Crash Landed On Virgultis- 1 [OOC and Signups]

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  1. the_green_planet_by_ekadacier-d4s23y5.jpg
    Just a few hours ago, this is what you saw of the planet Virgultis-1

    And now you're plummeting towards it.
    Roughly twenty minutes ago, the ship suddenly jerked violently... lights flickered and were replaced with red flashes and sirens going off, people in a rush, fleeing towards the escape pods.
    You managed to get into one, and you land on the planet... now you must survive, far, far away from any other humans...
    Except for the group you found yourself with.

    The ship passes far over the horizon, and the only sound you can hear from it's crashing is a small rumble.
    Thank you for looking at this role-play! It will be a survival role-play based on an alien planet of my own imagining, here you will, fight for survival as you hunt and are hunted by the strange wildlife of Virgultis-1.

    Character Sheets:

    Home Colony:
    Occupation on Ship:

    [On The Subject of Home Colonies, the colonized worlds are the following;]
    [Earth, Mars, Titan, Star City, Venus, Pluto, and Kepler-186f]

    [On The Subject of Occupation, the people on the ship were the following.]
    [Engineer, Biologist, Colonist, Marine, Journalist, and Criminal.]
    [Assuming you choose criminal, make sure to say what you were locked up for.]

    [Your character is allowed to have some powers, though they should not be too powerful.]

    [On the subject of interactions with wildlife.]
    [Try not to confirm that you complete an action against an animal... take this example;]
    Instead of saying; "Bill lunges with his spear and pierces the beast in the neck."
    Say; "Bill lunges with his spear, trying to pierce the beast in the neck."

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  2. I'm interested. I have couple of questions, though:
    1. What is the extent of the technology available to us? Are cybernetic implants available, do we have laser weaponry, etc.?
    2. What's the limit on what we can have, as far as equipment? That is, what would our characters be able to bring with them during the escape?
  3. 1. Cybernetics are uncommon, but available. They can enhance the limb they replace or are connected to by a small amount, but would be difficult to maintain in a jungle environment.
    Laser weapons were unavailable on the ship because of the risk of damaging machinery while firing at a threat.

    2. The tools available are things like; Fire-axes, flares, rope, welding torches, medical kits, and a cattle prod.
    The weapons available are small ballistic weapons, ranging from pistols to rifles to squad assault weapons. Explosives are not available.
    There is light armor capable of defending against smaller animals.
    Oxygen masks are not needed, the planet has an atmosphere capable of supporting human life.
    Keep in mind that ammo and fuel will eventually deplete.
  4. Name: Ronald Bones II
    Gender: Male
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: He is a predator who stalks his desired prey with much anticipation, and is most at home in the shadows, where he is mostly unobstructed by outer influence.. He is an analyzer of the situation, and other than his close ties with his clan, is cold to anyone else.
    Home Colony: Pluto
    Occupation on Ship: Criminal (Military experiment failure. Mass homicide and cannibalism)
    Misc: Gains increased sustenance from blood. Has increased speed, reflexes, strength, and senses. He can see in the dark.
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  5. Salsacookies, could you define "Assume any persona?"
  6. Act a certain way really well to get you to drop your guard is what I meant. I'll go ahead and replace it, not very important. Otherwise, seem good?
  7. Sorry for the delay... anyway, Ronald is accepted.
  8. I'm going to start once four characters appear.
  9. Name: Eirwin Rapp
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Eirwin tends to be very cold towards other crew members, often giving short and awkward responses to questions of social nature. She is also determined and hardworking, never stopping until she completes a given task. Eirwin is very adaptable to her surrounds, reacting quickly and easily to any changes. On the other hand, this leads to her being impulsive, Eirwin will do strange things on a whim, and will say the wrong thing at the wrong time.
    Home Colony: Titan
    Occupation on Ship: Engineer
    Eirwin will collect any pocket sized object that seems interesting to her.
  10. Eirwin is accepted.

    [Being an engineer, she would know that the ship was in great condition, even a few hours before the malfunction.]

    Just need two more people to start this.
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  11. I have a design for the basic structure of the creatures the players will encounter, how does this sound?;

    Three pairs of uni-color eyes, often black.
    Many nostrils located on the "chin", sometimes on the neck.
    Four limbs.
    Their mouth can be compared to their rib cage opening up, they don't have a mouth on their heads.
    They don't have hair for uses other than whiskers.
    Their skin is generally light grey.
    Their blood is black.
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  12. They sound quite alien. I like it, just please don't haunt my dreams
  13. Sounds creepy...

