Crazy Awesome Dreams, and Nightmares.~

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I has nightmares like every night, if not every other night.
:D . . .
It's messed up.
I also dream like CRAZY. And it's always very explicit and strange, or vivid and wonderful, etc. I can remember most of them.
Like last night got to me a bit.

Nightmare - early morn of Dec. 11th

I was in a house of some kind, no one I knew was there. I kept walking past doors that had
CAUTION tape all over them, meaning they were probably locked up and I couldn't go in. Or, this was so I thought, not testing the doors. I kept walking until I came to one that looked like the bathroom door from home. Since I recognized it, I decided I'd try opening it. Pushing it open with ease, it appeared to be the bathroom from the movie Walled In where stuff comes out of the wall and creeps the main character out. But none of that happened with me. Instead, I stared into the mirror, and saw appearing behind me, and above me the creature from Insidious. Then it was gone. Then I saw myself sitting like normal, clothed not doing anything, on the closed toilet cover seat thingymajig. She looked at me and just stared, because thats all she could do. She was wearing a shirt I wore the other day, and her hair was up in the tightest ponytail ever, even though most of her hair looked as if it was gone. There looked to be a light kind of cleansing mask on her face, she had no visible pores, nor a nose, nor a mouth, the clearest skin I've ever seen. And there were just eyes staring at me. She stood up and attacked me then, and she was stronger than I.
And after a while of flailing and trying not to be consumed by her and the ground, I woke up, thankfully.~ <3<3 ^^

I had another nightmare from the other night as well o:

Nightmare - early morn of Dec 10th

Ahhh. What I can remember goes something like this.
First, I was in my own bed in my dorm. Woke up, felt something itching me, went back to 'sleep', in the dream, of course. The I 'woke up' in an unknown place. My mom was there, some man was there who I didn't know, and then Fluffy Hair Man (his name is Max, kay?) was there as well. I assumed it was his house. For some reason, my mom and I were sleeping over there for the night, maybe so we didn't have to make the three and a half hour trip back home? Or.. it would be even longer from his house I think.. maybe six hours.. I just know he lives almost as far as I from campus, but north. ANYWAYSSSS, I digress. I had my own little bed to sleep in, and slept. I 'woke up' and felt itching again. I itched my shoulder, woke up Max, and told him how it itched. He said I'll be fine, and I 'slept'. 'Woke up' that next morning, and had these weird circular bite marks all over my forearms, upper arms, wrists, shoulders, and chest, and neck. ALLL over. I was freaking out a bit. Nothing was in my bed, no bugs, no nothing, and I was the only one in the house to get this. Also, one of the bumps had expanded out of my skin, and angled downwards. Max's dad told me it would have to be amputated, eventually all of the marks would do that. The best thing to do is to amputate both my arms, and my chest. I stared and cried, as did my mom. And as I contemplated my options over, the buldge on my arm that came out grew even bigger, and twitched lively.
And then I woke up.


Let's talk about YOURS. If you wanna share. n.n
I think, since most here I would believe are creative, imaginative people/writers, we can express our dreams freely here. And I betcha they will be awesome if not interesting!!
Silly dreams, effin weird dreams, scary dreams, etc.
Join me :D
Or don't.
Whatevs.. ^^;

Yesterday. Best. Dream. Ever.

If it had been completed, of course.

I was pressed up to the giant gate of a castle, with a group of fighters all wearing different armours and holding different stuff. We're more like a party than part of an invading army and we were listening to this guy who was going through last minute battle plans and stuff once we break in and then we smash through the door and ..

I woke up.
A few nights ago I watched The Music Man. My roommate changed the words of one of the songs, and it caused me to have a dream about the certain someone I happen to like.

I was standing by the conservatory at college, when said boy I like came up to me and gave me a rose. I hugged him, gave him a quick peck on the cheeks, then ran down the steps. It had started to snow, so I wasn't running fast, and he caught up with me under the clock tower, spun me around and gave me a nice long tender kiss...Then of course I woke up and the reality that he is oblivious to how I feel set in...But it was still a very nice dream.
You will not imagine how many romantic, cute, movie-esque dreams I have such as that one, Rae-san. c:
And then I had one once where I was romancing with a female mermaid underwater, and I myself was some sort of underwater knight.
It was incredibly strange.
I find I happen to have a lot of dreams that can include exes or boys I like currently. Or even just buddies who I don't notice in that way.
Dreams happen when you least expect them to, I suppose. ^^ It's so very interesting.
For about a three month span, I had the same nightmare every night. It's worth noting from the get-go, I suppose, that I dream in black and white. I don't know why.

