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  1. While I work out exactly how I want this to work and make up a character sheet skeleton, here is the general info to see if anyone is interested:

    1) If you have ever seen/played Uta no Prince-sama, it has a very similar premise. Basically, there will be composers and idols attending the school. People will find a partner (or two...or five) and will try and pass their exams.

    2) Unlike Uta no Prince-sama, I'm planning on making this a little more like a comedy anime. Cue in the 'crazy' part. The headmaster is wacky, has way to much money, and likes to put people into "Bonding Exercises". What kind of bonding exercises? How about surviving a zombie apocolypse? Cross-dressing competitions? Intense beach volleyball? Anything is possible in this rp and I will throw crazy events to help you not only bond with your 'partner(s)' but all the characters in the rp.

    Some things to note:

    1) This is loosely based off from Uta no Prince-sama. Therefore, there is no need to have played/watched it. This also means that there are NO CANON CHARACTER! People can make characters 'similar' to a canon character, but I don't want a carbon copy. I also don't want anyone related to a canon character.

    2) No one has to predetermine who they are partnered with, but it is okay to do so. Just be mindful of the other person. (don't force people to partner with you if they say no) If for some reason it looks like someone won't have a PC partner, I will make an NPC to fill the role. (don't worry, to make up for it, I'll try to make them a desirable character for your PC)

    3) As the GM, I will be throwing crazy things at you. In some senses, it might be considered Godmodding...but what do you think GM means? Game Master? Pffft. Just please be understanding if I randomly smuck your character with a bus. (don't worry, I will never kill a character...unless you want me to)

    4) I only want one character per person. Bringing in a random NPC to help with story and moving your post along is fine, but DO NOT make the NPC a pivital character that is in your posts more than not. If the NPC becomes too important, I might just snatch him/her away and use them elsewhere, just to taunt you.

    5) Just because I feel it works with the atmosphere, I only want Japanese names (however, for clarity sake, the set up will be First name then Last Name). Don't know Japanese? PM me or post here and I'll give a very quick crash course.

    6) I would LOVE suggestions on wacky events! I already have some in mind (like you read above) but there can always be more. However, I would want those to be PMed to me, that way they can be a secret to everyone!
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  2. This looks very interesting to me I love Uta no prince-sama
  3. For any who are interested, I have the character sheet prepared along with a long list of creation "rules". DON'T post your character sheet here. Please wait for the OOC thread that I will make when I'm prepared to take the next step. I just wanted to give people a better idea of things while I continue to work towards the OOC. *Note: Idols/composers can be any gender.

    Character Sheet Skeleton (open)
    Name: (First name then Last name)

    Stage Name/Group Name: (Idols only, To Be Determined Later)

    Age: (14 - 18)

    Grade: (1st year - 3rd year)

    Role: (Composer or Idol)



    Idol: (if applicable)

    Trademark Color: (Idols only, pick only one)



    Idol: (if applicable)


    Fears: (physical or mental)

    Favorite Pairing(s): (useable currently for 2nd years and 3rd years only)

    Rivals: (useable currently for 2nd years and 3rd years only)

    Other: (what songs are you best at singing/writing? Groups or one on one? Range? Instrument knowledge? etc.)

    Character Creation Rules: (open)
    1) The academy is called Minamoto Academy (because the headmaster is a narcissist and donated a bunch of money to the school).

    2) The age group is 14 - 18 with grades being 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year. In special cases, I will allow people to be older (Ex: Said character has been failing to graduate for the past ___ years for ___ reason | Said character didn't join school until he/she was ___ because ___). There will be a limit of one or two characters that may do this and I will probably be a little more picky with them.

    3) Please only use Japanese names. The ONE exception is an idol's Stage name/Group name. However, this won't be decided until pairs/groups are made, so just keep it in mind for now. In that slot, please write "To Be Determined Later".

    4) I prefer people to use words to describe their character (but I love having pictures too!) The main things that have to be in words are: Height, Hair color, Eye color. Don't forget! As a pop idol, you can wear wigs! Just make a note of that so we know.

