Craveing Harry potter, Intense Mature pairing

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  1. This will be graphic If You wish to do it the pairing I crave Alot is

    Tom riddle /Voldomort And Harry potter Istead of Battleing him to death and Alomst killing Him In the Goblet of fire. He takes Him Prisoner as a Slace and shows Harry Who he really belongs to Infront of all his Followers in the maze before harry goes missing

    Will be useing line from the movie and yes Voldomorts Appearance will change so he doesnt look like well Voldomort , Cuse the way he normally looks is Nasty and not sexy at all so that would be changeing It would be hard core S&M

    Enemy X Enemy In a tightly Bound Crimson Filled realtionship

    XD I cant wait to do it , Hope to see u
  2. Can I be harry?
  3. Yes XD Yes You can , Im not a submissive do you want to further dicuss things or can i post :) I dont care about the whole In chracter thing just Have fun i dont care If it matches Harry or not Let lose
  4. SWEET!!! My only thought is can Voldemort play with harry's appearance at times. Like Transfigure him into different animals.
  5. At least whenever Voldemort isn't using him as a human figure, you know
  6. Yes I dont Do anything past simple ears and tail XD But yeah sure he can change him into animals Just to spite him and keep his prisoner.

    I will be useing Qoutes from the movie and book in the frist post You dont need to use qoutes I will change the actions of the frist post to fit into my plot That is the only time I will use direct qoutes the rest of it will be just U and me XD And Anything Else You would Like
  7. haha nope :) I shall do my best and I'm so excited!!
  8. Ill post it right now and send you the link Me too Im really excited XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.