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Create a Character Challenge #28

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitti, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name:

    Ronald "Little Ronnie" George








    Harry-Older Brother
    Mauve-Older Sister


    Tend to be very, very quiet.
    Thrives from an outgoing, positive view of the world.
    Doesn't mind playing in the mud.
    Somewhat naive and somewhat sensitive.


    Ronnie come from an upper-middle class family.
    He goes to a good private school and plays for the local soccer team.

    Current Goal/Purpose:

    Grow up and be brave, like his father.


  3. Name: Suekeeta
    Gender: Female
    Age: Two years old
    Species: white bird
    Family: mother and father, both gone to mate again
    Personality: Suekeeta is a very social bird, not bashful at all. She loves flying. I mean LOVES! Even for a bird she is all crazy about flying so you often find her surveying the sky doing all kind off acrobatic tricks. She is in the age when she looks for a male bird to mate with and she is rather picky in about with whom it's going to be; not every bird can approach her.
    History: Suekeeta was born in the treetop along with two more siblings. Though, one has fallen out of the nest in early age, testing his small, feather-less wings. Suekeeta grew up with her other sibling and when they were fledlings just learning to fly a bigger bird came and ate her brother. She was sad at first but as a young bird she soon forgot about both incidents and grew into a charming young bird lady.
    Current Goal/Purpose: She needs to find a suitable male bird to mate with.
    Suekeeta being playful (open)
  4. Name: Rioki Takashi

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human

    Alignment: Good

    Birthday: March 12

    Height: 5,6

    Weight: 110


    Personality: Rioki Takashi, (Rio for short), is a positive person who loves fighting with a passion. She's outgoing and confident in everything that she chooses to do in life. She rarely gets mad and she's very nice and caring. Sweet to strangers and a little too trusting. She believes there is good in even the most evil creature in the world. She offers help to anyone in need and always gives her opinion on everything. One very bad thing about her is that when she finally does get mad she completely forgets what's going on and all that she cares about is destroying what ever ticked her off, ( she's a silent killer.)

    Weapon: A sword. It's been a gift to Rio when she was 7 from her father when he died.

    History: 7 years before the Great war Rio was born. Her mother use magic to heal the wounds that her father always came home with. Her father was a fighter, trying to save the world from all the wars that broke out in Sora. Ever since she learned how to read, write, and speak, her mother has been teaching her how to make potions and cures out of herbs and other ingredients so whenever she had to she could cure someone or herself. When the great war broke out her father never came back home. She cried with her mom alot and her mother fell ill because of all the stress and depression she was going through. Rio took care of her mother as well as she could but the sickness wouldn't go away. Her mother told her to look in her room for a long wooden box. Her father had it made for her so that she could remember him. She ran into her room and searched everywhere until she found a long skinny wooden box with her name carved in it. She opened it slowly to see a beautiful sword inside. She picked it up and marvled at how beautiful it was. She ran to her mother to tell her what it was but when she entered the room her mother was dead.
    Now she is 16, skilled with her sword and determined to finish what her father has worked all his life to do. She wants to bring peace to the world and end all the hatred and even if a little blood has to be involved in it then so be it. She still lives in Sora but when she finally brings peace into her land, she will move on and stop the hatred somewhere else.

    Other Rio doesn't let her mind do the thinking. She follows her heart and that sometimes causes problems. She never really had an idol and she's not a follower. She goes by her own rules and shows no mercy to people that challenges her into a battle.

