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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Clarissa Elmair

    Gender: Female

    Age: 35

    Species: Human

    Family: Only daughter of the prestigous Elmair royal family. Her father, Nathanel Elmair is the current king after the recent passing of his brother, Lewis. Her mother, Aya, was from the noble family of Mithra, often known to be very close to the royals as advisers in political actions. Nathanel and Aya had an arranged marriage by the former king and queen in return the Mithra family would continue their loyalty to the throne.

    Personality: Clarissa considers herself of higher breed. This makes her come off as very snotty in a very well-mannered way. She is very cold when it comes to family matters, finding it a waste of time to deal with such dillies dallies and is never smiling to anyone she greets or speaks to. She is very quiet and keeps to herself, but there is a hidden anger deep inside of her, when in certain situations, she can flare up as quickly as she can snuff it out.

    History: Clarissa was raised to be proper, and lived in the royal palace the moment she was born. She was never allowed outside of the palace, many times she didn't bother with such a thought as she found everything she needed was in her home. When she reached the age 20, blossoming into a beautiful woman, she experienced love for the very first time when she laid her eyes on one of the gardeners. His name was Elrich Saan, a simple farmer's son, trying to make a living for himself. The two were entranced when they first saw each other and began to have a secret affair. Clarissa soon found out she was pregnant, and planned to leave the city with Elrich before the baby was born. The Elmair family caught on to the affair and their plans to leave. Immediately, they locked Clarissa into one of the rooms, only opening it for food and care. They captured Elrich, the King at the time did what the Elmair family had wished for, to behead the poor soul as a warning to others who dare try to consort with noble blood. When the baby was born, it was taken from Clarissa and was never heard of again. Since then, Clarissa has been planning revenge against the royals. She dabbled in dark magic and made a deal with a certain demon. Crazy with power, she is the mastermind of the entire destruction of the city.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To avenge her love and child, she plans to destroy the city along with herself.

    Appearance: A very beautiful lady, her body tall and lean, pale skin and blue eyes with long blonde flowing hair. There is a scar across her chin, as a reminder of all her wrongdoings and shame.

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  3. Name: Demona Timinst-Mistrar

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Species: Human

    Family: The Mistrar Dark Royal Family

    Personality: Demona has never really had the "heart" of a dark person. She was always one to put on a face. Her outside skin would be showing a tough unmoved person as her inner voice was screaming at the world that was going on around her. Her time was always spent try to become what someone else had wanted and it eventually dragged her into a depressed and darkening state that is over coming her happy and "normal" person attitude.

    History: Demona was born the youngest child out of the four Mistrar children. Her mother was a woman of power and would make sure that the world around her knew that. While the people of her kingdom fought for the endless Queen's wars and parties, her children were taught the "dark magic" ways of the kingdom. The three older children took to their mother's way rather quickly, but Demona was the hardest and most stubborn. She demanded to know what was going on and why they couldn't be this horrible good person. Refusing to learn the ways of the Royals within the kingdom, Demona was locked up and treated worse than that of the servants. Little to no food, beatings, and endless torture of her mother Demona grew to hate the woman. A part of her burned and stung as if she was being stabbed with a white hot iron every time her mother crossed her mind. The young girl never thought there would be a way out until she turned 17. That was within the Timnist Kingdom attacked her own and over took the castle sending her mother into exile Demona was discovered a few days later by the Prince Georgette that had lead the attack on the castle. The two eventually fell in love and a wedding took place within the year. When Demona was crowed queen along side her husband, the world was finally at peace. There had been no threats against the kingdom and the people were content with the ruling. However it is only calm before a storm, in which new threats of her mother's new army has come to the kingdom. The attacks have started and Demona is once again placed between her mother and what she wants.

    Goal: To gain independence from her mother's abusive memory and finally conquer her one way or another.

    Appearance: A small and petite girl with a slightly hourglass body structure. Her hair is dark as her mothers and goes down towards the middle of her back. Her dark brown eyes are abnormally bright against her dark tan skin.
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  4. Name: Lucius Vanhelze

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Species: Human

    Family: Grandfather, and little brother: Shane

    Personality: Silent and serious, mostly listens more often than he talks. He is quick to speak up against anything immoral. He protects those he care about first. It is easy to gain his trust since it's his motto to give a chance to person, but if that chance is lost, it is harder to gain his trust back. He is level headed and he isn't at all too good at being social, but he can be quite a motivator and provocateur with his words. His rudeness has been found to be a strange charm that oddly attracts both genders. He may say rude words, but his intention is always for good.

