Create a Character Challenge #48

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:


    Character Name: Maimun (comes from the word 'meymun' which means monkey in Aizerbaijani)
    Nicknames: Chimp / Maimai
    Gender: Male
    Species: Ungoi (comes from 'unggoy' which means monkey (how original) in Tagalog), also reffered to as Wood spirits.
    Age: 6 (13 human years old)
    Birthplace: Forest Quill
    Current Residence: Forest Quill, City of trees
    Official Owner: Lysander Lande
    Family: Uknown (exiled from birth onwards)
    Occupation: Mailman


    General Appearance: He has the general appearance of the Ungoi: He has a humanoid structure, which means it has 2 legs with feet, and 2 arms with hands and has a head and body. Unlike humans though, they have long strong arms, and hands which are large (if it's made in a fist, it can cover their whole face). At the end of each finger, they also have claws, which are always out, and therefore also are strong. They hardly walk and therefore have shorter and weaker legs, since they already almost seized function. They are covered in white scales and luminate a dim, but obvious white light. They are not covered in any hair and have a monkey like tail, which can grow as big as them, but have an arrow pointed tip at the end, which can help them fight or climb. Their ears hang against the back of their heads, and are often not noticable.
    Maimun is small compared to the other Ungoi, who are ussualy 8 feet adult, yet Maimun is a mere 4 feet. His eyes have a very strong blue collour. He looks joyfull. He wears shirts most of time, which often are as simple as just a green plain shirt and he wears a collar, with small spikes. For the rest he doesn't wear clothing or anything.
    Strengths: He has an immense strength in his arms. Being an Ungoi, he is completely made for climbing in the trees, and therefore he has a big adventage when climbing. His claws and tail make him a great fighter. His small structure makes him swifter than others of his race. He has a strong stomach and is used to eating all kinds of things. Munmoi lives with the elves and has been thaught to walk on land better than his fellow Ungoi and therefore he is known to walk on his fists, just as fast as humans do. He's been granted the ability to speak. He also is as smart as an elf, given he was raised by them.
    Weaknesses: When not climbing, he ussualy has a disadventage in fighting and also running. He is smaller and therefore he also lacks strength (adding the fact that he was raised by elves). He is easy to attract things and is terrible at hiding. Being 'civilised' he's losing most of his primal instincts shortly, one after another.
    More: Ungoi sleep by hanging themselves up on their tail on a tree branch. Same goes for Maimun


    Aspirations: He wants to live a happy live with his owner, Lysander, in the City of Trees and tries to find love.
    Hobbies: Lazzying around, doing pretty much anything with Lysander, socialising, climb, explore.
    Likes: Food (in paticular Boro Berries), elves, animals, emotions, forests, water (baths and ponds).
    Dislikes: Bugs, magic and supernatural (fear), brain games, loneliness, sky.
    Current Goal: After coming back to the City of Trees from delivering a letter, he finds the town in tranquil chaos. Everyone's talking and a lot of people are walking around. Also, soldiers are in the city and the mayor is also around. Not short after he returns, the mayor gives him the task to deliver an important letter to the nearby kingdom. Confused, yet loyal, he accepts yet another one of these jobs and sets off.
    Talents: He can speak Elfish and Human. Whenever he's contained by a large emotion, sometimes, the collour of his glow will change into something different. He's agile and one of the quickest up in the trees.
    Inabilities: He has no granted ability to use magic, and somehow his body resists any given potion (or poison).
    Fears: He fears being left alone, he fears death and he fears supernatural forces (including some magic).
    General Personality: He's a very socialable Ungoi, and has many friends. He practically lost the title 'pet' and became another villager, if he was not officialy owned by Lysander, which he doesn't seem to mind at all. He holds a strong bond with Lysander, in an odd 'pet-owner' or 'father-child' relationship. He also has bonds with Lan, Chris and Xynthia (who he possibly loves). He doesn't have any enemies, other than some animals who try to survive. He also has a bonding with a squirrel who visits him often (possibly only for food, but it's still a bonding). He also is very loyal to most of the villagers, and is very helpfull, which is sometimes against his own good. However, he is terrible at the elvish body language and very naive sometimes when it comes to understanding elves and humans. He is happy. He feels contempt with his life, yet strives for that one thing that he feels that misses.
    Inner Personality: He has a strong need of social connections and without them, he will change immidiatly. He also has a secret urge to go back to the Ungoi. He's saddened to have lost most of his instincts and sometimes regrets being raised by elves instead of his parents.
    Secret: He's been trying to find out more about his parents, but hides it from everyone, not wanting to make the villagers feel as if they're not enough.
    Fondest Memory: When he was left in the woods, exiled by his fellow Ungoi due to his not growing size, he was found by someone else. That person was Lysander. The meeting was a bit odd, seeing how Maimun first started attacking Lysander, above all else, trying to fight for his live. However, using a bit of magic, Lysander succecfully captured the Ungoi, which he then calmed down. When the beast finally calmed down, Lysander gave him a hug and took him to the village, where Maimun was brought to Lysander's house, and taken care off, even though the villagers at first rejected the idea. That day he was also given the ame maimun.


    Brief General History: Maimun was originally born within a family of Ungoi. He was born like most others, however, he grew very little in the year past. One day, the pack of Ungai just left the little one alone, and pushed him away when he tried to come back to them. They quickly left. Maimun tried to chase them but soon lost them. Saddened, he lay down on the ground somewhere, where he was caught by Lysander. Lysander first got in a fight, but rather quickly already made a bonding with the little one. He took him home and raised him, even though it was being objected by the other villagers. The people didn't like the idea of an Ungoi in the village. At first, they were proven right, seeing how Maimun still behaved very primal and animalistic, however, Lysander got proven right afterwards, seeing how he managed to make Maimun civilised and mannered (and tame). The days passed, and he grew closer and closer to the villagers, and was thaught more and more, untill the ponit that he almost behaved like most elves in the village. On his 10th birthday he was granted the honor of eating the 'Boses Seed' (rare) which granted him the ability to talk and socialise more easily. From then on he lived his life in the villagers like any other, and only the travellers still looked up weird at him.

    Present Life: Having chosen not to live alone, he still lives with Lysander for the time being. He also has the job as mailman, to deliver letters (seeing how he is the quickest around in the village). He helps Lyander with finances that way. However, he currently is on a journey to the kingdom near the forest to deliver an important letter. But what happened in the village? A qeustion that bothers him all the way there....