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  1. As the Title states, I am craving an rp of the slightly "mature" nature. This particular RP got in my head and refuses to leave me alone until I put up a request thread.

    The Pairing: Bad Girl x Good Guy Rivals

    Setting: High school

    Plot: Two rivals who can't STAND each other are both called to the principal's office, neither knowing why.
    The principal sets them down and gives it to them straight: His sick of getting complaints from teachers and other students about how their “rivalry” is constantly disrupting classes and school events. So, he gives them a proposal neither one can refuse. They must become “study buddies” for the rest of the year. The idea is that they have to help each other with studying and in general just get along and not start fights. If they can make it the rest of the year without getting into another fight, the girl will be given full credits in all her classes so she can graduate and not have to step foot near this building again. And the guy will get the personal recommendation from the school that he needs to get into the college of his dreams((or whatever thing you wish to make up that he needs to have)).
    The deal is simple, and they both get what they want.

    But will they survive being in each other’s company without snapping at each other? Or will something neither one expected happen during this outrageous agreement?

    This is the basic idea, feel free to make suggestions or changes to it.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. This sounds interesting.
  3. Thank you.:)
  4. Your welcome, and I will be willing to do this.
  5. Awesome!

    Would you prefer to do this through the Threads or Chat?
  6. Which ever one you find more suitable.
  7. Then Chat please, just easier for me to keep up with.:)
Thread Status:
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