    History: Who knows how long the struggling war of Luvencia had been going on, against the evil sorcerer, Fahrir Modru. He and his family had been living in a village that were just miles away from the stalemate war against Fahrir's abyssal soldiers. However, the stalemate soon fell apart and Fahrir's army had overtaken the other side. They try to flee the village, and unfortunately, the grandfather had succumbed to a heart attack. The enemy draws near to their home, and Lucius picked up the violin. The same violin belonging to his Grandfather that have said to drive away the devil with its tunes and melodies. There was no point in running away now; t would be too late for that. He played the violin, melodies and striking, uprising tunes echoed throughout the border land and the forces of magic was summoned. Each string and chord played was like a slash from a sword, like an arrow shot from a crossbow, and like a giant boulder hurled from a catapult. He was soon summoned to the Empress' Palace to receive a mission... to stop the Evil Sorcerer Fahrir, once and for all. But, he cannot do it alone... On his journey, two more people joined: one with a portable piano and the other with strange device(dj-mixer) to make music that will end the war.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Play music to victory, protect younger brother

    Appearance: He is a tall and well fit due to the hard work on the farm-crops almost everyday to get the dry soil to grow. He has dark reddish hair from his mother's that would light up bright red when hit by sunlight. Lastly, he has an odd coloring of the eyes: one is vibrant green and the other is ocean blue. It is actually a common trait in his family.
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  5. Name: Alzarehk Fortesque
    Gender: Male
    Age: 14
    Species: Human
    Family: Serae (Half-Sister), Verdred (Father)
    Personality: Noble, reserved, studious, intense, cowardly, narrow-minded.
    History: Born to Verdred Fortesque, a proud soldier in the stately white castle of Volun. The Fortesque family served in the army for generations until Verdred managed to show the right skill and knowledge to become a well respected general, landing him firmly in the noble caste. Never married, his children are the result of two seperate, illegitimate affairs, though he treats them as his own children regardless, a fact their mothers accept happily. The birth of Alzarehk was one steeped in prophecy- it was said that a great, hungry flame would sweep over the lands upon the day he was born, and on that day an ominous black cloud began to sweep the city, growing very slowly and always followed by a burning black flame that left nothing but charred stone in its wake.
    Currently, the strange circumstances behind Alzarehk's birth have led to no real questions regarding the strange affliction of the landscape despite the prophecy's insistence that one born on that day would be the cause of the sweeping flame, which continues to grow with the cloud. The reason there have been no questions is due to Verdred's influence within the higher caste; none would ask him to be rid of his son for something that's undoubtedly "hogwash of the masses." The onset of the black cloud is so slow that most people aren't concerned- it hasn't caused any deaths, merely property damage.
    Alzarehk thus grew up like any noble boy- well educated, spoiled, and incredibly naive. He has no grasp of the world beyond his white-clad walls, despite being plagued of dreams; dreams involving journeys to faraway places he truthfully has no interest in visiting. There is a strange voice that insists he goes, but the comfort of the castle is too important to young Alzarehk, and so he pays no heed to these dreams.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Currently, Alzarehk wishes only to continue living life as a pampered noble. He enjoys reading and learning from books in all its forms, and he also wishes to find himself a well established noble lady to begin to court. He enjoys his sword lessons and riding lessons far less than the books, but he undergoes them with a haughty sigh to please his soldierly father.
    Appearance: Somewhat short and a bit plump, with wiry muscle developed with spotty sword practice and riding. Blue eyes and freckles, as well as short brown hair immaculately kept. Well bathed, typically wears colors of light blue or purple. Not very tan.
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  6. It was a really long time since I did one of these, lets see how it goes xD

    Nial Ivan Erim
    54 years (Body like a 27 year old)
    Half demon/Half human
    Mother - Lilly Achti (demon)
    Father - Ivan Amine Erim (deceased)
    Half brother - Takha Ivan Erim (deceased)
    Takha's daughter - Kari Erim
    Takha's fiance - Tisch Miano (deceased)

    Very silent and easy going person. He doesn't like moving around that much and often just sits and reads his books. He hates noises and keeps away from crowded places. He prefers the company of a good book more than that of a human, even so he has some friends/allies. He rarely speaks if he doesn't have to, but prefers to rely on hand gestures if he thinks the people that are with him will understand what he means. If he has set his mind to do something then he does it without resting before he has finished it.
    Nial was born as the second son to Ivan Erim, and the first son to the demon Lilly Achti. Because of his demon blood he aged slower than a normal human. When he was twenty human years his body was only that of a ten year old boy. His older brother Takha was born only three years before him, his mother had died shortly after he had been born.

