Create a Character Challenge #31

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Brian Johnson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 35
    Species: Human
    Family: Father, Mother, three sisters and a brother. (all dead)
    Personality: Ambitious, ruthless, lustful, charmer, cunning
    History: Brian was born to a merchant and soon took over the family business. His father was killed by pirates, mother and three younger sisters were raped and taken away by slavers, The youngest of the family, his brother died of Tuberculosis. Only he lived through it all, through sheer luck and using his mind. Since the death of his family he’s had to deal with grieving friends and annoying well wishers. It never phased him that his family was gone, all he cared about was himself, what he wanted and since he was so cunning he got it. he would be seen flirting with whatever woman caught his eye married or not, and would cheat in many games no one the wiser.
    Current Goal/Purpose: He wishes to become a captain of his very own ship and get out of the merchant business. He would love to explore new places, anywhere is better than his home.
    Appearance: Bright green eyes, slightly wrinkled features but still quite handsome, long fingers and big feet, tall, as skinny as a twig, well dressed, squared face, larger nose, close set eyes, and a pinched mouth.
  3. Name: Jorah

    Gender: Male

    Age: 9

    Species: Human

    Family: None living

    Personality: Before the death of his uncle, Jorah was a typical young boy. He had dreams of owning his own ship someday, and was absolutely thrilled to be aboard one. Every duty that was thrown his way, he did with excitement and pride in his work. He was hyper, cheerful, and prone to bragging about his great fishing accomplishments. Now, he is more somber and tends to have a very short temper. He is angry and makes biting comments better suited to one older. Also has bouts of depression when nobody is looking.

    History: When Jorah was six, his parents were killed in a fire that destroyed most of his city. He had no siblings or relatives that he knew of, and was shipped to the orphanage. After eight months there, a man arrived and declared himself to be the boy's uncle. Never had they met, because Eric had been away at sea. He was a navigator aboard the Thorne, a notorious pirate ship. Jorah was ecstatic to leave the orphanage, and didn't protest in the least to living out the rest of his days on the ocean.

    In no time at all he had gained his sea legs and was as nimble as a monkey up in the rigging. The captain, both amused by Jorah and relieved to have a ship's boy to do the small tasks that nobody else bothered with, gave him plenty to keep his hands busy. For three years, everything was going wonderfully.

    That is, until Eric and a few of the other crew members decided to mutiny.. and failed.

    Eric was slain and Jorah was about to be next, but the captain decided to take pity on the dependable boy. He kept Jorah around, keeping a close watch on the boy in case he decided to follow in the footsteps of his uncle. Meanwhile, they are sailing to war, to fight against the Royal Navy with the rest of the pirates.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To slaughter the captain and take the Thorne for his own.

  4. [​IMG]

    Name: Quil Gavelen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 121
    Species:Fervier/ Blood Pirate
    Personality:Ruthless, intriguing, brash, joker and taunter, cocky.
    History: Quil was born near the shore in a port town off the coast.
    He was a very handy boy who learned quickly and worked hard, his intentions were always pure of heart and that was his downfall. The boy had a mother but his father had been taken to sea by the navy before he had been born. It had been many years since then and even though his mother had not spoke of it Quil knew his father had passed.
    On his twentieth birthday the coast was attacked but not by normal, expected pirates.
    No, these pirates grew out of the water, a sight that looked almost like an oil spill on the waves.
    Once it got close to shore people, or what looked like people climbed out of the water and onto the sand.
    Gunshots were heard echoing in the night but no matter how many times they were shot only two of the forty or so creatures fell to the ground.
    Each one staggered towards the humans like zombies, now encroaching towards the beach, their postures straightening slowly even amidst the rain of musketballs.
    They weren't afraid and had good reason not to be.
    The creatures could move their hearts to different parts of their body and considering said body was made nearly entirely of blood? There were no wounds, all of the ammo just went in one side and out the other.

    One figure stood out among the forty-some bodies.
    The captain of the crew who's ship, now just barely visible in the mist of the bay stepped forward as his form finally appeared whole.
    His features were picturesque, enough to rob any man of his wife if given offer.
    The thing that was most distinguishable were his eyes.
    The left one shone gold in the dim light while his dark red right one made it seem like a dark socket.

    "Time to plunder, boys!" Came the man's loud voice as he raised a pistol and aimed, nearly eighty yards away, then pulled the trigger.
    The captain of the incoming forces dropped where he stood barking orders, his guards eyes widened in terror.

    "Yo ho ho..."

