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  1. ***This is MxM/yaoi!***
    Alrighty, I'm totally craving something with twins, identical ones to be exact. So twincest (twins + incest between brothers), basically!
    I don't have a plot or anything and I'm not that picky, so if anybody's willing to come up with something with me or has something in mind, just toss me a message or post below.
    *I am also open to mature roleplays if that suits you better.
  2. Are you looking to play one of the brothers?
  3. I'll totally do one with you =3
  4. I've been DYING to do a twincest rp! I don't mind if it's mature or not either. PM me and we can start planning :D
  5. I'm in. Twincest is wincest, after all, especially if it's yaoi.
  6. Ohhh god, I should've seen this before! xD I know we have one going but please send me a PM, I looove twins yaoi :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.