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  1. I'm not going to make this thread all fancy-nancy. If you're interested in what I have to offer then it'll be through the ideas I put forward and not how Hollywood-ish that I make this thread, right?

    Anyway, getting to the point!
    I'll be replying with at least three paragraphs and with correct grammar and punctuation, I'd appreciate it if you did the same or even more. I'll match whatever you put, if my mind feels up to being creative enough and I haven't got a writers block.
    2) Speaking of writers block, I may have that from time to time, so please be patient with me! I will message to say if I need more time with a post, so feel free to do the same to me if needs be!
    3) I am eighteen, yes, but I don't like writing sex scenes. This may turn some of you away from my thread, but that's just how it is. They make me feel uncomfortable. Sex can be implied and I prefer fade-to-black or time skips of the funky stuff does happen.

    A few things about me are:

    1) I'll happily roleplay any sort of genre, just not sci-fi (unless we create an idea that really does excite me) - I do not count dystopia as sci-fi (even though I know it ought to be, I know, I know - sorry!)
    2) I prefer roleplaying females - since I am female, I find that is easiest for me to write. I have attempted male characters before, but I don't find that they're particularly good or strong.
    3) I prefer MxF roleplays if it does get romantic or whatever - not that I have anything against FxF or MxM, I just haven't roleplayed them before.

    A couple ideas I had in mind are:

    1) RoyaltyxServant
    2) Princess/PrincexPeasant
    3) Enemy soldierxEnemy civilian
    4) Conquering/Invading kingdoms
    5) Anything mythological (Werewolf, Vampire, Fae, Pixie, Merpeople, Sirens etc.)
    6) Gods (Ancient Greek Gods preferably, e.g. a HadesxPersephone kind of story)
    7) Past-life lovers (Could link it into vampires or fae - if you're interested then I'll explain!)
    8) Zombie/general apocalypse

    But I'm also into Fandoms. I do prefer OCs for Fandoms but I'm not entirely against Canons. My fandoms are:
    1) Gone
    2) Harry Potter
    3) Hunger Games
    4) Percy Jackson.

    If you're interested, shoot me a PM!​
  2. I would be interested in doing a mythological one! I would rp a female if that doesn't deter you! I also am not too big on writing sex scenes, so no worries there. Really any sort of mythological creature is up my alley. Fae, and shapeshifters are definitely my forté, though. Pm me if you are interested? C:
  3. You like Gone?
    PM me maybe!
  4. H-Harry P-P-Potter rolep-p-p-play.....

    I MUST.

    Are you still interested in it? I'm definitely down for a Harry Potter rp.
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