Create a Character Challenge #30

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

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  2. Name: Guron Nok
    Gender: Male
    Age: 44
    Species: Human (?)
    Family: Are You Kidding?
    Personality: Guron Nok often says little. He displays little emotion towards others, and when he does, he tends to lack expression unless you push him to the extreme.

    History: Guron Nok is the member of a long forgotten cult that no longer exists today. He's been apart of it during its 'better' days however, having been birthed by an unknown mother into the status of an initiate, before being known as a grand monk, being considered such a rank due to his 'acension,' as he maintains near perfect health without food or water. He lives alone in an olden 'temple' hidden off from the world, hoping to appease whatever beings he worships however he can.

    Current Goal/Purpose: He wishes to continue to appease the beings he worships, and one day spread the word of his religion again. He also physically trains for a strange prophecy in which he is to destroy the moon, incase the world were to fall into apocalypse too early.

    He tends to meditate most often in an area possessing fires and the face of a demon, as to strengthen willpower and show no fear towards evil.

    Appearance: Guron dresses in the classical robes of any cleric. Underneath this is a scarlet red uniform resembling that of the shaolin. Physically he has no hair: He's bald, has no eyebrows or lashes, nothing. Shadows are often cast over his eyes, so the color is unknown. Many assume they're totally white, unless angered, and they become more red.
  3. Name: Hey you, Monkey, and any other number of curses
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Species: Human
    Family: Younger brother (23)
    Personality: Upstart, Hard worker

    History: Him and his brother were stolen from their village at the ripe ages of 18 and 13 and brought far away from home to the mountains, He was immediately put to work as a blacksmith, his brother a stone gatherer, He has no idea what the beings that took them are but the large green skinned Overseers were very harsh to them, He became an upstart to keep the attention away from his younger frailer brother so they wouldn't kill him but after awhile his brother gained the endurance and strength needed to survive, They have been working in the volcanic mountain for so long neither of them remembers their original names, The green skinned ones speak almost none of their language except a few words which is what they get called, They get fed little and allowed minimal time to rest.

    Current Goal/Purpose: He works as hard as he can so that he can be placed in as many different places within the mountain as he can, figuring out all the nooks and crannies and the Overseers' patterns so he can figure out a way for his brother to escape, he cares very little for his life any more

    Appearance: Almost six foot tall, very dark skinned due to the heat from the forges and the mountain itself constantly burning him, his hair is long and dark because of all the ash and his eyes are a light green, he is very muscular from all the work he has done
  4. Name: The Librarian

    Gender: None

    Age: Unimaginable

    Species: None

    Family: None

    Personality: Can be somewhat grumpy with people/creatures that do not respect knowledge, itself or the Library.

    History: The Librarian has been here in the Library since the Big Bang itself, it had been said in whispers that the Big Bang had been thought of by God(s) in The Library before time had been started, before life, before everything.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Keeping the record(s) straight, minding matters of utmost importance and holding answers of the most important questions- such as 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?'

    Appearance: That's it in the picture as humans can see The Librarian, its appearance changes for whatever creature looks at it, they will see a being they can comprehend and respect. (Admittedly it is in grumpy mode in the picture, it doesn't like being photographed.)

  5. Name: Hjarloga Svensson (HYAR-loh-gah)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Species: Magus (Fire):
    Fire magi are quite rare, only being common in the Drocanian Empire. There are small groups that possess the mutation to utilize fire magic outside of the Drocanian Empire, but they are almost as rare as water magi outside of the Aeribbean Sea. Other than manipulating fire, they possess a natural affinity for fire-breathing creatures such as salamanders and dragons. Some isolated groups along the southern banks and islands of Lake Risinger believe that Luthena herself is a dragon who can shape-shift into human form.