    Element: Light

    Abilities: N/A

    (I couldn't see the theme picture so I just made this up. I hope it's ok xP)
  5. Name: Valarie
    Val or Vally
    59 lbs
    She has a beauty mark on her left wrist and another underneath her left collar bone.
    Her mother died when she was only a year old so it is just her and her father. She has an older brother (22) in the army and a older sister (20) who just got married. Her father is 65 and is a writer so he doesn't have much time for Val. She usually spends most of her time with her mothers sister, her aunt, and her cousins. She also has a nanny but she doesn't like her at all.
    She is very bright eyed and watches everything that goes on around her in her world. She is a quiet child, and due to this she isn't very rambunctious. She does however disappear in the garden for hours and is sometimes sneaky when she doesn't want to talk to anyone. She is very questioning, asking random question about the world. She is also pretty smart for her age.
    When she was one year old, her mother died of breast cancer. Her father lost himself in his work and paid her and her other siblings little to nothing of his attention. She was raised by her older brother and sister and her aunt Lilian. She broke her arm when she was four, after falling off the little bridge in their garden and landing onto a large rock, her arms breaking her fall. She broke it in two places. She doesn't like to eat meat, no one really knows why but she will eat fish and eggs. She always enjoyed reading and drawing, even if they were just scribbles. She found out her mother died when she over heard her brother Mark and her father William fighting. Right afterwards, Mark enlisted into the army and she hasn't seen him since. Her sister brought home a business man and Valarie didn't like him so she told him so, to his face saying, "I don't like you, please leave my sister alone." Her sister didn't bring him back to their home. Val had run away from home and a nice guy from the town next to their's found her and took her home. He became Val's future brother-in-law.
    Outlook on Life:
    "Colors suit me more then just black and white," meaning to her, everything good in the world is filled with beautiful colors, while everything bad is just pale and black and white.
    Favorite thing to do:
    She loves to walk around her mothers garden and she likes helping the gardener weed and plant new floors.

  6. Name: Vallborg Gretasdotter
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Species: Elf:
    A group closely related to humans and magi that have a deep connection with nature. This means that they can easily communicate with flora and fauna and perform acts of magic to heal others. Most are tall, standing anywhere from six to eight feet. They are tolerant of other religious views but most worship Naturia, daughter of the main goddess Luthena and the deity which presides over terrestrial flora and fauna. They run tightly knit, matriarchal societies based on equality and respect of nature.


    Mother:Greta Annikasdotter (44)
    Father:Aksel Klarasson (42)

    Hometown: Sudeborg, Southwestern Altaios
    A remote village situated on a mountainous meadow, there are many Elf tribes in the forests nearby.
    Coordinates: 43.7 Degrees North, 118 Degrees East


    (The meadow in full bloom in late April.)

    Geography and Climate:
    The village is located at the center of a meadow that sits at around 1200 meters (3,937 feet) above sea level. The village proper consists of two square kilometers (1.24 square miles) of large wooden buildings devoted to schools, voting, mail, and the sale of various goods. About two kilometers south of the actual village is a large building devoted to law enforcement. Immediately to the north of the village buildings there are large tracts of fenced off fields for farming and countryside manors that dot the meadow. A dirt path lasting a kilometer to the west of the city leads one down into the valley where the forest is situated. The elves make their home here at around 200 meters (656.16 Feet) above sea level. The forest extends to the west for about ten kilometers (6.21 miles), descending further into a valley. A lake about twenty square kilometers in size marks the end of the forest and also the edge of the Elf's village. On the other side of the lake there is more forest home to Fae.

    The differing altitudes of the village meadows and the Elf forests create two distinct micro-climates. Because of this, the two shall be discussed separately. The meadows possess a humid continental climate, with four distinct seasons. Winter months on average have daily highs around -4 degrees (24.8 Fahrenheit), although due to the Altaian High, an accumulation of high pressure, cold air, there are at least five days that are sunny but fall below -10 degrees (14 Fahrenheit). Spring starts in late March and remains somewhat cool until early June, with precipitation drastically increasing. Due to the mixing of warm and cold air currents during Spring, tornadoes can and do sometimes occur. Average temperatures in Late March, April and May range from 10 to 20 degrees (50 to 68 Fahrenheit) depending on how far along it is as well as the presence of rain. Summer lasts from late June to mid September, temperatures in the hottest month of July often reaching 29 degrees (84.2). After mid September, temperatures begin to fall down once more, with less rain and humidity. Temperatures in mid-September start around 22 degrees (71.6 Fahrenheit), falling to about 15 in October (59 Fahrenheit). By early November, the average high is only 7 degrees (44.6 Fahrenheit), the first frosts arriving during the night time when temperatures fall below 0 degrees.