    Because of Nial's slow growth Ivan often needed help from Takha to take care of Nial since he needed to make sure that there always was food on the table and money in their pockets. Because of that they rarely saw their father and had to take care of themselves most of the time. As Takha became fourteen years old he started to work as well, but Nial that was eleven years old and had the body of a six year old couldn't help that much. Instead he sat at home and waited, often with a book in his hand. Even though his body grew slowly there was nothing wrong with his brain and he could take in information and learn things at the same speed as any other human.

    As Takha turned twenty he married a woman named Tisch that came from the Isnan clan from the other side of the mountains. At that time Nial was 17 years old but only had the body of a 9 year old. Takha and Tisch got a daughter three years later and Nial often helped taking care of Kari so that his brother and Tisch could work to get money. Since Nial couldn't show people that he was half demon he wasn't allowed to walk outside too often. If people started to notice that he aged too slowly then they might realize that he had demon blood in his veins and would want him dead.

    As he took care of Kari he finally felt useful, which he never had before. He could finally help to do some kind of work to support the family just like any other twenty year old guy would.

    Ten years passed, and Kari started to catch up to Nial whom now had the body of a fifteen year old. Even though Nial was 30 years old he still had impulses and emotions just like any other teenager, he started to get irritated easily and he didn't like Kari as much as he used too. She became more and more like an irritating little sister and he was afraid that she might become his older sister if he kept aging so slowly. His father started to get old and had very poor health lately. It scared him that everyone was aging like they did and he was left behind. He might have to die alone because everyone in his family would be gone before he had grown old. The thought scared him.

    During that year there was an attack. The demon clan Aroha had suddenly attacked the city they lived in and killed off every human they could find. Demons and humans had been in a war for a long time but no one thought they would get into the main city so easily. His Father, brother and his brother's fiance died during the attack.

    Nial and Kari were able to escape the city thanks to Takha whom had defended them from the attacks, but died in the process. Once they were out of the city Nial swore that he would avenge his family's death one day when he was stronger. He and Kari left and didn't look back on the fire that rose behind them. The city was burnt to ashes.

    Nial trained for 24 years while taking care of Kari. When she became 17 also she joined his practicing. They never forgot what had happened that day, and they had decided to kill every last of the Aroha clans members. On their journey they met three other people that joined them, they had also lost loved ones in the war. Now they are ready to take up the fight with the demons, and they don't intend to loose.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Kill the demon clan Aroha and avenge his family.

    Shoulder length curly black hair, pale skin and brown eyes.
    Often wears a grey coat with a hood to cover his head.
    He's around 1,87 meter tall and pretty muscular.
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  7. Name: Ser Maxwell Cortis The Gate Keeper
    Gender: Male
    Age: 593 ( Seems 25. )
    Species: Elven
    Family: The Cortis Family, all deceased.
    Personality: Inquisitive, always questions passer-bys and always follows orders diligently.

    History: As a child only at five his parents were slaughtered by invades from the dark side of the Bridge, he lived as an orphan on the street for a year before the Gatekeeper, Ser John Cromwell an old friend of the boys Father had found him on the street and took him as his own child. He began to train him in the ways of magic, fighting and all of the lore of the land. When Maxwell was one hundred and twenty seven, Cromwell had passed and gave his title to Maxwell. Since then Maxwell has been guarding the gate on the bridge, not letting any past.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To find a suitable heir for his title and to not let any creatures from the other side past.
    Appearance: He is a huge towering figure. Standing 8'5 he seems as if he is made out of stone. His skin gray like the stones of the mountain and his eyes cold like the snow. He holds himself high and always has a hand on the giant battle axe he wields.
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  8. Name: Michealis Caveral
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Species: Celestian
    Family: Wife, daughter, son, brother and a few cousins.
    Personality: Very much a man of honor and duty. He works hard and inspires his fellow soldiers.
    History: He was born a Celestion of High Peak and when the war broke out between the Celstians and the Agorneys he joined the cause to defend his home immediately. He has been awarded several honors since his enrollment at 19. He is married to a beautiful woman and has one daughter and a yougner son.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To keep the Agoreys from crossing the bridge. To protect his family and his people.
    Appearance: He stands at six and a half foot. hes all muchle with lightly tanned skin and bright green eyes. Blonde hair adorns his head, faded adn almost white from the winter sun. He has a firm mouth and a chiseled visage. A scar runs through his right eye and down over his jawbone. He wears armor of steel and a red cape. His emblem is a set of golden wings set against a red background.
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  9. Name: Father Ansgar Herrmann
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46
    Species: Human
    Family: Elderly father and mother
    Personality: Fervent, religious, brooding, fierce in combat, meditative, roughly eloquent, uplifting
    History: Father Ansgar was a Warrior-priest of the Order of the Spear in the defense of the High Kingdom when the goblins of the wasteland lay siege to this city on the borders of the kingdom and razed half the valley to the ground. Taking up arms in the defense of the Faith, the paladin calls upon his Brothers to drive back the darkness and bring the light of Truth and Justice back into the Fallen Quarter.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To retake and restore the Fallen Quarter, and to drive back the goblins.
    Appearance: Heavily armored priest with religious symbols engraved in the armor and hanging from various parts, deep brown eyes, tonsured head, neatly shaved face, strong muscled body, rune-engraved cross-shaped sword with golden hilt.
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  10. Baney Wilden
    is a 17 year old female who has never known her father. does not care to know him. until five years later from when she last heard from him she receives a letter from him. saying he needs her to forgive him so as so she can receive his "gift". not knowing what this gift is she decides to give the universe a laugh and say i forgive him.

