Craft it baby; Minecraft style

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  1. Im still playing the game lol, are you? Come be a dork with me cause its awesome over here! What are you building and got pictures, do dish!
  2. I love the game, just wish I could buy it
  3. I think i bought it back when it first honestly came out :\ was like 15$ at that time, have no idea what it is now
  4. Yeah... I bought it when it was beta 1.2_01. I still play it off and on, but nothing like before where it was a normal occurrence to play 6-8 hours a day. I don't really have many screen shots of stuff I've built. As of late, I've been village building though. So my most recent project is basically a massive sprawling city. Mainly coastal towns.

    EDIT: I actually just remembered I have 2 accounts. XD
  5. Lol i only still have my original account, id love to see SS eventually. I know ive been working on a massive temple from one of my stories. I play in creative mode though, cause well... all the materials needed I'd never get anywhere plus... i scream lot if i play normal mode with monsters.

    [​IMG] Husband making fun of me -.-' lol
  6. Two with the full game purchased?
  7. Hahaha... You remind me of Drew. ^_^ I got him into Minecraft and I told him normal mode wasn't so bad but when he tried it, he started to have panic attacks and anxiety. XD Kinda understandable though considering those monsters come out of no where... >.< You're not the only one though who makes noises when playing normal. -blushes- Me and dark caverns don't mix well. While I don't scream, I definitely jump and make some kind of noise -- I don't know how to describe it, I guess it's kinda a mix between a frightened cat and a startled bunny? >.>

    Yes, but back in the day all you bought was the account. The game itself was a free download. I haven't been keeping up with their business practices so I don't know if this has changed or not. Let alone the price isn't what it is today. The first account I bought was a 'whim' account -- I got convinced by a former friend to play it. The name I chose has a lot of memories that I don't want to remember so I never use it and that resulted in my getting a second account with a different name. When it first came out, you couldn't change your name even if you petitioned. You might be able to do that now, but I'm not entirely sure. Not as hardcore as I was before.
  8. AceofMana, I too like creative mode. As fun as exploring is, I'm more into the building aspect. Magical towers, high walls, booby-trapped castles, crowded cities, etc. Lately, the game has become more interesting with more use for redstone and command blocks.

    The only thing that makes me scream would be the Nether. Horrible, horrible Ghasts.
  9. I havent been there and not planning on it either lol! Cause then i will scream bloody murder, my son would wake up, my husband would have to convince the neighbours that no one was killing me lol. ITS RETARDED, i can handle all the new fancy ass high graphic games without a blink of an eye or a scream but give me a 8-bit sort and im dead on the floor. lmao
  10. I know what you mean. I live in an apartment building. One scream, and there is always someone knocking on the door. Talk about greeting the neighbors in the morning after that.
  11. lmao well yes thats too true, Id be like OMG don't look at me. Prolly pull a Snake and hide in a box coming down the stairs from my place. ^_^'
  12. I'm not sure that would work. On top of being a 'fraidy-cat, I'm a klutz. I'm bound to break something.
  13. Minecraft FTW. I must say I still have not managed to built everything in Minecraft. But I recently picked up Technic and am in love with all the mods in it.
  14. Due to university, I have not played Minecraft for quite a while, but now that I am on break, I am re-discovering the game again. Seeing as there were so many updates recently, I have started a new world, so I do not have much yet, but I am planning to build a large castle. I only have the foundation for a single tower, though, so there is nothing much to look at.