The dream starts with me and a group of other people, all dressed in black "spy-ish" clothing, carrying guns. I know which one of these people I am, but I'm not looking at it through any of their eyes and rather as a sort of observer. We're in a cave with a river running through it and we are all swimming downstream with the current of the river until we reach a small waterfall. We all dive from the waterfall into a pool at the base of the waterfall and swim to the solid ground of the cave. There's an exit from the cave, a small hole the is just tall enough for us to walk through if we crouch.

From the cave, we emerge into a dusty slumlike area with wooden houses that are falling apart. The ground is entirely comprised of dirt and there's no paved road in sight. We make our way around the houses to a gap in them where a group of children are playing with a ball. We're walking through them and around them, when we hear a shout from behind us and we all spin around. There are soldiers wearing black suits and helmets (something like this). Before we can react, they begin shooting at us and my group scatters, though several of the are shot trying to protect the children, who are also caught in the gunfire.

Somehow, though, I know where I'm going. I pull one of the children with me and run down the dirt alleys until we reach an area where things start to resemble a more developed city. The roads now are cobbled and the houses have become nicer, made of stone. We're still fleeing from the soldiers behind us and the boy darts into the yard of one of the houses. I lead them further away and hide in one of the alleyways near a shop. Listening closely, I hear them run past me.

Running out from the alleyway, I make my way to a dead end with metal railing around it that overlooks an incredible sight - trees as far as the eye can see making a beautiful green forest beneath where I'm standing. And then, there's pain and everything seems to become dark and blurry. There's blood everywhere and I grasp the railing - I've just been shot. One of the soldiers in black lays me down on the cobbled streets and sits down next to me while I bleed out on the stones.

It was really quite jarring to dream my own death nearly every night for three months. v_v
Dreaming of death is never fun.
I go through that often as well, but never do I have the same dream more than one night in a row.
I'm sorry you have to watch that more than once, so such a long time, Kitti-san.
Unsettling as it was, it was interesting. I mean, it was a really detailed dream and since I dreamed it so many times... I caught a lot of the details. So there's that...
Like seeing a movie for the fifth time, where you catch something you never saw the last four. ~
I really like how you dream in black and white. I have had my black and white dreams before, but the majority are in color.
They say that it is EXTREMELY rare to dream in color, but I don't know if that's true, because I have only had 2 black and white dreams in my life. I know there have only been 2 because they stand out so much. One was about penguins, and one was about me playing piano beautifully (Which I cannot do) .
My black and whites are rather disturbing. and rather effed up.
My nightmares would make you squirm.<3
But, I cannot remember all of them.
I had one with Beetlejuice when I was very little. He killed my mama in front of me :D and then came after me as I hid in the basement. And found me.
I dream quite vividly and usually I can remember parts of dreams even years later...for an example of some of my dreams...Here was one that I wrote down about a day or so after I had just sort of stuck with me. I was thinking of making it into a story at some point...