    Father: Sven Jónsson, 60
    Mother: Gréta Friggsdóttir, 58

    Home Town: Gimsteinnland (YIM-stayHn-lahnd, or JIM-stain-land anglicized), Eastern Risinger District (The Firelands), Drocanian Empire
    A quaint village at a stream feeding into Lake Risinger several miles away, tall mountains rise into the sky like the dragons they shelter.
    Coordinates: 60.0 Degrees South, 69.1 Degrees West

    Gimsteinnland in mid-Summer
    (Credit for taking and modifying this image to Martin St-Amant - Wikipedia - CC-BY-SA-3.0)

    Geography and Climate: The village is situated in a valley containing a stream that flows southwest. Small huts and houses made of stone dot both sides of the brook for about 3 kilometers (1.86 miles), forming the village. A large building made of stone sits in the middle of the village on the west side of the stream, acting as the school building. A stone bridge connects it to the part of the village on the other side of the stream. About 5 kilometers north of the northern edge of the village rise the mountains, which contain dragon's caves and a temple pictured in the first post. They travel to this temple once every January to celebrate the receding of the ice and the melting of the river. Due to the climate, the soil is permanently frozen, with only very hardy grasses and shrubs growing during the "summer" period. About 10 kilometers further southwest is another settlement on the stream where prisoners are sent.

    The climate is subarctic, with the nearby mountains cutting the area off from warm air to the north. While the large Lake Risinger nearby does somewhat moderate temperatures, its effects are limited due to the distance of Gimsteinnland from it. Winter lasts six months out of the year, beginning in April and ending in October, with highs rarely reaching above 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit). During this time, little precipitation falls, but the river freezes over and snow from wetter locations does blow in to add to the summer's precipitation. In July, the average temperature is -25 degrees Celsius (-13 Fahrenheit). November and December act as a transitional period where the temperatures vary between -10 and 5 degrees Celsius (14-41 Fahrenheit). January and February are the warmest "summer months," with averages ranging from 12 to 15 degrees (53.6 to 59 Fahrenheit). During this summer, a large amount of mixed precipitation arrives, with snow and frozen rain sometimes occurring in January. March acts as a transition period where rain begins to turn into snow, the precipitation continuing as temperatures plummet from 5 degrees in early march to -5 (41 to 23 Fahrenheit).

    There is little enforcement of the law here due to the harsh climate and lack of people. In fact, it is considered somewhat anarchic, for there is a prison colony established somewhat further down the stream. That given, the villagers do communicate with each other and try to help each other as needed, due to the tight-knit nature of the community. Updates on laws and diplomatic visits occur every 5 years with the election of a new prime minister, the Chief of Domestic Relations sent with several military on pgymy dragon to record the population and collect the communal tax (payed for in gems from the mountains) in return for shipments of food and clothes during the winter months.

    90% Magi, 10% Dragons (the mountains and the pgymy dragon population domesticated by the villagers)

    Religion in the village is a unique variant of the main belief in Luthena. The large majority of villagers believe that Luthena is actually a dragon who assumed human form when she descended upon her planet almost 1800 years ago. Because of this, the villagers make a journey every year to the nearby mountains to an ancient temple in order to pay the dragons tribute and celebrate the melting of the river and receding of the ice. The ceremony is elaborate and involves the lighting of the dragon head within the cave as well as various songs and dances to commemorate the Mother Dragon's (Luthena's) bringing of daylight.

    Hjarloga tends to act happy, with a childish and sometimes selfish way of looking at things. Whether this is an act or genuine tends to depend on the time of year, with depressed thoughts akin to seasonal affect disorder setting in during the months of July and August. He finds enjoyment in mischievous activities like minor pranks and lighting insignificant objects on fire with his magical abilities. He maintains a happy front quite well, being hard to anger or sadden. Being quite curious, he can often find himself in a spot of trouble for wanting to know too much.

    His mind tends to revolve around daydreams and an imagination that feed into his desire to leave Gimsteinnland. However, there is a part of him that still feels bound to his parents and the village. He has a respect for the village and his parents that is only matched by respect for his friends.

    Hjarloga was born on January the 15th, the day after the annual trek to the temple in the mountains. The village Elder foresaw a bright future for the young boy. Well, fiery would have been a better adjective, but fire definitely is bright. He was one of the first of his generation to develop magical abilities. He revealed his powers in uncontrollable outbursts around the age of eight, almost burning his parents' house down several times over the next couple of years. While the others were just discovering their abilities at 12, he had, with his parents' help, managed to control his fire magic so that it was not nearly as dangerous as before.

