Create a Character Challenge #24

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Alice Scootch
    Gender: Female
    Age: 78
    Species: Human
    Family: No one lives now
    Personality:Alice is a helping old woman with a mysterious aura around her. Whoever comes to her door might get a help or might be casted away with her words. Yes she is not strong physically but in a word combat she would bring you to your knees no matter how good you consider yourself. Alice is also clever and her eyes hint only the slightest bits of wisdom that she holds inside her. As she is living on her own away from the village, in the middle of the forest, people don’t trust her. They do not understand how such an old woman could be living on her own, in the middle of nowhere, without the supplies from the village.
    History: Alice was born many winters ago in that very cottage where she lives now. Her parents were always loving and caring yet, for some unknown reason, people in the village never treated them any better than they would treat a dog. For many years of her childhood, Alice was wondering about the source of those people's antipathy towards her family. She did get hints but for a child's mind, it didn't make sense. Alice has noticed that the creatures of the forest treated her and her father and her mother as if they were part of their world. And when I say creature, I don't mean just squirrels and foxes. I mean faeries, forest elves and other magical creatures that came to their doorstep either to brighten up their day or to help or be helped. For Alice, such a world was perfect and she wanted to share it with other kids. She wanted to show them what a wonderful secret laid behind the meadow line, deep in the jungle of the forest. Though whenever she approached other children, they either ran away from her or laughed at her idea, calling her stupid. It hurt her that they didn't believe in what she has said and once Alice asked her mother about it she just sighed and shook her head, not giving Alice any other explanation than just a sad look in her eyes. Alice grew and soon she became a woman. She learnt about herbs from her mother and gained the knowledge of some sacred runes from her father. These two together, her parents used to say, would ensure her a safe life without worries and troubles from the outside world. For a young woman whose mind was full of dreams and desires, Alice saw a greater purpose in what she knew. She didn't want to keep the knowledge just to herself. One day, without her parents knowing about the plan she had, Alice has disappeared from the hut and went to explore the outside world. Though more than exploring, she wanted to help it. However, her first stop wasn't the nearest village. No, the people in there were full of prejudice and they wouldn't believe a word they said. She went to the nearest town where no one knew, where she came from and what was her purpose. She began working as a healer. Walking from house to house she offered her services, charging nothing more but food and a bed for one night. Most of the people sent her away but some agreed and those who did have never forgotten about her visit. She did heal injuries and illnesses that would under normal circumstance kill the sufferer. Unfortunately, the more she used her knowledge the more she noticed to become tired and even her appearance looked older than her real age was. Nonetheless, the word about her powers spread and the following few years were good for Alice. However, the "magic" she used, took its price on her vitality. In her early thirties, Alice looked like fifty year old woman. Desperate for explanation and not understanding what went wrong, she has decided to return back home. Nervousness and guilt swelled inside her mind with every step she was closer to the hut where she grew up. By the time she was standing on the threshold, she was almost scared to face her parents, afraid of being banished for what she has done. She hesitantly knocked on the door which was opened by an equally old woman but without the enthusiastic spark of life in her eyes which she used to have those several years ago. After few minutes when the two of them could not believe that they finally met after such a long time, Alice's mother told her daughter everything that has happened since the time she left. Her father was killed by the villagers for no other reason than fun. It was done by the youngsters who wanted to prove that they are strong so they took advantage of an old man who was returning back home with the supplies for the house. Alice was heartbroken, knowing that if she would have stayed, she might have prevented this. Apart from recounting what has happened, her mother also offered Alice an explanation for why she looked so old. It was the first explanation given to her from her mother. Alice found out that the "magic" she used was in fact calling upon spirits of the world but no spirit lent its power for free. They drew the vitality of their user to support their own living. That was why Alice looked so old and felt so exhausted. Understanding what has been happening, Alice decided not to use the knowledge she had until necessary. Few more winters passed by and out of blue Alice's mother has to leave, to join her husband in the land of eternal life. Once again, Alice was broken and swore destruction upon the nearby village out of the old, pure injustice done against her father. However, her mother, with her last dying breath made Alice promise otherwise. She made her promise that Alice would use her powers wisely and only for good purposes, not destruction. Reluctantly but unable to refuse, Alice did promise to her mother what she asked for. Nowadays, faeries and elves along with other forest animals come to Alice's hut. They bring food with them because Alice refused to leave her hut for anything else but picking up the herbs. She lives alone and tries to be happy though deep inside her, the old anger and hatred towards the villagers still stirs and lives.
    Current Goal/Purpose: If possible to stay in her hut till he dying day and keep the promise that she has given to her mother. However, she hopes that she hasn't and could have used what she knew to ruthlessly kill those who have wronged her.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  3. Name: Efrayim
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Species: Elf
    Family: the old and the wisemen in the forest
    Personality: Hot-headed, yet emotional and can easily change sides if he thinks someone in the group he is in is evil. He hates any weapon but swords, bo-staffs, and bows and arrows. He is effecient in them all. Like the three weapons, he can hurt others but also himself when he gets angry(sword), he can seem to affect others at a distance (bow staff), and he can become so angry that he looks like he will kill, then snap out of it and be calm again (like a bow strung too tight)
    History: Efrayim never knew his parents and had no desire to find out what they did, which for him was a way of coping. The wisemen in the forest sought him whenever they thought he was going to leave the forest, for he always wanted to go on adventurers that he might not return from.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Leave the forest and live amongst the humans.
    Appearance: 5'4, 145 Lbs. Dark brown hair, and wearing a leather vest over a light green tunic
  4. Name: Whisp

