Create a Character Challenge #51

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Gwark
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Species: Fire Lizard Beast
    Family: Most of his siblings left as they reached maturity and his mother abandoned them when the clutch could survive on its own.
    Personality: Gwark is a loner and has a very rough temper when provoked. Otherwise he is a laid back and sensitive soul.
    History: He was born in the volcanic lands of the south islands and has lived there most of his life. He has little to no interaction with outsiders. He enjoys watching the birds fly over head and taking a warm bath inside the molten lava that pools in the upper volcanic crags. He has considered leaving to find a mate, but otherwise is content of his home.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To survive and possibly find a mate
    Appearance: Gwark is a large lizard like man. At his full height he stands about eight feet tall. On all fours he is about Four feet tall. His tail is roughly three feet long. He is very muscular with hard scales covering his head, upper torso, back, tail and the outside of his limbs. Softer scales cover his belly and the underside of his limbs.


  3. Name: Thalia Zan Neverlenitheas

    Gender: Female

    Age: Unknown

    Species: Angelic Faerie - sub species fire

    Family: Only existent form known of the Angelic Fire Faerie.

    Personality: Thalia is a very hot headed and easily tempered spirit. She often mistakes passive remarks as insults of the highest degree and has been known to act rashly. (The last guy who made a joke just near her is currently fertilizing a tree with his ashen remains.) Though she is easily disrupted and very easily angered, she has a large heart. She wants the world to be a happy place and for every creature to live in balance with each other, so long as its done her way. She is also very generous. Fair warning, don't ever refuse a gift (even politely).

    Purpose: She was gifted with the ability to manipulate the flow of lava, generation and manipulation of fire, the ability to see through any flame as if it were a looking glass into homes, castles, and even war parties. She can live eternally in any flaming form she desires and lastly, an even more rare ability, to dub her fire generation and manipulation upon mortal beings. When she came to be she believed that the magiks had charged her with the care of the flaming paradise, that she should maintain the heat of the area and protect it from any threats. It is true that if her home were to ever cool, it would offset the balance of nature causing a rapid chain reaction that would change ecological face of the world. Being able to dub copies of her powers into mortal beings allowed her send a Champion into the world to defend it (and her home.) When these beings die they have the option to remain existent as a fire nymph in her service charged with advising any current champion with their wisdom and reporting to her the status of the world. Being as these nymphs are really just toned down versions of her own ability they can look into the fires of the world and keep her updated on happenings with it. Generally, they live inside her. Coincidentally, every nymph adds to her power.

    History: Very estranged magiks mixed with the flames of a volcanic expanse and Thalia was born. She has lived her entire life in the lava and flames with her own personal charge of maintenance of the land. Since the dawn of her existence she has sent several Champions into the world some of her own desire, and some on request with a special offering. Thalia loves precious stones that her fire can't melt. Her personal favorite Champion was the first, a young human found exploring just on the border of her kingdom. He was a very handsome fellow but was also very brusque. Five times among there first conversation she nearly killed him. The whole year she was glimpsing a horde of humans through her flames hatching a plan to freeze her land and make a cross way to the next country, and when she queried his knowledge on the subject he became very defensive. Threatened that if it were true he would bring his family into it, some nonsense about royalty and princedom. Turns out, he was a reliable asset and his army obliterated the oncoming horde in a matter of weeks. Thalia loved those battles. She often makes little flaming troupes fight upon rocks just to relive those glory days.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

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  4. Name: Hanuna
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Species: Human
    Family: The closest thing to a family Hanuna has is that of her masters', and those that work and learn with her in her masters' castle.
    Personality: Hanuna is energetic, loyal, and caring. She values life, and because of this many mistake her for being weak and easily dominated. Many do not see the more serious side of her. When she wants to be, Hanuna is very stubborn and will not allow others to disrespect her, though this does not happen often.
    History: Not much is known about Hanuna's parents, only that they perished when she was still an infant. One of her masters found her, and took her in. She was raised in their home to be a servant, and like the others was well taught. Until the age of ten she and those her age learned basic skills, history, and magic. On their eleventh birthdays, servants are tested and given a specialty that they will focus on learning for eight to twelve years before working in that position for their masters. Hanuna was selected to be a handler and trainer of animals. In their training, Handlers cover the basics of care and training for common creatures over the course of three to five years, before a second test that determines what creatures they will work with. They then focus on studying their creature of focus and training methods until they finish their education. Hanuna was trained to work with dragons and dragon-like creatures, finishing her education at the age of eight-teen.
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Occasionally, the masters will have the desire or need for a new creature that cannot be bread from those they currently have or bought, so trainers are selected to capture and tame them from the wild. Hanuna has been given the task of locating, capturing, raising, and training a breed of dragon that in the wild, only lives in volcanic regions.

  5. Name: Adonis Koizumi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 45
    Species: Humanoid Alien from Karacak
    Family: Maruko (wife, deceased), Joseph (son, whereabouts and life unknown)
    Personality: A wise man with an insatiable curiosity. He finds every nook and cranny of the land interesting, searching it for hidden knowledge and treasure.
    History: Born and raised on the volcanic planet of Karacak as the only son of a pair, as is the norm for his kind. As he grew up, he became tired of the same landscape of lava and land, and found a way to use it to his advantage by making a rocket out of minerals and powered on molten rock. When he managed to figure out the way to make it work, he left his planet and found love, returning once his wife had passed and he'd lost his son in order to reunite with his own kind in hopes of spending the last of his life with at least some sort of purpose.
    Current Goal/Purpose: He works mining minerals after eruptions to help make useful objects.
    Appearance: A tall man with a heavy build, he has thick skin meant to insolate his body from the heat. His short hair is white, which helps him avoid taking in sunlight. His eyes are a similar color. His muscular body tone is flexible and yet sturdy, well molded by the heavy labor and heat of the volcanic land. He has many burns caused by playing too close to the lava, but most of them are now just scars that reflect the danger of being to curious.