    Around this time the kids of the village began to notice his skill and flock around him. He soon had an entourage of somewhat close friends, which later proved invaluable during the winter of 1793. An immense amount of snow from a blizzard to the west had blown through the area in a matter of hours, causing Hjarloga to be lost while on a hunting trip for caribou far from the village. Stranded for several hours, he and his group of friends would not have survived if it were not for his friend Bjartur. One of the other early bloomers, Bjartur specialized in communicating with dragons and salamanders, which came in handy when he used his father's pygmy dragon to search for his friend. Bjartur led the way in the search, eventually spotting Hjarloga and company near the stream. He managed to guide most of them to safety before the snow became too deep, with only one of the seven that had set out dying that day.

    As of a year ago, 1794, Hjarloga has been engaged to be married to the Elder's granddaughter, Björk. While this would place him in line to become the village's Elder after the Elder's son dies, the responsibility as well as the prospect of a forced marriage scare the young man. He began to contemplate running away to the north around this time. With the current year 1795 his desire to leave grows more intense as the expected arrival of the Chief of Domestic Relations nears.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To gather gems in the hope that he'll be able to pay for a way to leave for the cities to the north and start a new life.

    The shirt in the picture here would be something worn during the "summer." Most of the time he is either in coats and trousers made out of white fur and animal hide with wool undergarments or other types of coats. He stands at 6'1", making him tower over most of his peers. He has a lean body, though some would consider his frame to be lanky.


  6. Name: Sebastian Holmes




    Family:His father is Sherlock Holmes and his mother is Irene Adler(Deceased). He also has a little sister named Sarah.

    Personality:Quiet, bookworm, can be cold, can be hilarious, blunt, very observant, sarcastic and a genius.

    History:His family's treasure was stolen by a reptilian man, and to restore the family name he must get it back to his father. His family is part of the 11 who has special items held in the Queen's safe. These families were part of the first 11 English families. It turns out this reptilian man crept around two am and only took the Holmes treasure. It turns out the Holmes had a special gem in it that the reptilian man and the demon wanted. The demon wanted the gem because he was part of the twelfth family who was banished because of their darkness. This gem would make his family take place of the Holmes family. His father was too sick to go get this villain, so he volunteered to go. Up to this point he has fought many things most men will never see. He now has to battle a very high ranked demon to get this named Ahriman and this is his lair.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To get the family treasure back to restore his honor, wealth, and save the family name.

    Appearance:His brown eyes can melt your heart, they are just like his father's. He inherited the pale skin from both parents. His father's body structure with muscles. He has his mother's nose and shape of his face. He also has his father's eye brows. Though he has a mixture of his parent's hair color, it is not full black nor just brown. It is a dark brown with gold and red highlights that show in the sun. He has a crooked smile that leans to the left, but his teeth are quite straight. He is about 6'1 he is probably going to grow another inch.
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  7. Name: Shaadim
    Ice Demon
    True to his species, Shaadim is a bitter and cold demon who dislikes anyone he comes into contact with as well as the place he was banished to. There is some good in him, but one must break the ice in his frozen heart to see what lay underneath. In his own realm, Shaadim was a leader of other, lower ice demons, but he ruled fairly... as fair as demons can get. He was often considered manipulative for his own gain, but isn't everyone sometimes? Shaadim was never willing to have another person show him up, and he could never back down from a good challenge.
    Shaadim was brought into the world violently and when he wasn't good enough for his summoners, he was damned to what he feels is his own personal hell. It is dominated by fire and stone, vile things to Shaadim. He doesn't know the ritual the summoners used to banish him, so he doesn't understand the counterspell. He reminds himself every day about how he got to the unholy realm, but he's lost track of just how long he's been there. but
    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Shaadim wants to return home and he will do so by any means necessary.
    He pores over books every day, hoping to discover a way back to his icy realm and live his life in peace and quiet and cold.
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  8. Name: High Lord Kriim Garlasan

