did this all in secrecy throughout the centuries but her personality makes her gloat of her knowledge so many knew what she was doing. Though the majority of them didn't believe her until later on down her life. When the owner of the Snowy Swoon died, they handed their entire fortune to Amani, who believed they would make better use of the brothel than they ever did. Amani had bigger plans on her mind and began to notice that The Arts were now being more acceptable in society. The Snowy Swoon stayed the same during the night. During the day, it was a place of business, an academy, and a fountain of knowledge on any Arts from back to the Reverie and today, the Age of Enlightenment. She took it upon herself to grant a title to her name, Amani the Grand Enchantress, since now she is one of the powerhouses of the Arts.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Amani merely wishes to live the rest of her days until she is literally falling apart. Though as of now, she wants every living being to know and learn the Arts. The idea of her being able to take part in such history of the Arts resurfacing sounds to be a great feat to pursue.

    Appearance: Amani is low-tech and it is obvious than it was back in the Awakening. Her arms and legs are gold plated metal, you can clearly see the wiring in between the plates that wrap around them. The center of her body is covered in white, almost as if she was wearing a one piece bathing suit but around her neck is a white collar, the usual getup as you would expect for the Snowy Swoon. Her hair is artificial and short, with jagged layers and bangs across her face. It is dirty blonde mixing in with her headgear, that fits on top tightly, shimmering in a blue hint, a sign that she is a working and living machine. Her face is beautiful even for an android, with interesting sharp angles, high but full cheekbones, and deep hued blue eyes. Her nose is small with a curved tip and her lips full and pink.
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  5. Name: Aseb-00 (A.S.E.B: Artificial Sentient Evolving Being )
    Gender: Male
    Age: 5000
    Species: Cyborg
    Family: Previous family as a human is currently unknown, but current 'family' or related model/series are A.S.E.B.-500 through A.S.E.B.-5000
    Personality: His once human morals and ethics seemed to have left a strong impression on his current form, revealing that in his past he had taken the way of the Samurai, and had a strong belief in Bushido. He holds honor in the highest regard, and claims it as his duty to help those in need, and deliver justice when necessary. He is soft spoken, and polite, and non-judgmental.
    History: Aseb was once a wandering Samurai from times hardly even remembered or mentioned in the present. Not much of his past is known except that he was a one of a kind warrior who had trained in all forms of the martial arts, and led the victories to many civil wars. Many uncountable years later beyond his death, the samurai finds himself alive once more, as a gashed severed head inside of a tank. In the dark room of his rebirth a one eye'd spectacle man stood in the corner and proclaimed to the samurai. "Oh great Warrior you had once brought a great change to the country you once served, and I must say that you being here is no mere coincidence." Afterwards the world once closed itself off behind the Samurai's closing lids. He only woke up many years later in a body that was half human, and half robotics. His half robotic brain was programmed for one thing and was stapled into the back of his memory. "Learn. Adapt. Overcome."
    Current Goal/Purpose: Always in an attempt disregard the programmed orders given to him by the unknown scientist. Aseb is on a search to discover his roots, and any possible family he might have had as a human. His memories only consisting of warfare, his Bushido code, and his skills.
    Appearance: Although he was made to look human, majority of his innards are robotics, except for parts of his brain. He stands at 5'10, and has pale artificial skin and wild black artificial hair. Aseb sports a black close fitting body suit that covers him from head to toe. This body suit has been enhanced with the present technology to provide incredible defense against high impact, and has a high resistance to heat and cold to incredibly extended temperatures. For extra protection a navy blue chest guard, helmet, face mask, shin guards, shoulder guards, bracers, and reinforced combat boots have been attached to the body suit. An energy long sword hilt is attached to his waist, when wielded will produce a plasma blade. His eyes have been altered to be robotic as well, transformed into lenses that can see for miles, and produce thermal and night vision, along with X-Ray vision. They glow a dark, chilling red.
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  6. Name: Carole Rose Myers
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Seth Benjamin Myers (Brother; Presumed Deceased at 21 years of age)
    Helen May Myers (Sister; 17; Alive)
    Samantha Katherine Myers (Mother; 58; Alive)
    Carl Reed Myers (Father; Deceased at 62 years of age)

    Personality: She is seemingly quiet, but is not simply staring on blankly at her surroundings. She is often preoccupied with the details of what's unfolding before her and the tasks that she has at hand. She rarely speaks with people unless she considers it necessary for the sake of advancing her job. This will lead her to adopt a façade for the sake of attaining her target. If pretending to be a nice person will disarm a client's target, then she'll pull out whatever charm she can muster. To other assassins, she is known as especially deceitful and hard to read. The only place where her actual emotions come into display is with her family. She isn't afraid to show her anger toward her mother and her sister, but also isn't afraid that deep down that they will most likely be the only people who have her love.