    That`s wicked awesome :D
  14. I have a few sample drawings I will post soon.
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  15. They should be up tomorrow, sorry for the delay.
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  16. Name: Bellamy Blake
    Gender: Male
    Pic (open)

    [Brave][Charming][Introvert/Extrovert][Determined][Bold][RoughExterior][Intelligent/Quick Thinker][Protective/Possessive][Soft Mannered]

    Bell is willing to die for the group for it's survival. Usually putting himself before the danger. Though he is only seen as a hard-ass amongst the others since he tends not to show his softer side, believing it will make him seem weak
    When he needs or just wants something, Bell can flick on a switch and lose the hard-ass act and become somewhat charming. More so in a mysterious way.

    Although Bellamy loves people following him and being in control of those around him, he does enjoy having time to himself and thinking things over. Bellamy has a hard time expressing his emotions and will not, even to those close to him. Having the thought that this will make him seem weak to those around him. So he keeps his emotions close to him and attempts to figure them out himself...even if they slowly break him down from the inside out. Bellamy uses his hard-ass act to disguise his real self

    Bellamy, is highly stubborn. Making a decision and sticking with it, even if everyone around is nagging on him about it. He believes in his own decisions strongly. He's a journalist...he has to be determined.

    Bellamy isn't afraid to stand out or to make his thoughts known. He knows who he is and exactly what he is capable...or at least he thinks he does. Though at times Bellamy can be highly influenced by those around him, depending on the situation. Bellamy also isn't afraid to get upfront with someone, he knows exactly what he wants and will use anything to his advantage to get it.

    Rough Exterior
    It takes a lot to get to Bellamy, emotionally. He tends to shut people out and not acknowledge their emotions. If you find a way to weasel your way past the exterior, it's not uncommon for him to just shut you out then and there, not to act on your emotions or to even act on his own. As a leader, he doesn't want to be slowed down, especially if someone can't keep up with him. But he is soft and squishy on the inside and a bit complicated, so you never know what could happen.

    Bellamy is intelligent and intuitive. He reasons everything out and then acts on instinct to carry it through. It isn't uncommon for him to act on just instinct alone, usually this is success or failure, but he learns from them either way. Bellamy absorbs the world around him, whenever he enters a room, he acknowledges weapons, exits etc.

    Depending on who you are and what you mean, Bellamy will protect you until death or until you betray him (than he just pushes you away without second chances). Bell also doesn't like sharing and will do anything to make sure he doesn't have to. It's not noticeable, to where he is pulling you away from people, but he gives subtle hints, you could say.
    Soft Mannered
    Past all his bumps and bruises, Bellamy is a soft mannered guy. He secretly hides his soft and cuddly side, well more so doesn't let it out. As stated before, he doesn't express it because he fears looking weak, especially with the role of being Leader.

    Home Colony: Star City
    Occupation on Ship: Journalist
    Misc: He tends to smoke, especially in stressful situations. He always has a pack of cigs in the inside pocket of his coat. And will have a minor meltdown if they go missing.
  17. Bellamy is accepted.

    Technical difficulties are rendering me unable to post a picture...

    I guess I will describe the creatures in fine detail.

    Here's an example.

    "A creature hopped out of a shrub, it a small bit larger than a small dog, and almost had the shape of a rabbit to it... assuming that a rabbit had six eyes, no fur, and a Mohawk-like-dorsal fin upon it's head. The creature's back legs were like a rabbit's but the skin was held tight to the bone, making the legs appear long. The front paws were less like a rabbit's, ending in a hand with two fingers and long claws. At the front of it's face was a horn, like a rhino's but pointed forward. The creature looked around for a moment, black eyes squinting at the sunlight. It caught a glimpse of the Humans, and froze, staring at them for a few seconds as it's dorsal fin slowly raised and lowered. It raised it's head in the air, sniffed around and moved back into it's shrub slowly, only stopping to pry a small plant out of the ground and nibble on it with it's ribcage-maw lined with incisors."

    Also, I forgot to mention that being a Journalist, Bellamy was likely told to stay away from the farthest room in the cargo-hold, and the room was watched by armed guards.

    Ronald also likely heard something about a skirmish from some of the higher rank guards.
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