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  1. Cracks In The Sky//Disintegration Dawn

    Concept; A world that runs parallel to our own, seen only by those who truly know of its existence; those who still have the imaginative luster of youth and those who are fated to take their place on the ever-shifting stage. The two worlds are bleeding over, evidenced by large cracks forming in the sky. Catastrophe looms over those attuned to both worlds. Reality bends and breaks as the worlds come ever closer to merging. It is your task, be it willing or not (your choice, I suppose), to navigate between the worlds and correct this planar anomaly.

    - World "
    B" will be a fantasy setting, involving much of the mystique one would expect. Though it is uncertain as to how or why, there are areas within World "B" that contain ancient ruins coinciding to the appearance of our modern architecture. Usually accessed by sleeping, meditating, trances...some people even posses the ability to exist in both worlds at once. This world will serve largely as the stage of our story. Its residents are referred to as Exiles.

    - World "
    A" is much akin to what we experience every day, with the minor variation that our characters will be witnessing the slow collapse of the world as it as known and will become directly involved with increasingly bizarre events. Most Human characters will be from this World; more specifically, from New Graline City (locations will be explained in the OOC, assuming enough interest is shown).

    I'm just gauging interest for now, so I figure the basic concept should suffice. Kind of an anime-inspired experiment, so I'm eager to see if anyone is interested. I'll get to work on the more putative details involved with characters...etc, etc, so lemme know what you think!

  2. I like this idea.
  3. The concept is certainly an interesting one and it has quite a few unique elements to it. Sounds like it would be a fun roleplay once it gets going.
  4. Glad to see interest in such a short time! I'm working on the OOC thread, which will give more insight to the world(s) and the roles I have in mind for not just characters, but for their organization as well. I shall provide a link shortly.

    Thanks for your time, both of you!