    Gender: Male, but can shift forms at will

    Age: unknown

    Species: Human/Fire Demon

    Family: Garlasan (Father; Demon), June Alsaan (Mother; burned to death during childbirth), Shtill (human sister; deceased)

    Personality: fiery, unforgiving, power hungry, very sadistic

    History: The son of the demon Garlasan, Krimm was literally bred to be his general and the head of his cult. Due to his paternal origin, his mother caught fire as she gave birth to the demonic prince, and Kriim grew up raised by his father's cult, The Order of Garlasan. He was trained by the dark spirits only he and his demonic kin could see, along with the members of the Order that had risen high enough to be able to drink the blood of their deity and gain some of the power that came with it. An avid swordsman and magic wielder, Krimm has led many a victorious battle against the High Church of Zoki, his fathers' divine rival. As part of his 'coming of age' ritual, he had to slay his human sister and drink her blood. He did so eagerly. He has all the best parts of a demon and of a human, being nearly invincible. The only thing that could possibly kill his would be if his hart was literally ripped from his chest and eaten raw.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To spread his Father's influence throughout the land, to serve his Father, to destroy the High Church of Zoki

    Appearance: Demon General.jpg
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  9. Name: Ophelia Lavonn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 543
    Species: Human N3 (Advanced superhuman, 3rd generation)
    Family: Artificially created, but refers to other N3's from the same lab as brothers/sisters
    Personality: Usually a motherly/nurturing type, but is a fierce fighter
    History: N3 humans are the last batch of superhumans ever created. Many N3 humans had defective, murderous personalities or went mentally insane, and had to be taken out. Even the N3s that are still alive today tend to isolate themselves due to irritable personalities. Ophelia is an anomaly with her nurturing personality, and is rather well-known throughout the world. It's believed that her good personality is due to her being released from the lab as a child. She was taken into a foster family as an experiment, but was treated very well by the family. Her first 80 years of life were blissful even after her foster parents passed away.