    5) No one can be both a composer and an idol. A composer can be a decent singer, or an idol can write decent lyrics/music, but there will be no masters of both. (except for the head'master' because "plot" reasons...I use "plot" really loosely.)

    6) Remember, you are going to this school to become a composer/idol. No one will start as a full-fledged composer/idol. (or else you wouldn't even be at the school)

    7) Just because your character is a composer, don't think you have to be an actual composer. As I state in the general notes section below, there are ways around making songs. Ask friends, use the internet, etc.

    8) Idol personalities are what your character acts like when around fans and/or performing on stage. Remember that not all idol personalities have to be the same! Maybe your pop idol is a sex symbol? Maybe you're the really cute boyish type? Go crazy with making a fun pop idol! But remember, no full out grumpy pop idol personalities. No one wants to watch a pop idol with a scowl always on his/her face. (that can be their normal personality though)

    9) This will be one of those times when personality is more important than history for this rp. (since it will be more of a comedy than a drama) Also, I actually encourage people to make wacky characters. (have really weird fear(s), a quirky personality, etc)

    10) The trademark color is the color your idol wears when performing. Think about the color of your character's hair/eyes and either match it or complement it. (Ex: A bright red-haired character would probably wear red or black clothes while a blonde-haired character might wear blue or maybe purple) Of course your idol can wear other colors as well, but this is the color they are known for and is always on their clothes. Make sure to specify the color tone! (Ex: Don't just say blue! Say baby blue, turquoise, dark blue, etc.) No repeated colors! (Ex: No two people should have baby blue)

    11) Pairings can be predetermined or grow naturally. You may list your character's favorite people they like to be paired with (can be multiple people too). However, this option is only available to 2nd and 3rd years before the rp starts. As the rp progresses, people may edit their character sheet to fill this in/change it. Don't forget, favorite pairings can be one-sided! But remember, don't say someone else likes being paired with you unless they agree to it.

    12) Along with making about rivalries? Again, this option is only for 2nd and 3rd years before the rp starts. As the rp progresses, people may edit their character sheet to fill this in/change it. Don't forget, rivalries can be one-sided! But remember, don't say someone treats you as a rival unless they agree to it.

    I also have three general notes and two questions. If you are still interested, please give them a look!

    General Notes (open)
    1) Making music can be done in many ways.

    You can write your own music/lyrics

    Take an existing song and treat it like you wrote it.

    Take an existing song and change the words.​

    Linking to a song is good, but more importantly I want lyrics and the tone of the song (peppy, seductive, serious, etc). I do ask, however, that song lyrics be written in English (that means if you are using a song from a different language, translate it or find a translation). I'm not judging the song per se...but it will slightly come into play in a different way (again, mainly the tone). Grades will be based mostly on the actual rp you guys do. (the interaction between characters, reactions to things, etc). This DOES NOT mean that just having your characters get along without any problems will get you a good grade! Think about personalities (both normal and idol) and how they would work. A grumpy idol with a peppy composer means you guys probably shouldn't get along very well, at least at first. Act out your roles, don't treat the 'test' like a puzzle to be solved. If you guys get a bad grade, that might actually work into character development.

    *This is a really good site I use to find Japanese songs (mainly anime, video games, and vocaloids) translated into English (if that is your thing). ->Link to Site<-

    2) Even if you have a pairing predetermined, I may throw you with someone else, or add someone to your group. This is for character development, along with making this rp not so much a 1x1 but a group rp with possible 1x1 aspects. Remember, there is a chance that the headmaster will try to make a crack pairing, or will try to make a love triangle. Just roll with it and react the way your character would.

    3) Romance is not required. However, if you do want a romance, you're in luck! I'm not picky what-so-ever. Want two idols to get together? Go ahead! Two composers? Sure! Guy with guy? Of course! Girl on girl? No problem! But like always, keep other people in mind and don't force your character on someone unless given permission. (Ex: If your character is homosexual, don't get upset if the heterosexual keeps saying no) However, I am okay with people agreeing OOCly that a character ICly keeps bothering another IC character for fun.

