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  1. Jesus Christ, I've been feeling starved for RP.​

    Did I do the opening part right? Yes? No? Fuck it, moving on.​

    About me.

    I'm a soon-to-be nursing student that works as a cashier at a grocery store. My schedule is subject to heavy change, but, when I'm not working or playing Overwatch ("It's 4 in the morning and I have to be up at six? Eh, one more game. Or two. Or seven.")/whatever game is eating my life away at any given time, I check very often and try to post several times a day.

    My post length varies depending on what I'm given and how long I've been working. Short posts will be met with short posts. Long ones will be met with middling to longer posts. Walls of text intimidate me out of posting and make me feel like a lazy ass (until so finally post what's usually a comparatively short post but is very long for me).

    I like things to have reason and development (I.e. Plot), but, ironically, usually end up winging this part if it's left up to me. I am open to more casual, character driven RPs, though.

    I am open to and interested in liberteen but will not turn away older members or those simply not interested.

    I mostly play canon characters.

    I prefer to play male characters and for my partner to play a female, but I'm good with playing a female of any sexual orientation. I could probably do a male x male romance, though I never have.

    Most importantly, Verite is my Senpai.

    Should I talk about my interests now? Pretty sure I forgot something. Oh, well.

    As far as romantic pairings, don't be afraid to play the burly woman. Knowing my partner could beat me up is oddly attractive to me, so playing a typical Vasquez over a typical Princess Peach is good with me.

    Now, onto specifics!

    As cliché as it is, I'll put a star next to pairings I'm particularly interesting. Keep in mind, these don't have to have a single action scene in them, regardless of their original setting, and can be completely character driven.

    Brighter Stories


    x OC*

    McCree x Any female Overwatch Character (or Edgelord Reaper)*

    Genji and/or Hanzo x OC or any canon Overwatch female


    Well, that list was short.

    I have cheery tastes, as you can surely tell.

    Darker Stories/Horror

    Alien Franchise

    x Vasquez (retconning her unfortunate, trope-starting demise)**

    Vasquez Always Dies - TV Tropes

    Dark Souls

    Ornstein x Smough OC

    Artorias x Ciaran or OC

    The Chosen Undead/Unkindled One (basically an OC in a fixed role) x OC

    Franchises I like that I can't necessarily think of pairings for off the top of my head because it's the middle of the night as of me writing this, but would be open to discussing regardless are as follows.

    Marvel Comics/MCU
    Star Wars (Including KOTOR and SWTOR)
    Critical Role (?)

    Further still, don't be afraid to pitch something I haven't listed. I forget things a lot and am I'm open to discussion.

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  2. I'm interested in roleplaying! Pm me ^-^
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