    She suddenly feels this bewildering feeling of power not only in her bones but he mind as well. the next thing she know she is in her bed with no memory of what happened the night before. she tries to get out of bed an when she does she breaks the bed with just her pinky! she goes to her door an it bends it before she gets to it just by thinking about it.

    so the question is what has happened and how does she fix it?
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  11. Name: Venus Henderson-Sorrocco

    Gender: Female

    Age: Physically 19. She is thousands of years old.

    Species: She's many, and one. She has witch blood, angel blood, human blood, vampire... she's a variety, BUT she's known to be a notorious fallen angel.

    Family: She has a complicated relationship with a man named Dimitri and also with someone named Kuma Sorrocco, her husband or ex husband(it's complicated!). She has 5 children. Katsania(alive, 19, fallen angel, dragon), Anselm(not sure..) Noir(not sure..), Avon(dead. Dimitri's daughter, Silica, killed him with a starshot.), Molly(angel, 13, dimitri's daughter) her father is dead, her mother, Vasilisa, is alive and well. She has a shaky relationship with her mother, though. She has two sisters- Akania and Vivian. Akania is the oldest of the 3 sisters. She has a 'brother', Michael. She found out he isn't really her brother and she blames her mom for lying to her. She has a twin; Crystal. Her favorite nephew is Pyro. She has a stepchild; Mavera Sorrocco. Mavera admires Venus secretly and Venus admires her secretly. The two work well in a fight, but if it's against eachother they're equally matched.

    Personality: She has a bit of an attitude, but she can be calm when needed. She's very intelligent and intellectual. Her mind is always going and it shows. She's always thinking up good strategies and plans, and when it comes to the point she's reasonable. She never seems too happy, but she is. She had a rough past but most of her past she doesn't remember. She doesn't know why, either. (lol.. Strayed from personality much..)

    History: Her history is complicated, and long. She was born a human. She doesn't remember the days she was human, but she remembers that she had no siblings and her parents left her. Shed always been treated different, in every life she lived. She grew to be 19, until someone did something to her that changed her life. She was in a desert and something was glowing. Couldn't possibly be real? But it was. She went toward it and after that, she wasn't human. She was a mix of all the creatures mortals have thought of and would write about, but she didn't know that yet. Not until she died and came back as a baby who grew to be 19 in 3 days. She raged a lot at her mother, Vasilisa, and didn't understand any of it. She soon went off on her own to be a monster slayer. She was good, too. Everyone knew her. There was only one person stronger than her; Kuma. She met him in Sunset City, and they fell inlove. She was surprised at the emotions coursing theoug her veins. This was after shed met Dimitri, however. She met dimitri as a human, before she walked the desert. She had a child with him. Katsania. Later in life shed find out that child was immortal, due to Dimitri's angel blood. She hid katsa away for her whole life, until a while after shed met Kuma. She got married to Kuma and had children with him. Then her children had children. She decided to bring Katsa into the family. All went well. Presny day, she lives in a clan with other special immortals and has many children and grandchildren. She's hoping to rekindle relationships and reunite people.

    Appearance: she has big blue eyes, gold brown hair and she's about 5''11. She wears a white sundress with a gold cross around her neck. In angel form she glows blue.
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