Create a character based on their name!

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    We've all heard the expression, "What's in a name" before, right? Right.

    Now, you actually do get to decide what's in a name! Choosing one of the names below, you have to create a character based only on their name. No other information will be provided, and there are no wrong interpretations. The goal is to create a complete personality based solely on what you get from looking at the name of the character. Their age, where they work, etc! I hope it is enjoyable!






  2. Polly
    Appearance (open)


    Polly is a strange girl indeed, her name stems from a strange personal joke her parents used to pull on each other; one would ask the other "Polly want a cracker?" and the other would respond by squawking like a parrot. Soon enough as an infant, she responded the same way when one of them would ask her that question just as they'd hoped, and it was quite hilarious. However she grew out of it to her parents's disappointment by the age of 5, but she still made the squawking noise sometimes out of habit. The girl Polly is today is quite an enigma loving to multitask and wear different colors and styles of clothes each day, often times her personality shifts from one to another depending on what sorts of tasks she's performing at the moment. Some joke that her parents should have left out an "l" in her name, after all, it described Polly better that way nowadays, and at the same time still sounds the same.

    (Alright, sorry if this isn't the best quality character o.o I got an idea and made a strange "pun personality" out of the name "Polly" :P hope you enjoy my quick little character though :S)
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  3. Name: Christian

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'10"

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    Personality: He's not very social but rather shy. He rarely talks to others. But he is very kind and caring towards others but in his own way. He is very intelligent and you will almost always see him reading a book. Christian is not the athletic type. he rather meditate, read or play a game of chess than anything that is a lot of physical exercise.

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