    Gender: female

    Age: 2 years old

    Species: cat

    Family: none, really

    Personality: Cautious, yet aloof and slightly dangerous (if your a mouse).

    History: Born in the woods not far from this house, not so long ago. Always leery of strangers, yet very curious of new things especially if they disrupt the normal pattern.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Keeping this home vermin free has been a livelihood both enriching and fun in that the old lady that lives here sings beautifully while spinning wool brought to her from local farmer and has the tastiest milk set out in a special dish just for me!

    Appearance:Mostly an overall tawny brown with accents of black on the ears, nose, toes and tail tip.
  5. Luceat lux semper,
    Enim incohavit Ver
    . . .

    (Let the light always shine,
    For Spring has begun)
    . . .


    Name: Campanula Adamo
    Passport Name:
    Emily Lucas
    Maga: Basically, she is blessed with a gift in magic of some sort. In particular, she specializes in life magic, which means a connection to nature almost as deep as an Elf's. She can understand and command animals as well as grow plants and perform minor healing acts without concocting healing potions. For her powers she calls upon the Goddess of Light and Light Luthena.
    Hometown: Vis Edda, South-East Versalon
    A quaint farm-town only 30 kilometers from Grand Versalon Academy, one of the most renowned co-ed academies in Luthena
    10.8 Degrees North, 41.4 Degrees West

    Geography and Climate: Despite its location well within the northern Tropic of Apheli, Vis Edda possesses a humid subtropical climate. It never gets colder than 17 degrees Celsius (63 Fahrenheit) even in February but never goes above 25 degrees Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) even in August, making seasons fade away into what feels like an eternal spring. This is due to its altitude as well as a weakened stream of cool, dry air from the northern parts of the continent of Luthena mixing with moist, warm streams of air coming from the nearby Aeribbean Sea. On average, there is 1,800 millimeters (71 inches) of rain in a year, with the rain spread evenly throughout.

    Versalon was established as a political entity after the Versalon-Istanelia War of 1250 P.L. With the end of that war came the fall of the Istanelian empire, causing the East Aeribbean and West Aeribbean Peninsulas that it controlled to the South to break up into its various ethnic groups, with Frontelia, Arthemex, and Versalon on the western peninsula and a series of city-states united by a military alliance on the eastern peninsula. Due to the Versalonians' distrust of monarchy, they created a National Parliament that limited the ruling monarch to advising in diplomacy and approving/vetoing parliamentary legislation concerning the capital district of the country, Aesira, located in the center of the country.

    30% Humans, 10% Mud-bloods (mixed human-magi or human-elf), 35% Elves, 5% Fae, 15% Magi, 5% Sylphs

    Versalon has no prescribed state religion due to the Elves' religious tolerance. However, that does not mean that the Elves are atheistic or deist by any means. The majority of Elves revere the goddess Naturia, Luthenia's first daughter who acts as Mother Nature. Fae, Humans, and Magi tend to worship Luthenia, although there are some in the more rural areas of Versalon who worship Naturia like the Elves. Sylphs, though not as devoted to religion, will often pray to the Messenger Angel Aerea before taking flight. However, as of the Versalonian "Alliance" with the Dark Queen's Empire of 1795, all are encouraged to pray to the Dark Queen, for her power is claimed to rival Luthena's at this point.