    The forests differ somewhat due to the significant difference in altitude and the proximity to bodies of water such as the lake and the streams that go off from it. Winters are not as harsh, with more precipitation in the form of freezing rain. Winter days rarely get colder than 0 degrees (32 Fahrenheit), with only a couple days that are around -5 (23) Fahrenheit. Spring starts sooner, with blooms in early March and temperatures around 10 degrees (50 degrees). Summer occurs at a similar time, although it is much more humid due to the lake's presence. Summer is actually when the most rain occurs for the forest. Autumn lasts longer, with temperatures above 15 degrees (59 Fahrenheit) known to last until early November. It normally takes until early December for the temperatures to fall to 5 degrees (41) during the day.

    The government situation is somewhat corrupt in the little village. Those with money, such as those who own the large plantations and estates in the meadows, essentially have the say over what goes in the village. This is due to the fact that in Altaios a 250 Altarna (roughly 100 in modern US Dollars) tax is required for someone to vote. The main law enforcing body is the police, which can arrest someone without a trial until a court in a larger town or city is secured, which can often take several weeks.

    20% Humans, 50% Elves, 20% Fae, 10% Magi

    Religion is a somewhat controversial topic in the village. The humans and magi are split between those who worship Luthena (the few wealthy people) and those who worship Naturia (most of the farmers and workers). Those who worship Luthena generally see worship of Naturia as pointless and act paranoid toward those who do. All Elves in the forest worship Naturia, but do not try to sway the people of the village either way. The fae remain neutral on the issue, given that they believe mere faith in Luthena alone will provide salvation. (Thus, they see no problem with either side, since both have to recognize that Luthena is Naturia's mother and thus believe in her existence.)

    She's a bundle of energy. Flitting to and fro from activity to activity, it's hard to keep her interest in something for longer than half an hour or so. She pays attention to her friends and parents but most other people tend to get blocked from her attention. Her attention is quite selective, only allowing her to grasp things that she takes an interest to or liking for with ease. Otherwise, she has to exert much effort to glean any information at all. When she does focus on a task, she can normally accomplish it pretty quickly; however, if it is something that requires time, she has a tendency to give up or significantly slow down after the first hour or so. This can lead to her being quite annoying to people even though she has no intention of being so. Her mind tends to focus on random details instead of the whole picture, which can lead her to becoming lost in situations and going on odd tangents.

    While she can be terribly short on attention, she has an almost unmatched enthusiasm for things that do grab her attention. One can tell she's excited about something when she begins to speak so fast that even she forgets what she's saying. Another positive aspect of hers is that she does not become afraid often, able to laugh off things that would make other people her age quiver in fear. Whether this is due to stupidity or her trying to cheer up others around her is sometimes not clear to others, but most of the time the latter is what causes her to act that way.

    Vallborg'smother and father were there almost every day of her life. Because of the lack of schooling for elves, they taught her most of what she knows. They also taught her a skill that would prove invaluable one day: speaking common-speak. Without knowing common-speak, she would not have been able to interact with the other people of Sudeborg. She also would have not found out about the corruption of the local aristocracy. Other than her parents, there were her friends. Her childhood friends always gave her an outlet to release her energy. In quite a few instances she and her friends would often narrowly escape punishment by some rich plantation owner for frolicking around in his fields.

    In recent years, however, things took a turn for the serious. A particularly long winter had caused crops on the meadow to be delayed seriously. Food shortages ensued. Humans and Magi began to pillage and raid the elves' food supplies. The elves retaliated, inciting a civil war that lasted for a whole year. After peace was established, the elves never quite got over what the humans and magi did, becoming quite weary. While none of her friends were harmed or killed during the war, there were consequences. Vallborg could not leave the forest anymore. While this made her sad initially, she soon discovered another group of creatures on the other side of the lake. Since then she began to learn about the Fae and their odd ways.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To learn more about Fae and about the forest on the other side of the lake.