    In her lifetime she has both worked for the world government and rebelled against it. Since her rebellious activity 230 years ago she has had a bounty on her head, but the because she is now seen as a general peacekeeper and even a hero to some people, the government does not actively seek to collect on her bounty. However, every now and then a freelance bounty hunter will try to take Ophelia down. With roughly 400 years of swordplay skill, she has yet to be defeated.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Ophelia has heard that one of the younger N3 humans has gone to an ancient dragon cavern to try to rile up the beast and create havoc. Usually, dragons live in isolated mountainous areas far from civilization. However, the highly intelligent dragons will specifically go out and annihilate humans in revenge if properly riled up. An N3 human is built sturdily enough to inflict injury to dragons. Ophelia ventures to the cavern to either try to stop the younger N3 human, or risk her life trying to take down the dragon, a hard feat to accomplish, even for an ancient superhuman.
    Appearance: Ophelia has a pixie cut, the top of her head being a light blue that slowly turns to a dark purple at her neck. Her skin is ageless, but her worldly emerald eyes give people a hint towards her older age. She is tall and willowy, standing 5'8". Being an N3, she has an muscular build that can gain no excess fat.
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  10. Name: Amicuss Corrsin (Xhu-Shin)
    Gender: Male
    Age: (Appearance:) 16 (Real age:) 400
    Species: Astral Being/Suit of armor
    Family: Tamashii Corrsin - Brother, Bunta Corrsin - Nephew, Tyrael Corrsin - Nephew, Kazuma Corrsin - Nephew.
    Personality: Before impending doom was placed on Amicuss' life, the male was usually silent, focused on deep and overall forbidden books of necromancy, though had frequently talked to "strange" women whom had been walking through the cult he had been involved in; hoping to find "love" with humans.
    History: Being born a normally created human, from "geeky" parents whom had always enjoyed a good fictional story about magic, magi, and the mystical beings of fantasy, as Amicuss grew up, fantasy became his live; taking a liking to learning about the religion of Wiccans, and overall attempting to perform spells outside of school. Amicuss, at the age of six, had been going to school and borrowing library literature of the fantasy department, only do delve deeper into the world without flaws - though an oddity had been noticed in the patterns, as he grew older, he began to research literal necromancy and even attempted at bringing back canines of his past, even though none had proven fruitful, he had never given up, and always seemingly enjoyed reenacting the devilish parts in the novels he divulged and spent years upon years of reading. Though, at the coming age of sixteen where rebellion fluidly surfaced upon darkened gears of his morality, a day had changed his life: from an abnormal crimson color replacing the blue sky, to shrieks of blood-tainted sorrow - which had overall peaked the curiosity of this teenage male, and caused his body to set on this dangerous journey to the outside world, though immediately after Amicuss' figure left the household, glass panes shattered and broke into shards of broken memories, followed by a shrieking from two familiar vocals: his parents - whom had died just then by The Masked Enigma, Tamashii Corrsin. Even though spending most of Tamashii's endless time in Hell, it should be clarified that watchful eyes had been placed on the needed subject - which had utterly caused him to become a target of invasion, abduction, and brotherhood. A quick swoop of black and red cause consciousness to dwindle from the carcass of Amicuss, the soul of the boy taken and exchanged with the signature core of the Corrsin, without any seeming pain placed on the boy. Though, the boy's being had been taken down to the separated part in Hell built out of fear of other demonic beings, to (ineffectively) "lock" his being away forever, to spend a total of two hundred and eighty nine years learning of necromancy and fire manipulation via mana and spells. Though, once Tamashii had realized the true details of Amicuss' goal, Tamashii sealed his soul within a suit of armor to be a slave, this spell may be broken once Tamashii furthermore dies eternally, or, Tamashii unleashes Amicuss' "true" form to rid of a foe.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To fulfill Tamashii's every duty given, via summoning scroll. Though the aforementioned necromancer times of Amicuss, of which when he had joined a cult to fulfill this purpose, he had planned to pain the world in regret and despair; wanting the whole Earth to bow at his feet, and he would do anything, and everything Tamashii taught him to fulfill that goal - though it failed.
    Appearance: The current appearance of Amicuss', now called Xhu-Shin being the wanted name of the armor, is a being made of platinum, Tungsten, and golden lining. A right hand of Amicuss' is instead a spinning blade made out of platinum, the being in armor is headless, and seems to be empty, though runs on spiritual energy and the soul and Mana energy which gives off a misty, silvery hue constantly.
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  11. Name
    "Kenny" - for lack of a better moniker




    In his current body, about eighteen months old. The original, Alpha, was created in the mid-eighties, though he isn't sure if that counts.


    Human-based mutation. Whenever his current body dies, the surviving cells form clumps weighing approximately ten pounds each, which form into healthy infants within hours of death, each with perfect memories of the past lives. These infants grow approximately ten times faster than a normal human, reaching physical adulthood within two years and usually dying of old age before ten.


    The scientist that created Alpha died a few years back, leaving Kenny alone except for between thirty and a hundred others of his kind.


    An irreverent person at heart, Kenny has a morbid sense of humor and a penchant for vulgarity in every form. If it isn't disgusting, sexual, vulgar, violent, or some combination of the above, he doesn't really care about it. Having spent most of his years of life as a child he has never reached intellectual adulthood in many ways, but in spite of this is very cynical and jaded, especially when it comes to human nature.


    Scenes like this one aren't a new sight. Many of the past generations have sold themselves as human sacrifices, and Kenny is just continuing a long tradition. He's being paid twelve million dollars to be sacrificed to a demon lord; in his past bodies he's been killed in a variety of interesting ways, from vivisections to snuff films, and has started to actively search for new ways to die that will be different and more exciting than the last. In between deaths the younger generations typically are raised by the older ones. Due to rapid aging he never went through school and spent most of his days playing video games and watching shows- he took his name from his favorite character on South Park.