    Raquel Adamo - Mother (47)
    Fidel Adamo - Father (50)
    Adolfo Adamo - Older brother (22)
    Clara Vicario - Maternal aunt (40)
    Personality: She rarely has herself on mind, her thoughts primarily concerned with the welfare of her family and the few close friends she has. She finds making friends quite difficult because strangers often find her somewhat spacey and hard to talk to. Further, she tends to dislike most magi and humans because they aren't nearly as exciting as faes and the other fantastical creatures that inhabit her old home. However, a certain ambivalence comprises most people's opinions toward her because while she is mentally distant she has an odd intelligence stemming from her imagination. Further, her work-ethic and selflessness in action set her above most people her age.
    History: Campanula was born on May the 1st, 1780 P.L (Post Luthenam, After Luthena, the main Goddess) in the country of Versalon. In the village of Hairea, located on the southeastern coast of the country facing the Aeribbean Sea, she experienced an idyllic childhood with her brother Adolfo and parents Raquel and Fidel. Mixed in with playing with magical creatures such as fae, sylphs and local elf tribes' children, her parents were slowly training her to use her magical powers, having heard of the ever expanding Dark Queen's Empire. The extent to which the DQE expanded during the first ten years of Campanula's life was quite worrying, with the Queen soon having taken over almost all of the northern part of the continent Luthena.

    It wasn't so much the possible threat of southern campaigns coming to their country from the north that scared her parents, for they were not quite patriotic. Rather, they were paranoid about the Queen's growing political alliances with other countries, especially a possible alliance with Versalon that would ban the use of magic and send Magi and other non-humans to work camps near the Northern Tundra.

    Versalon, while in terms of climate almost always beautiful and mild like Spring, was not the greatest politically. During Campanula's childhood there had been multiple assassinations in the National Parliament and much polarization between the people to the point where some were talking of creating a north and south Versalon. Really the only reason they had not bothered to travel to the much more stable country of Tropos was due to education reasons. With their hard-earned money as medics, Fidel and Raquel managed to send Campanula and her brother Adolfo to some of the best private schools in Luthena.

    Eventually, after much political pressure from Istanelia, a once large and powerful but now unstable country separating Versalon from the DQE, the National Parliament agreed to a political alliance with the DQE. This immediately shut down the academy that Campanula was going to, forcing her parents to look for another school to send her to. However, before they could do that, authorities came to their door looking for any magical materials. Almost all of their medical potions and supplies were stolen in the raid that ensued.

    Realizing that they themselves could be the next to be taken away, they obtained their daughter and son false passports from the black market. Not wanting to cause too much trouble getting to the dock to go escape to Tropos, they sent their daughter and son away by carriage with their aunt, Clara Vicario. Clara was a mud-blood, half human and half maga, with no maga powers, so authorities could not persecute her. At this time, Campanula is with Clara and Adolfo in Tropos, a tropical country separated from Versalon by the Aeribbean Sea.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To find out whether her mother and father made it to Tropos safely. Also, to continue practicing her magic and find another school in Tropos to continue her education. She also has to adapt to the new culture of Tropos.

    Current Town: Alotokos, north western Tropos
    A sleepy beach town separated by a large bridge from the northern mainland. It is home mostly to Magi. Not much goes on except tourists using the beach during the winter months. There are homes located on small islets connected by bridges to the main island.
    Coordinates: 3.06 Degrees North, 40.7 Degrees West

    Geography and Climate: It is a small island only about 20 square kilometers in length surrounded by many smaller islets. The coast is developed with villages and a large open market on the southern part of the island. The interior of the island consists of tropical rain forest. On the north end of the island there is a small bay that houses a forest of mangrove trees where fae live. It has a tropical monsoon climate, with 2000 millimeters (78 inches) of rain a year, with most of it occurring between the months of April and November via afternoon storms that build up during the morning. There is a high amount of humidity throughout the year, making the summertime average of 36 degrees Celsius (97 Fahrenheit) unbearable; however, wind and rain from the afternoon storm normally lowers it down to 30 (86 Fahrenheit) and by night it normally falls between 25 and 27 degrees (77-80 degrees Fahrenheit). "Winter" is really just a slightly cooler, windier dry season, with January normally seeing only one or two rain days. This makes it a pleasant 27-30 degrees on average, making it a lovely beach area for tourists from the Drocanian Empire to the far south and the northern countries of Luthena.

    Tropos, like Versalon, is also a republic. It was founded by Magi who fled from the nearby islands during the eruption of Mt. Heliokos in the Aeribbean Sea in the year 1243. During expansion they allied themselves with the Sylphs who inhabited the deserts in the southern and central parts of the country.

    Demographics: 50% Magi, 20% Sylphs, 5% Merfolk (in the waters and islands surrounding the country), 5% Fae, 15% Mud-bloods, 5% Humans

    Religion: Most worship Luthena; however, due to the significant Sylph population, many worship the desert angel Harena and the messenger angel Aerea.

    A note: I've only been taking Latin for two years so I'm not terribly sure that was correct, but I thought the rhyme'd be cute xD.
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