    Questions (open)
    1) Do you guys want to follow the honorifics system? I don't care if we do or don't, I just want there to be uniformity. We will either do full on yes or full on no. (if you don't know what I'm talking about, ask and I will explain to the best of my ability)

    2) How often do you guys want "Song Exams"? I don't want this rp to feel like homework, so I don't want to make you guys do too many of these that you want to drop out. Just let me know what you think (if you even care).
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  4. Im guessing the honorifics system is uniforms, if not then I have no clue lol. And I suggest doing Song Exams hmm every 20 posts? Depending on how many rpers we have, or every every week. So its okay if I take a real life song like an Avril Lavigne one and have my character sing it but with her own way/voice?
  5. Let's see.

    1) Honorifics are the suffixes that Japanese use when addressing people. -san , -chan , -kun , and -sensei are probably the ones most are aware of (thanks to anime). They each have a specific use (one is more for girls, one for guys, one for teachers, etc). If people want them, I will include the list of important ones and their uses. If it would be too much work, we can leave them out.

    2) As for uniforms, I wasn't planning to have them, just because the headmaster wants people to have freedom in their attire.

    3) Thank you for the suggestion on exam songs! Yeah, it probably will come down to how many people are in it, etc, etc.

    4) Yes, taking an existing song and having your character sing it is a-okay. (in fact, that's what I'm expecting people to do). However, disclaimers are going to be needed (but I'll explain that in the OOC). Also to note, my plan is to have composers ICly making (more like picking out OOCly) songs for the idols. OOCly, people who are rping idols can give their composer a suggestion, but the composer will have the final word on what song is used. (so it's kinda like a real-life rp trust exercise) Also, people would need to remember to stay in role! If a composer usually makes songs that have a more rock feel, they might not be able to make a cutesy pop song for someone who is playing a cutesy idol. If a composer is used to making songs for males, they would probably struggle to make a good song for a female. This just means fun character development!

    *(I want to note, grades are more for character development than a way for me to criticize anyone's rps/choices in songs/etc.)
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  6. Ahh thats what that means I dont mind using them though I might forget to every now and then just cuz im not use to putting -chan -kun ect on the end.

    Cool I dont like uniforms anyway lol

    No problem, I hope a lot of people join =D

    Cool I might write a song and use it to but depends If I think its good enough lol. If I do decide to do that should I give it to you first to make sure its okay/appropriate?
    Sounds fun! Lol I like having to work with another person to make a song instead of just making it then singing it, not as much fun at least to me lol

    Okay for the grades, I wont take it personal =)
  7. also would it be okay if I kinda copied Natsuki from Uta no prince-sama and have a split personality? I would be a girl though and instead of glasses it would be a ring she always wears
  8. There is no need to send me a song to review because the rules on songs are really simple. Just don't write a song about having sex and don't use overly inappropriate language. (light curse words are fine, just don't go into the crazy stuff) This is also why I want songs in English. That way you don't accidentally post a song that's in a different language that is actually talking about such things. (because regardless of what language it is in, that stuff shouldn't be posted on a non-mature rp) However, if you would like to send it to me first to get an opinion, I would love to read it!

    As for your character idea, that will be something I will have to see. Split personalities can be iffy. If you would like my opinion ahead of time, you could send me the idea through a PM and I'll give you a more definite answer.
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  9. Okay sounds good! No I wasnt planning on doing a song involving sex and curse words I dont like those songs anyways lol. Okay Ill do that once I get it figured out
  10. I love Uta no Prince-sama! It sounds like it could be a really fun and lighthearted Rp, despite all the rules ;p
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  11. This sounds really complicated. I really want to join, though.
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  12. Thank you everyone for your interest! Finally the OOC is complete! Most of the stuff is repeated, so the new stuff includes: My character sheet (if you want an example), the headmaster's character sheet (so you can see what you're dealing with and know what not to do), and the stuff underneath it.

    ->Link to OOC<-
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