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Crazed: Survival

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by harakiri for the sky, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. It was all over the news; warnings of a new air borne disease that gets into you through open wounds. Nobody knew the side effects, but millions were already infected.
    "In other news, scientists suspec that foul play was involved in the murder of George Stevens." Ted Taylor turned off the company TV and straightened his tie. It was the Christmas party at the office, and nobody needed to hear that.
  2. Alex dropped to his knees and clutched his head. The infection already setting into his body and beginning to take over. He had seen others become infected before, none of them survived. The government, the CDC, the CIA, they all lied to the people. They said that the disease had no side effects, but by the time everyone figured out that was wrong, it was way too late. Millions died, some quickly, some took days once the disease set in. One thing was for sure, the human race was on a collision course with Armageddon.

    Alex felt thousands of microscopic bugs crawling through his nervous system and embedding themselves in him. He knew that he wasn't in control anymore. He cried out in agony as they reached his brain and began "reprogramming" him in a way. He felt a presence surround him, though he knew no one was there. The feeling was coming from somewhere else. He felt as if someone was trying to grab his attention, but he was alone in an open field; so how could he be feeling a presence other than his own.

    "Alex Rai-der." Said a voice that sounded like the voice of a little girl, she sounded like she struggled to say his name. Alex could tell that one; the voice wasn't imaginary, and two; it was coming from inside of his head. "Wake up Alex, I wanna play." Said the voice, it was clearer this time and the pain began to subside. "What the fuck is going on?" He said and was met with a pulse of pain. "Oooh, you used a bad word. I don't like that, you have to be nice." Alex couldn't believe what was happening, he was infected with thousands of microscopic bugs and was being controlled by a child. "Where are you? How can you talk to me with ought being here?" Alex slowly stood up with one hand on the side of his head and the other one helping him stabilize himself. "I use the dollies in your mind, they let me connect to you. They let me be your friend. Do you want to be friends Lexi?" Alex thought for a moment, he truly didn't want to piss the kid off and possibly die. "Sure." He said and could practically feel the girl's happiness. "Yay! Lexi is my friend. I just wish you could play with me. But first you have to find other friends, they have dollies in them too and you can use your dollies to find them." Alex assumed that she was talking about the bugs inside of him when she said "dollies" and her "friends" were probably more infected.

    Absolutely none of this made sense to Alex, but he was in too deep. The infection had taken over and this "little girl" was in control. For some reason, he and whoever else the girl was controlling didn't die or go insane due to the virus. The only question was, why?
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