Walking hand in hand, the male and female enter the clothing store. They've been joking around the entire time, clearly enjoying each others company. The male has a boyish face with dark brown curly hair of medium length. ­Wandering through the mall, the couple comes upon a strange store and decides to enter and find out what it's all about. The walls are bare but there are display cases with various jewelry and pictures and along the back wall there are what appear to be windows or screens. Upon closer inspection, the girl slides her finger across the screen as they realize it scrolls the screen to show a room with clothing displayed in darkened or dimmed rooms that are sealed off. One window seems cracked and the clothing is hard to make out. As the girl scans the darkness a woman walks past and taps on the glass, pointing to the back where there appears to be a hole, "They say if you can hit that hole that you get everything in the room, but it's hard to get." The girl shrugs it off and continues down the line looking into each window as customers wander through the area. Coming to another window, she slides her fingers across the glass as the room dimly appears and shows what appear to be various corset tops or outfits hanging up. Curious as to why this room is lighter than others she investigates and finds that the room is ajar. She nudges her companion who glances down at her and smiles, nodding her to go on. The girl slips her hand behind the gap that has opened and pushes as a doorway opens to the room. She looks hesitantly around before slipping in and turning on a light, her male companion follows with a grin on his face. The girl runs her fingers across the clothing, mesmerized, before she starts to look for things to try on. While she's browsing more and more people start to come into the crowded room. A larger black woman comes in and pushes the girl aside taking down clothes and trying to put them on, but finding she doesn't fit. The girl hesitantly tries to be polite, but the woman leaves as she picks up a black and green top and slips out of her shirt, no shame, and changes right there. Turning with a smile she asks her companion how it looks as he chuckles and shakes his head, it's a bit big for her. As she's continuing to scan the clothing a small voice demands that she hurry up because other people want to look at the clothing. Taken aback the girl slowly turns and gets a look at the girl. She can't be much older than perhaps 10 or 11 with a young face and short/messy, straight, honey brown hair. The little girl looks at her adamantly waiting with her hands on her hips, and then she realizes she knows this little girl. "You know you shouldn't talk to others like that."
"I can talk however I want. You were taking too long!" she demanded. The girl blinks in surprise before she decides to be bold, "You don't happen to be Jenelle do you?"
"Yes why? How do you know me?"
"I knew your mother. She was my teacher." Mind you that the girl hated Janelle's mother, but she was trying to be nice.
"What? Really? Did…you like her?"
"Like her? She's an amazing teacher! She was probably one of the best. How is she doing?" The girl smiles and waits to see what the girl's reaction is. The girl, once so bold, seems to have grown quiet as she quietly glances toward the ground. "I didn't want people to know…"
"Is she still working?" a thought crosses her mind that there have been a lot of teacher layoffs recently.
"She just got fired a few days ago" she said as tears begin to swell in her eyes. The girl looks down at the young one with sympathy as she strokes her hair, "I'm sorry. She was a wonderful teacher and I'm sure you'll get by. Just remember, you are a strong girl, kay?" brushing back the girl's hair she kisses her on the forehead. The young girl gives a faint attempt at a smile and nods. Hugging her, the little girl turns and runs off. Getting up and brushing off, the girl turns toward her companion who draws her close into a light embrace. He simply smiles and kisses her on the cheek as she chuckles and turns to face him. Something seems to have distracted him, though, as he turns quickly, "Come on let's get out of here." He tickles her as she laughs and smiles, "Alright." With that she jumps onto his back as he carries her out on piggy back, "I love you" she chuckles in happiness as they leave the store.

(at this point my dream just randomly shifted...)

The man is startled as a friend of his runs by, "What's going on?" He tries to say. His friend looks back startled but has no time to respond. Other individuals run by that the man recognizes and instantly he knows what's going on. He hurries after his friend but finds he is too late. There is the sound of some sort of small explosion and when he reaches his friend, part of his face and his arm are mutilated and melting off. Instead of bone showing, there is the wires and metal frame of what might be a robot. The visual socket, now just a red glow, swivels around before it falls upon the guy, "It was her" he whispered, tears in his remaining eye, "Can you please tell my girlfriend I'm sorry. I tried. You have to protec them now, you're our only hope..."

(and either i woke up or i coudlnt' remember what happened next)

yup i dream shit like this...along with various other dreams i can probably still remember parts and details of @_@
Ignoring how the giant paragraph thing destroyed my vision, cause I had to squint and blink a lot since the white was just killing me to read all together like that, I LOVED IT.<3 xDD
^^ The ending is so sudden and dramatic.
It would make some sort of interesting movie of some sort some day.
I think so. -nodnod.-
ah sorry most of my descriptions of dreams are like that simply cuz there usually is so much detail i seem to hold on to @_@

Though i rarely have actual 'good' dreams per say usually they're just action packed and or scary....often a lot of running or death involved...or both

Mine last night was simple though,
all I can remember was

I was texting Max about my plans while I was home, and going places. And he texted back NO YOU CAN'T D: I want planning to come down there, and I texted something like AWWWH YOU'RE THE BESTEST BESTEST EVAAAAH back or something.
And woke up.
probably the least scary dream I've had in a LONG time.
Last dream I remember I was being hunted by Pennywise from IT. I was like 8...
Couple nights ago I had a dream of being back in band and I was sitting in my section with my clarinet with the rest of my band mates. It was summer, and I think we were there for band camp.... Anyways, the band was a lot bigger than I remember and I assumed it was because we had gotten a lot more people. But it was a nice dream, lots of good feelings about being with everyone again, hearing people play on their instruments or hitting the drums. I think my dream ended as our director was about to start the piece.
- w-
I miss band...
That was me on the drums, by the way.