    History: Carole was born in the year 2174, only a couple decades after World War Three had ravaged most of the developed countries, with the exception of the United States. In the devastation, radical parties began to take grip over these countries until several dictators ascended to power in Europe and the Middle East. Her father took advantage of the unstable times in the former United Kingdom, ascending quickly in the ranks of the newly formed the Gray Coalition, a political entity with a somewhat fascist ideology. With her father Carl's help, the Gray Coalition created mass propaganda campaigns to recruit the masses to their cause.

    While her father spent these days brainwashing the public and planning out a coup d'état of the Provisionary Government of the Former United Kingdom, she lived in relative safety in a family compound in Los Angeles that used to be a vacation home. Carole's mother Samantha took care of her, though often she would leave her in the care of her maids to see Carl. With the maids was her older brother Seth, who was five years her senior. Five years after Carole's birth came Helen. These hazy days of political instability yield few memories for Carole.

    With the settling of the regime under Alvin Gray, Samantha and her children departed permanently from Los Angeles, and moved to a large residence in Truro, England. Carole was seven at the time. Here her first memories begin. Most of them involve her mother doting on them while her father was away making "silly" posters. Within the walls of the house, she was relatively safe from the oppression and propaganda at the hands of which Gray's regime maintained control. Her childhood was defined by private schooling, talks with her mother, and the occasional summer beach trip to St. Ives less than an hour away. These beach trips were the only real thing that gave her a sense of her family's position in society, since her father was always reluctantly present--though the cameras couldn't tell. Here her distrust of her father--and the regime he helped build--took root, fed by the disparity between the pretend closeness displayed between Carole and her father in public and the lack of communication in private.

    By the time she was a teenager, many more had died in labor camps and purges that hadn't been undertaken with such zeal since Stalin's regime two centuries prior. Of the 70 million living in Alvin Gray's regime of England, some 10 million either died or were placed in labor camps, producing the very technology that allowed the single-party state to quell its opposition. There were another roughly half million who left the country in the early years of Gray's regime for the US to avoid political persecution.

    Then things took a turn for the worse. Seth went missing only a month after Carole turned sixteen. Though the real body was never found, the government created a fake discovery of the body, using the corpse of a similar-looking factory worker. The government then used his death as an excuse to crack down on any remaining dissidents. Security systems were even installed secretly in people's homes, so not even by whispering could one evade the cameras and audio recorders already present on the streets.

    Soon, they came for her father. The rise of a similar dictatorship that held what was once Germany and Austria began an economic and military alliance with Gray. As part of the alliance, Gray would undergo an extensive process of "Germanification," minimizing the influence and presence of non-Germanic peoples such as the Cornish and Welsh. As a fourth Welsh, Carole's father was applicable for actions to be taken against him. However, Gray's order for Carl Myer's assassination did not come until Gray finally refused to continue production of the racist and imperialist propaganda that called for the reconquering and "ethnic cleansing" of Wales, Scotland, and even Ireland. And so Alvin Gray personally ordered Carl Myers, his long time propagandist, executed in secret. All of the Myer family's appearances in the media were deleted and burned from the records. As a final blow to Carole, Gray also ordered that the remaining members of her family be expelled from the country.

    As quickly as possible, the small family gathered what few belongings they could in the short time the authorities gave them, and they fled to the Málaga in the south of Spain, where a modest home inherited from Carole's late maternal grandfather was available. All of them underwent drastic makeovers so that they didn't appear the same as they did in England to avoid anyone recognizing them. Carole's hair would never have the same blond of her youth. They assumed the Spanish tongue, which they had studied along with German and Arabic for several years prior.

    The isolated country, which had managed to evade involvement in the third world war, still retained most of its autonomy. A brief exception was Catalonia's secession, only for the region to reunite with Spain after economic problems. Things in the southern beach town seemed akin to her childhood. It was from this safe-haven, however, that the plot against Gray's regime secretly stirred. Exiles from France and England met in Spain, where the government was not interested in persecuting the left. With little to do, she soon found herself involved with the local English exiles. With limited chances for employment based on her education and her fear of revealing her existence, she soon found herself in the seedy underworld of the anti-regime movement. They taught her how to exploit her natural ability to create a facade and act, and even to kill. At the age of twenty she made her first kill on a governor vacationing in the city.

    Her mother and sister's reactions to discovering her line of work were less than positive. However, Carole was making substantial money, without which they could not sustain their relatively comfortable living. With hesitation they let her continue.

    She has now been working in the organization for almost two years. They hope to begin operations in England to reclaim the government from Alvin Gray before the year 2200.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To assist her organization in preparations for operations in England to overthrow Alvin Gray's regime
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  7. Name: Tyler Konishi
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Family: None
    Personality: Stern, caring, and generally angry
    History: He served in the military for 10 years before moving to the more lucrative private sector.
    Current Goal/Purpose: He returns to his home sector. To find it completely deserted. Homes are left vacant and warm meals still sit on tables. He wanders the streets and buildings of what was once his home in an attempt to find out what caused the desertion.
    Appearance: Shaved head, army fatigues, a molle vest with pouches for various items. He sports a wide and powerful build. His eyes a dark brown and his face scarred from conflict.
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