Crash has crashed in Iwaku!

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  1. Ok prepare for a gluttonous amount of text. You have been warned :P You may call me Crash, Ari, or some other nickname you see fit. I leave the choice to you.

    First and foremost, a shoutout to Isabella Hime (IwakuRoleplay) for bumping into me in NationStates with her mass telegrams from her nation Vandoosa, to which I've gotten to know the nation's region, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, and subsequently the link to this great-looking site. Hurray!

    I've started role-playing for quite some time now, beginning in the spring of 2003 with Tech TV's forums, before it became G4-TTV after the merger (to which G4 ended up dissolving TTV entirely; a fudged up move if you ask me). Back when it was good ol' TTV, I was involved mainly in the Anime Unleashed (AU) section. At the time my interest in Anime was at its peak, having been exposed to TTV's amazing lineup. I made a handful of friends at TTV and ultimately formed our own group called Bunker City (BC) lead by DarkMage530 and dawgiedog. The most notable common interest shared by members of BC is the appreciation of the series Gate Keepers 21 by Hiroshi Yamaguchi. It's not only a place of Gatekeepers 21 discussion, but doubles to function as a semi-role-playing thread under the AU section.

    I've had a bit of a hiatus from the TTV forums and returned to activity in the Fall of 2003. At this time I could no longer find the original BC members and the co-founders. I also lost interest in the forums since the community became too big and unorganized. I quit TTV altogether and that marks the end of Bunker City. I noticed that the forum layout has changed and I could not use my old account to get back to the forums. I returned again early in 2004 and decided to recreate the CrashAriMP5N2O account and stayed for a while. Then I learned of the G4-TTV merge. That explains why everything was changing. I was still able to make a few connections with people in the AU forums though not as much until a new group of people decided to create an InvisionFree (IF) forum. I was drawn to the new anime-themed forums as well as a bunch of G4TTV members involved in it, most of whom carry resentment regarding the merge. Led by the one named Sora, we ended up creating the Otaku Army (OA) forums and continued my role-playing there as a hobby since I was mostly involved with the casual chatter in that group.

    After some time, Otaku Army got in touch with fellow InvisionFree forums who share interests in anime and the like. Some of the OA members even branched out and created their own IF forums. One of them I was heavily involved in too and it's primarily an RP forum. I've held several administrative positions in some of them to help manage the site and keep the community intact. However as 2006 was approaching, I've started slowing down in preparation for university in the Fall. The forums themselves were slowing down also as members come and go. Eventually most of them went inactive. I've resigned from my administrative posts and spent less time with role-playing as I have to tend to other priorities. Still I enjoy being a spectator. By the time I hit college, I bid farewell to my involvement in the forums and retired from long term role-playing.

    I still get to RP from time to time at various places but are often the short kind, much like the jump in RP section of Iwaku. While I've missed the epic role-playing with descriptive posts, I feel like I won't be able to deliver as good as I had once had due to time constraints. So what, one may wonder, am I doing here? Even if I am not able to engage in RP as much as I used to, I could still enjoy being a spectator of sorts and if I feel like it, I could drop by the jump in section. And I'm always looking forward to making new friends, even if they're through the net. Whether we pretend to be someone else or come as we truly are, we are still people and we are social beings. It's the most significant aspect of role-playing in the first place.

    Ok I've said quite a lot. For more information, my profile's set up and there's the handy dandy messaging, be it public or private. Cheers everyone and best wishes to the Iwaku RP community!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!!

    That was quite an intro. It looks like you've really put a thought into this, and that's actually really cool. I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding RPs that suit your needs, like you said, the jump-in forums are a great place to start.

    Also, I noticed your birthday is coming up! Happy Almost-Birthday!
  3. Oh thank you. I've still yet to decide where I want to go for that but I'll see. The welcome is much apprciated :)
  4. Welcome Crash :)
    And I hope you do find an RP or two to take part in. There're all sorts here, and they do run at different speeds depending on the schedules of the people participating, so I'm sure you can find something to take part in when you decide you feel like it.

    Otherwise I'll see you around the general forums, and there're always the Board Games or the Cbox if you just like to hang around and chatting.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku - this is where I'd put something to scare newcomers, but I'm sure you're plenty familiar with the site.
    Anyway, welcome to the site. Drop me a line if you want anything. Otherwise, happy RPing.