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    Very good to see you here, Advanced posting expectations and all. :D

    Before we begin, I've got everyone's favorite partner request introductions. Rules~ *gasp* Shouldn't be too much of a surprise. Luckily for you, this one is really, really easy.

    Go read my resume. It is now hiding under the information tab. :D

    Seriously. If you didn't click that link, go do it now. I've got at least two pieces of very important information in there, and they are likely to have a big impact on whether or not you are comfortable being my partner. Now that Diana's neatened it up, it shouldn't even be that big a pain to read. :)

    Still interested in roleplaying with me? Wonderful. Let's continue.

    I would like to preface this by saying that I am a college student in a highly demanding major. This means it is probable that there are going to be stretches of time where I vanish completely, drowning under homework. But my week is rather cyclical, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and occasionally Thursdays are easy days for me, and I'd love to fill it with one more roleplay.

    Yes. One. Normally I'm all for more people, but right now I only want one. That means I'm going to be a lot more strict than usual, even if my expectations are the same.

    So, here's what I need from my new partners.

    • I'm looking for someone who has no life.
    That sounds kind of bad, but it is the best way I can think to put this. :)

    I'm looking for someone who is going to be on for a good chunk of the day, and has the time and availability to be around when I need a little bit of attention. After all, that's what I'm here for. I know it is impossible that our schedules will match up perfectly (the only way that could happen is if you were me :D ), but I still need someone who refreshes this site on a fairly regular basis when in front of a computer. I'm in EST, and while I don't care if you live far away I still need you to be around for a good chunk of either my mornings or evenings most every day.

    Here's the deali-o yo. For the first week we are talking (or until our roleplay actually starts, whichever comes first) I expect to hear from you every day. Every day. After that, I expect to hear from you every other day, either in the form of a post, or meaningless OOC chatter. Either works.

    As little as I like it, I will be strict about this. Unless you warn me before you disappear and give me a very good reason, I'll open this search back up.

    • I'm looking for someone who is patient with me being erratic.
    For the most part, I can safely say that if you are online and willing to chat I will be too. But, as I have already said, I'm a college student, and my homework schedule can get overwhelming. So I need someone who will be forgiving of the fact that I may not be able to fulfill the request I just make of you. I will do my very, very best, but sometimes thoughts of our story may just vanish under essays and projects.

    • I'm looking for someone who knows how to cram a lot of meaning into just a few words.
    I'm a very wordy writer, and that can be a lot of fun, but I'm also working on learning how to put more into less words. It happens... some of the time. But, it also serves to make replies a bit quicker, which can be important when I'm bored. :D

    In other words, think of this as a request for a minimalist writing style that evokes emotion by connecting to the reader on a deeper level. It works by giving the faintest traces of an outline that leaves their mind to fill in the rest in the way most significant to them, rather than painting them an incredibly detailed landscape. You don't have to be a master at this (I only really know two people who are), but you need to be willing to strive for this. I'll do my best too.

    And that is everything there is to know about Peregrine's post for a little bit of attention. :D Feel free to either PM me or respond here with questions, comments, or contracts signed in blood.

    Have a good day!

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  2. @Peregrine

    I would LOOOVE to play with you because I am a huge huge HUGE fan of your writing! But I'm not sure I can be as available as you need me to be x.x

    Feel free to PM me or Skype me if you feel like working something out.

    That said, anyone else who is interested in playing with an awesome partner, I wholeheartedly vouch for Peregrine. Don't leave her hanging, y'all!
  3. There ya have it, folks! Peregrine has been officially endorsed by an Iwaku staff member. :tongue:

    Thanks for the love, fatal. And there's a message coming your way. If nothing else, we can chat for three weeks or so, and get a more standard roleplay set up once my summer vacation begins.
  4. I'd absolutely love to roleplay with you. I sent you a PM a while back but I don't believe it reached you--please, feel free to message me so I might restate that message. I promise you won't regret it.

    (Also, I'm available almost 24/7 to chat.)
  5. PM on the way Sansa!
  6. I am unsure of whether, even if you are still looking, I would fit your standards. But better to try than to wonder "what if?"
  7. Well, one thing I can say is that your posting style and voice certainly meet with all my expectations. :D I was thoroughly impressed with the fact that I saw at least two spots where you did not end a sentence in a preposition. That's a rare occurrence. :lol:

    As long as you are comfortable with everything I've said above, I'll gladly take up another partner. Feel free to send a PM my way whenever you so desire.
  8. Why, thank you very much. I never could remember all of those prepositions. :blush:

    Indeed I am, and I shall. Thank you, again.
  9. After several months, this thread is applicable again! I've dragged it back out, made a few relevant edits, and am now looking for partners again.
  10. Hello there! I would love to give something a try with you if you'd have me. I took a look at your resume and I like the fact that you are more of an aggressive player. I find myself to be more passive unless of course I am really inspired. When I am inspired I can definitely write a lot. :) Let me know what you think! Please and thank you.
  11. A bump for your thread. I'll PM you shortly (:
  12. I'm very interested - you seem very well-mannered (despite the warnings of "perfectionist" and "harsh" - I take criticism very well and in fact encourage it, so that's a huge plus). I'd really like to talk, but I don't know how well my availability aligns to yours. Would you mind messaging me or touching base on Skype? My Skype is bkenschmidt - feel free to add me and just stick your Iwaku name in the intro message so I know and I can accept. I don't like launching into a full explanation of my schedule and whatnot if it's not necessary and you're full up again. Let me know how you prefer - I like discussion to be on Skype (I usually keep story/world setting notes in a word document of my own until it can be organized anyway) until we have things set more in stone. :) Lots to discuss if you accept.
  13. For those of you wondering if I'm still looking for partners, yes! I am!

    I don't tend to respond to this thread unless I have something to say to them specifically in this thread that couldn't be better said over a PM. No need to worry, though! When I am no longer looking for more partners I will make it very clear. For one thing, I'll label this as a filled request. <3
  14. Several months later, again, but I still like this thread. It is so much easier than writing a whole new one. :D

    I'm looking for one more partner!
  15. I WILL TAKE THAT ONE MORE PARTNER SPOT! -Zips in tbh- Heyyo! I hope I meet your standards, and if you would like to hear from me every day, it would be better to have me on Skype! I'll probably be on every day, but when I go out to do things, I usually have my phone, so Skype is always a plus! Also, it's faster and easier for me! UHM---So, yeah! I hope I can be your last person!
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