Create a Character Challenge #46

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Beligzbuss Longbothem II (Bel-ig-zz-bus Long-bo-the-m) "Very" roughly translated: Misguided Illumination

    Gender: Lamp

    Age: Lost count roughly around the invention of Toast.

    Species: While not so much a species as much as an incarnation of an idea, Beligzbuss was hand crafted personally by the hands of the Old Gods themselves. The construct is both a sentient construct and the physical manifestation of manipulation.

    Family: As a construct, the Lamp bears no real family per se unless you could the Hands of the Old ones that bore it into existence. That said, one such creation of the same design came before this one. Just prior to it's completion, Hastur the Unspeakable cast his gaze upon existence and peered into the depths of human depravity. A well of Malice and Vendetta stared back upon the old one as he traced the passages of time. He saw man for what it could be. Brutal, deadly, ruthless and jagged. Seeing that his creation would serve no purpose to such already corrupted subjects, he cast the construct aside, shattering it upon the shores of yesteryear. The unspeakable abandoned his project and turned his attention to other matters. However the trash of some is the treasure of others, and it wasn't long before the remains of the construct found their hands into that of another.

    Personality: As the embodiment of an idea, Beligzbuss exists for nothing but to guide those who look upon his brilliance to ruin. He finds glee as he watches his handlers torn asunder against the progression of their own vile acts. All the while sitting in silent content, lighting the way to a damned trail.

    History: ((to be later added))

    Current Goal/Purpose: Goal? Purpose? Mortal concepts all. Such petty ambitions belong to the living. To a construct as this, Beligzbuss knows nothing else but illumination.

    Appearance: A simple, often dusty and completely unremarkable oil lamp that glows with a dim yellow hue. The light never goes out, doesn't flicker and is warmly inviting to all who gaze upon it.
  3. Name: Lellial
    Gender: Male.
    Age: Two Crystal Millennia.
    Species: Adonisian Paraliani.
    Family: His brothers' orbs vastly speckle the Paraliani Forest.
    Personality: Patient and filled with compassion. But Lellial wants nothing more than to meet the beloved that destiny has chosen for him. Eagerness flutters and tingles his whole being like a live wire. He remains optimistic, even after he watches one of his brothers being chosen instead.
    History: The Adonisian Paraliani are a unique race. They are all male in gender and each and every one of them spawns from the trees of the marshy Paraliani Forest. The Adonisian Paraliani begin as energy, as the lifeblood of the trees. Over time, the trees push out bits of energy from their core and wrap them in delicate orbs, entwining these orbs within their branches and roots. These orbs act like incubators, the energy inside slowly growing in maturity, becoming sentient. However, these children of the forest remain in stasis until they are ready to hatch. Very specific criteria must be met for this to occur. This is because the trees will not give up their sons to just anyone. Only the Adonisian's soulmate can hatch him. From there, he will take on the form best suited to the soulmate and leave the forest forever. Lellial is still waiting within his cocoon, but for the first time in such a long, long while, someone has come to the forest...
    Current Goal/Purpose: To be hatched to his soulmate.
    Appearance: Wrapped within his orb, he is nothing more than a beautiful orange glow.
  4. Name: Ella Sorrowfall
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Species: Fairy
    Family: Callan Sorrowfall (father), Maya Sorrowfall (mother), Rosa Sorrowfall (older sister), Lorellmi Valix (Fiance)
    Personality: Unlike many of her comrades, Ella enjoys the solitude of the forest. She is very selective when it comes to those she talk to and develops relationships with, but when she likes someone she'll be quite friendly. Her favorite thing to do is sing to the trees, her least favorite is spend time with numerous strangers. Though she can be shy, she is very curious.
    History: Ella was born and raised in a peaceful area of the forest, surrounded by pleasant fairies. She has experienced very few hardships in her lifetime, so her history is quite mundane.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To find out who the stranger in the forest is without actually being seen my him.
    Appearance: On the short side for a fairy of her kind, Ella is about six inches tall with a petite frame. Like the other fairies that reside in the forest, her skin is a glittering gold. Her hair matches her skin, and when let down falls to her natural waist. Her eyes are an electric blue. On a normal day, she wears dark blue slippers, a draped blue dress and a gold belt at her waist. Her hair is almost always up in a bun, with curly wisps dangling freely. He wings are the average translucent gold.
  5. Name:
    Terimaethi Lae Willowise "The Old Wise One"

    No known gender

    Has old as the earth itself

    Tree spirit

    All the tree's of the world of "Meluvia"

    A kind and gentle soul, "The Old Wise One" gives knowledge to all, although it has no known gender, it depends on how "The Old Wise One" comes to you and talks to you, that will decide for you on which to call this tree spirit a "he" or a "she".