    Current Goal/Purpose

    To make as much money as possible for the next generation. At a little over a hundred and twenty pounds he estimates his death will create between nine and fourteen new individuals, leaving them with around a million dollars apiece. With that money he hopes to live comfortable three to five years in his new bodies before selling himself and earning even more for the next generation, getting increasingly rich and living increasingly longer with each generation.


    From the outside, Kenny is your generic Caucasian male. He has pale skin with medium brown hair and eyes, a mole on the left side of his nose, and crooked teeth. Usually found wearing an orange parka, another way of honoring his favorite fictional character, and a pair of blue jeans. Aside from the sarcastic smirk usually spread across his face he'd be completely unremarkable, but there's something about him that is distinctly sinister and unnerving. Death changes a man, and he can remember more deaths than just about anything else.
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  12. Name: Zavrek (Also known as The Ancient one or The Lost Lord)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 425
    Species: Dornva ( A race of humanoid warriors with no enemy left to fight, they were built for warfare and strife. They were large and well muscled, their was often worn braided and long. A strong race... a proud race... a dead race.)
    Family: Deceased
    Personality: When he was young he was understandably brash... warrior king over an empire of warriors. Greatest of the many. He was firey, passionate, brave... all the things a lord of the Dornva should be, and yet, he was not happy. His people had no great enemy to battle. There was no great glory to claim... When they eventually found and MADE a new enemy to battle he led his legions with joy in his heart and blade in hand...

    It wasn't until years later that his head began to cool and he slowly lost his lust for battle. He watched as his people fell around him and his armies dwindled... each decisive decision he made which lost more lives weighed on him... He became far more calculating and level headed in his later years.

    Now though... his world has been crushed. His weariness gone far beyond what any mortal should be forced to endure...

    History: Zavrek was the first born son of the first Emperor of Kor, the planet upon which the Dornva first arose,. Zavrek's father was the man who, through countless wars and an entire lifetime of warfare and campaigning, first managed to unite all the peoples of Kor under his rule. Therefore, at the time of Zavrek's birth... There were no further threats to battle. Their people continued on united for a time, held together thanks to blood sports and other vicious pastimes, but the situation was slowly growing worse...

    Until, that is, the year of his fathers death, and his coronation. By that time his father had already been indisposed for nearly a year, and Zavrek had been running the nation in his stead. By the time his father actually died Zavrek had a number of loyal supporters and a fairly stable hold on the throne... but his people hungered for battle. For war. And that was one thing he could not give them... At least not by himself.

    Zavrek's coronation was a lengthy process, individual nobles from many parts of the Empire coming together to swear fealty and give praise. It lasted for 5 days and nights, not including beforehand preperations, but it was the 6th day which would be the deciding factor in the young Emperors life.

    The 6th day of coronation is the day in which people are allowed to bring forth offers, deals, and other possibly beneficial topics forward for the Emperors perusal... It was on this 6th day that a strange, black clad figure, came to the fore and begged a private audience. Zavrek, intrigued by such a request, accepted. The two met behind closed doors and Zavrek was told a most fantastical tale. A land untouched by the feet of the Dornva. A land torn by war and battle. An entirely new world. The young emperor was understandably skeptical... until the stranger revealed himself.

    Standing before Zavrek and his closest advisers was a creature unlike any they had seen. Nearly as tall as an adolescent Dornva, yet bald with skin made of shining scales. The stranger explained to them that his people were a race of powerful magic users, a race of traders and priests that often traversed the planes of existence searching for new truths and new riches... But now with opposition. They had run into another race, conquerors that used a combination of their minor understanding of magic and imbued technology to enslave the races which they came across. the Bomen, which was the name of the strangers magical race, had been completely unprepared for other extra-planer travlers as these barbarous invaders were the first other race the Boman had found who could use the portals necessary.

    As this enemy began their unstoppable march across the Boman homeworld, the leaders of the race decided they needed someone to support them in their battle, hence the reason for the strangers presence. He would give Zavrek and his people the war they longed for, and even pay them with magic and riches unknown to Zavrek's people.

