Create a Character Challenge #11

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:

    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Heffalump-character.jpg
    Name: Lulu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 5
    Species: Hephalump
    Family: N/A
    Personality: Lulu is ditsy, and more so known for her naivety in places which are well known for danger.
    History: When she was a young Hephalump, her mother taught her the ins and outs of Hephalumpity. She was taught on what vegetation she should and should not eat, she was taught how Hephalumps were made, and she was also taught that a Hephalump will only live for five years. However, Lulu has seemingly put that theory to test and reached the boundary of her limits. She now resides in a place called Honoti land, where the hot-air balloons fly freely in the air, such as bee's would in the daffodils of spring.

    (OOC:- Sorry it's not amazing, I'm kinda new to this so thought I'd give it a go..)
    Current Goal/Purpose:

  3. Name: Kita Armada
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20 ( Looks about 17)
    Species: Mortal
    Family: All but the father are dead,He killed her sister mother and grandparents.Then was taken to a intergalactic insane asylum.
    Personality: Strange , Clumsy , Quiet , Depressed , Psychotic.
    History: When Kina was seven years old all of her family was murdered , at the time when the father was killing them
    she was at school.Her sister stayed home that day because she was sick and not feeling so well.The Father Stabbed her mom Eighteen times
    with a knife until she finally bleed to death.All that happened while the sister was sleeping then he went in a simply stabbed her in the neck.
    He was sent to prison, Kina went and stayed at her grandparents and came depressed.About a year later the father escaped from prison.And
    Kina was forced to leave the house , just in case.She was sent to the planet of YU ,That night the grandparents were both sleeping and
    the father light the house on fire.They both burned to death..The father was later sent to a Insane Asylum because he was unfit
    to interact in society properly.Kina made friends on the planet of YU and is now staying there.On the same planet is that same
    Insane Asylum.
    Current Goal/Purpose: She wants to get revenge for the death of her family members,And she will kill all that get in her way.
    Appearance:Black hair , Indigo Blue eyes , Usually seen in a dress of some sorts,And black boots.She does not have very much skin pigment
    She is pale.She has a tattoo on the side of her arm that says "Suicidal tensions."She has long blond hair with streaks of black in it.It is soft
    and strait.
    Sexual preference : She likes men nor women.She is in love with a small white box with a face on each side.
  4. Name: Myra Bensin

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Species: Human

    Family: Mother, Father

    Personality: A serious young woman. Hardly ever seen joking or smiling.

    History: Born in an alternate universe during a steampunk era. Myra always enjoyed being with her father who was always inventing things. As well as inheriting his inventor-side, she inherited his gambling habit. Her father would always bet, with other inventors, on what invention would become more popular.

    However, her bets are usually on which invention works better and faster.

    Current Goal/Purpose: To create an aero-plane faster than any other, able to go around the world in less than a day. Bet $1,000,000 on it.

    Appearance: Dark red hair. About 5"6' in height, weighing about 109lbs. Her eyes are a light brown colour. She has a small scar on her bottom lip, hardly noticeable, especially when she wears a layer of make-up to cover it up.

  5. Name: Lillian

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Species: Human

    Family: A couple of natives who adopted her derelect kiddy bottom

    Personality: absent, daydreams a lot, very laid-back almost to the point of being apathetic in a postive way

    History: Was with her parents on a research spacecraft which doubled as a transport craft to many civilians. Space travel was new, but seeing the stars up close was the latest hype, and for financial reasons as well as popular demand, space companies began admitting spectators. Long story short there were mechanical setbacks and the craft ended up a wreck. There were few survivors. The aliens who passed by almost too late could only save one; lil baby Lillian. She was raised with the aliens and believes herself to belong there. She has lost any memories of her life with humans.

    Current Goal/Purpose: She doesn't really think long-term, probably her most driving goal at the moment is constructing the worlds best paper airplane
    Appearance: Wavy dark blond hair usually in a sloppy pony tail, grey eyes and freckles, dresses in whatever she can make to cover herselves, the local alien physiology not being remotely similar to hers, sharing attire is impossible.
  6. Name: Taron Evergreen
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: human
    Family: Her Mom and Dad and Three older brothers
    Personality: Very sweet. But randomly falls asleep in the middle of the field.
    History: She grew up on the Farm with her parents, but one day had a terrible accident. She was left mute, and cannot speak.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To find her true love, though she cannot speak.

  7. My name is Minkuri-Guriyn Cshishanze Denai, and I have just landed on a planet that reminds me of "Earth". If you can hear me in your head, please come and help me. I am located in an agricultural town of some sort. It is very green, the sky is orange, and you can see the Mother Planet and her moon, and the planet of Bimmalr... but it's burning.

    I came from that
    Bimmalr to stay alive and ended up here. I can see two big colorful floating bubbles above me, and I think there are other beings in them. If you see those bubbles, you are very close to me.

    As I entered this atmosphere and flew towards this planet's ground, of course my form shifted to take up the natural form of the inhabitants here. Bimmalrens are made to survive, and in our Bimmalr bodies could not breathe this air. I was not sure what a being from this planet looked like until I looked into some water... I look just like a
    human. I may be hard to find, but I shall try to convey my appearance to you to help you find me. My skin is very colorless, but looks orange under the sky's glow; I spied another being passing by earlier, a mature female I believe, and I estimated that I am definitely in a mature female's body, but much smaller than the female that passed by. My eyes, only two of them which I feel is odd, are bright blue. They glow a little bit, so when you are close to me you will know that I am Bimmalren. I hate it, but I have stupid, weak human hair that is very pale and long. It hurts to pull on it. It is vexing and I hate it.

    I will be
    waiting for you to find me under the dead tree next to a rock-road... I killed the tree as I hit the ground. I am sorry. Please bring me clothing and whatever you will need to repair a human body. I am bleeding, I think, but it's a very strange red color flowing from big cuts all over this body. It is painful, so it must be blood. Do not take forever, I can hardly move. If you could, I would enjoy some cool liquid, whatever humans consume.

    If you do not hurry, I fear I may die or be killed. If I die, my spirit will haunt this land and kill everything, so just hurry and find me!