    "The Old Wise One" was born at the beginning of the world that is called Meluvia. This tree spirit is encased in "The Forest of Orbs" or better known by the Meluvian's as Welesp Forest. This tree spirit was put on this world to protect all and give advice to the Meluvians. At "The Battle of the Quellips" "The Old Wise One" used it's magick powers and vanquished the terrible Quellips and restored peace to the land. Although the tree spirit is incased in the biggest tree in the Welesp forest, "The Old Wise One" is able to freely tavel around Meluvia as all tree spirit's look like, except far more wise and far more old.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To Protect the Meluvians

    Generally the largest orb tree in the Welesp forest, but when it comes outside of the protective bark of the tree, "The Old Wise One" looks as if it was a walking and talking tree, with a long wispy beard and deep forest green eyes that hold all of it's wisdom.
  6. (To the possible dismay of the above lamp...)

    Name: Sarah Marcathlas


    Age: 19

    Species: Neko

    Family: Orphan. Mother died at birth and father didn't want anything to do with her or her mother. No known immediate family and she doesn't view her employer/caretaker as family.

    Personality: Quiet and reserved vocally but her feline shows if she gets angry: very vocal, “catty.” Sarah's loyalties lie where she wants them to be. No one can buy her loyalty nor seduce her – though she has been known to get rather playful when exposed to catnip. She knows she is attractive, but doesn't flaunt it unless she feels like it – comes off more as a tomboy than a girl. Views girly things a nuisance, finds make-up grotesque, and thinks dresses would be better suited as window coverings. Sarah is very job oriented with a task-goal mindset. A “working girl” in a non-erotic sense.

    History: She doesn't know her mother or biological father.

    Sarah had a relatively easy childhood considering her orphan status. Though she wasn't dropped off at an orphanage – she was found abandoned in a back ally and left to die inside a burlap sack (no one knows who did that) – she did obtain “caretakers” as she calls them. Ever since she has been able to, Sarah has been working to bring in money.

    She has gone through various jobs with her caretakers. The first being an experiment and horrifically racist/speciest: a rat catcher. That lasted a period of a few weeks before she nearly clawed out one of her caretaker's eyes in rebellion. The next job after that was more girly as a flower maiden – Sarah's male caretaker found her dress for that job clawed to shreds around her while she was making various weavings out of the material. That signaled her next job: weaver.

    Weaving lasted the longest and she was very adept at it. She apprenticed as a weaver, but the formality of the training destroyed whatever joy she received from it. Thankfully, she thinks, it lasted long enough for her to start apprenticing under her male caretaker as a fire lamp harvester. This, so far, has been Sarah's most favorite due to the freedom she has. She still weaves, but just for herself or caretakers. (Her most advanced weaving job was the backpack she wears on a daily basis.)

    Current Goal/Purpose: Fire lamp harvester. She making her way through the Forest of Light harvesting smaller fire lamps attached and growing to their hosts. The larger ones she cannot use and is afraid to touch due to dragon's using them for their fire breath fuel.


    • Fur: Orange tabby pattern.
    • Eyes: Golden-green.
    • Physical Build:Thin and nimble-looking. Her legs are more muscular than the rest of her body due to her constant running.
    • Clothing: Disheveled. She wears a tunic cinched with a semi-wide, brown belt. Her shirt underneath the tunic shows a bit too much fur, but she finds it comfortable. She wears cargo shorts, though she doesn't use the pockets – she just enjoys the bagginess of them. She shuns shoes preferring to be able to feel the ground with her foot-paws.
    • Accessories: She wears a worn hat someone gave her randomly off the street which is brown and has a four-inch brim. It appears too big for her but it's actually just the right size. She has customized it so her feline ears poke out the top. Attached to her belt are her tools: a knife that looks like a mushroom harvesting knife, a bag of thermal plugs which glows a soft blue, and dragon skin gloves. At her back is her bag for depositing the fire lamps. The bag is connected at both her belt and with backpack straps. It contains enough supplies for going out on multi-day excursions while filling up on fire lamps.