    After much deliberation among his higher officers and attendants Zavrek, Lord of the Empire, agreed to go to war against the Bomen's enemies. The Legions of Kor were on the march, their lord at their head and leading them into the unknown. The Bomen opened numerous giant portals to their world and the Dornva marched through them and into the greatest war any of them could have possibly hoped for.

    Zavrek and his people fought battle after battle, a year went by... then two... then ten... For twenty full years they fought the enemy of the Boman, taking back city after city. Taking riches untold as their own. The Bomen themselves produced many gifts for Zavrek himself, including amulets for power and longevity. Eventually the Bomen even managed to impart some of their magics on the emperor and his more trusted companions...

    But the Dornva in war are a truly fearsome site. Their fighting quick and brutal. Their appetites for battle seemingly insatiable. The Bomen soon grew to fear their allies. As the war drew on and the Dornva pushed the invaders off of the Bomen homeworld they came to fear the Dornva. That Zavrek and his people would turn on them when they had no other enemies to fight. The high priests began to plan for such a contingency and had no compunctions about implementing it... For they were just as ruthless as the Dornva or their enemies in their own way. For the safety of their race they had called on a more primitive people to do the work for them.

    As Zavrek and his warriors finished the last surviving invaders and pushed them back into their portals, destroying said portals in the doing, they rejoiced. They had gained victory over a powerful foe and gathered the riches of an entire world in the process. For once, the bloodlust of his people was sated. Most, including Zavrek himself, looked forward to nothing more than a return to their own world. To farms and homes and families... But the Bomen would not have it. They used their magic to decimate the Dornva ranks with disease and pestilence, rotten food stores and burned camps. The few Dornva magic users were no match for those who had taught them the magic arts in the first place... but still they fought their way back across the world, sacking cities which, years before, they themselves had liberated.

    But the legions, already weakened by decades of war, were not enough to fight their way back to the portals. Back home. One by one the Dornva fell, their strength blowing away in the wind. In the end all that was left... was Zavrek. The very amulets and magics gifted to him by the Bomen made him immune to their tricks and allowed him to survive... where no other warrior had.

    It took him several more years, but he eventually managed to reach the portals to his own world, kept open by the Bomen in the event of another incursion by the invaders...

    What he found was nothing less than utter devastation. His home. His people. Everything wiped away as though it had never been there. Without the protection of the legions the Bomen had run rampant across all of Kor, taking what they wished. Zavrek's people, the women and children who had been left behind and grown during the long war, were gone. Taken by the Bomen as slaves to be sold on many worlds or killed outright he did not know... but all that was left of his kind were the smoldering ruins of their grand fortress cities.

    At long last he was lost to despair, his heart and mind utterly broken. He attempted to take his own life.

    And found that he could not... The magics of protection and life which had kept him safe against the magical diseases contrived by the Bomen had become twisted as they passed through the portal, enhancing their power to new heights. He could not die. He could not age. He had become immortal.

    An immortal emperor without an empire. A lord forever without his people. The prideful warrior of the Dornva... gone. Replaced with a ghost, lost to the idea of hope. For the next several centuries he wandered the halls of his grandest palace, searching for nothing. Merely existing... and there he still is, unaware of the changes across the planes. Unaware of the fall of the Bomen or the rise of other powers... Maybe one day he will find something more. Something to tear him away from the horrors of the past... or not. Who truly knows?

    Current Goal/Purpose: He has none... A man who has lost hope. Whose dreams were once given to him in full, then cruelly torn away. What purpose could he possibly strive for?

    Appearance: While a ghost of his former self, Zavrek is still and imposing figure. He stands well over 6 feet in height, in fact topping off around 7'9. At one time he had braids hanging far down his back, nearly touching the floor. Signaling to all his prowess in battle in that he had never once been defeated. But after the fall of his legions and death of his entire race he cuts it daily, keeping it cropped near to his head, only to have it grow all over again as he rests. He has strong facial features, a nose that appears oft broken. Brown eyes and a long warriors beard. The scars that crisscross his body show the many battles he was in before his immortality even set in, and he is quite proud of them.

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