    That night most of the town was slaughtered and every few moments if one was to look to the docks the pirate's ship could be seen just a tiny bit closer...tiny bit more...
    Towards the end of the night it was floating amongst the navy fleet, untouched because it was not firing a single shot. In fact, it looked like a complete ghost ship, not a soul on board.

    Quil had been hiding behind his stables, being a muck boy he'd been stuck there when the attack happened and not being trained...he was screwed if they found him.
    As the attack started to wind down boots were heard right outside the stable and Quil quickly plastered himself against the dingy stall wall.
    His breathing had picked up and as soon as he heard the tell-tale squeak of boots turning his heart dropped into his stomach.

    "Do not worry boy...death will not find you today..."

    That was the night he was destroyed, turned into a monster of blood and greed.
    Now Quil sails the seven seas as a captain of hatred, his determination and fury only matched by his crews greed and his swords lust.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Rule the seas and obtain treasures beyond wildest beliefs.
    Appearance: Pitch black hair with one gold eye and one red eye.
    He wears a long black and dark blue coat with lace design of silver along the cuffs and collar.
    His sword is always at his waist, a rapier on his left side, a pistol on the right.
    The boy had been chosen as captain to take over from the man who had changed him and now wore his hat in honor during battle, along with one silver earring in his left ear.

    His boots were a worn leather, pants dark brown with rough lacing at the waist.
    The man looked every bit the pirate he was forced to be.

  5. <editing>Name:</editing> Edouard Llwfenwy
    Gender: Male, 21 years old, born the 23rd of August, 1857
    Class: Laborer and, as he hasn't learned yet, spirit medium.
    Species: Human
    Family: His mother was the only family he knew, and she was taken by syphilis 13 years ago.
    Personality: Vengeful, but quietly so. Piss him off, he'll still treat you like a friend...that is, until the poison kicks in.


    History: When he was a child of 3, an 18 year old rake took emotional hold of his mother, who had recently become a widow; her husband had died not 3 months earlier in a war on the other side of the ocean. Their relationship lasted only a few months, long enough to spend all the family's money on gambling and prostitutes, where he got the syphilis that killed Edouard's mother only 5 years later. During those 5 years, the man's extensive debt caused them to lose their home, and Edouard's mother went insane. Once Leandra died, Edouard was on the street for 10 years before finally finding a job cleaning the church, where they provided him with clothing and a place to sleep. For the next 3 years, even while serving within the church, he could only think about all the ways he wanted to kill the man who killed his mother. Recently, however, a mariner came into the church, begging loudly for forgiveness for the things he did under a man that he described as a heartless monster. The description he gave of the man matched what Edouard remembered of his mother's murderer. Within days, Edouard had found a crew willing to take an inexperienced manual laborer like himself to sail across the ocean to where the man stayed now, taking only the clothing he wore, a cross, a pistol with a single bullet, and a misericord, and his job aboard the ship is the same as that in the church, with the addition of cleaning the muskets of the privateers who gave him the opportunity to reach his goal at last.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Get revenge on the man who "poisoned" his mother, preferably in the most painful way possible, especially if the pain lasts years, but without getting caught.
  6. Name: Commadore Rojo Ibanez
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Species: Human
    Family: None
    Personality: Very cocky. Loyal and helpful. Reckless.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Get the most he can from life.
  7. (Thought maybe I'd add a monster. I love doing monsters.)

    Name: None

    Gender: Male

    Age: 12

    Species: Ra'dul

    Family: He left his family as soon as he reached sexual maturity

    Personality: The male Ra'dul hoarded things a bit greedily. He was cunning though, cunning enough not to be seen by those who worked and live near the docks. Ra'dul was playful, like most animals with a high sense of intelligence are. He would often tug fishing lines, causing fishermen to reel him in, until he let go last minute. When he was hungry, he'd often steal fish from nets and off lines. These are just a few of the tricks he enjoyed playing on the dock workers. Though he was never caught, his traces caused others to blame the "Sea witch" when someone brought up an empty line after a good struggle. He became sort of a local legend. The sort few truly believed in.

    History: Ra'dul are not creatures of the open sea, in fact they have come to depend solely off of living near civilization, or at least following ships. This Ra'dul was born near these docks. He was raised here by both his parents. Ra'dul do not mate for life, however the male will stick around to raise the offspring. It is not unheard of for the same male to return and do it again with the same female once she reaches heat again. When this Ra'dul reached maturity, he was left here by his parents and he began to eek out a rather successful existence. Like other males of his kind, he had a fascination with all human garbage, and the docks were the perfect place to find this. He had empty bottles, bits of glass, old clothing and pins all tied with seaweed and other rubbish in his den beneath the wooden docks. These he would use to impress his mate.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Continue to live unnoticed and gain a mate, reproduce.