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  1. Clara took a deep breath as she wiped the sweat off of her forehead. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. Her heart was racing and her hair was in a mess.

    "Come on, Clara. You're the top of your class. You can't seriously begin to think that we're not going to go hard on you to prepare you for your first field mission," James teased her.

    "Shut up, James. I'll be fine. Plus I'm not even tired."

    James laughed and shook his head. He grabbed a towel from the rack and tossed it at her. Clara caught it mid air and quickly wiped her face.

    "Hit the shower, Clara. You're heading out in a few hours."


    Clara kicked down the stand of her motor bike. She sat up and looked at the intersection she was supposed to be at. Recon. That's what she's responsible for currently, until something happens. Taking off her helmet, Clara let out her black hair and unzipped her motor jacket. Taking out a sheet of paper from her pocket she reread the note.

    Clara, you have to stay in the Cafe Lounge off of 5th. Stay there as long as you can until you see the target. Tail him. We need to take him in for some interrogation.


    Clara scoffed, "First field mission doesn't sound very exciting. Whatever."
  2. "... And try to be more discrete this time." Sure a almost six feet tall Russian man in the middle of a foreign city was hard to go unnoticed, but sure Vasily bosses didn't meant that. They meant; no interrogating a suspect in the middle of a public park. Getting a KGB spy out of jail isn't as easy as you may think. Even if people thought KGB was no longer active.

    Anyway, to the issue in mind... Thought Vasily as he was leaned on his SUV. A car like that may not be inconspicuous in any other Country, but it seemed like here the gas was free, because manu people owned one of those gas-swallowing beasts. Well, better for me, thought Vasily. More place in the trunk to put people in it. Isn't easy to fit two informants and a whore in a compact Ford. Vasily chuckled at the memories of old missions... Those where old times. Now was everything fitted into those pesky little chips and stuff... Almost no one appreciated the hand crafted work anymore.

    "Excuse me!" Said Vasily as the target appeared into the scene, carelessly walking through the sidewalk. "Excuse me. I am lost. Would you mind help me?" Vasily accent wasn't that closed, but the playing the unwary tourist always worked. And was quite amusing too. With ease, vasily took the target close to his SUV, talking about a map he needed help with. And when the target was distracted, a neat injection of M99 and into the trunk. Looking around, making sure no one was suspecting anything, Vasily got into the car and drove away. The fun was just about to start.
  3. Clara stood up slightly from the arm chair she was sitting in. She just saw a six foot, Russian man inject something on the target at hand. This is already not going well. Nonchalantly, Clara left the Cafe Lounge and started her YZF-R1 and zoomed toward the SUV that had the target in the trunk. Careful not to look like she was tailing the car, Clara pulled out her earpiece and quickly put it in her ear before putting her helmet back on. At the next stop light, she zipped up her jacket and eyed the SUV carefully.

    The SUV had a license plate that looked relatively new. Right off the lot. Great, no numbers. No tracking. Shit. Pulling the shield over her face, she said out loud, "Call headquarters. Code XEY-413."

    "Calling headquarters.... Code recognized... Welcome back, Clara Jones," The AI responded. "Clara?" A male voice answered.

    "Yeah, it's me. The target just got drugged into the back of an SUV. Search for any street cameras. Around six foot tall, Russian."

    Clara could hear the clicking of the keys and she continued following the SUV down the busy streets of Los Angeles. She could feel her hair dragging behind her. Luckily, her face was covered from the tinted shield and her hands had black, leather gloves on them.

    "Alright, got one image. It's a bit fuzzy. This guy definitely knew what he was doing. We're clarifying the image, but it's going to take a little bit of time. Try to stay on the car while we get it through. How did this happen anyway?"

    "I don't know. I was drinking coffee and doing recon, like you said, and then I saw the guy shove an unconscious target into the trunk of an SUV. I'm thinking he's trying to get the same thing we are. Just... in a different manner," Clara explained.

    "Well, let's hope he's unarmed. This is your first mission. All you have are a few knives. You don't even have clearance for a--"

    "Jack, we've been over this. I know. "It's unusual for an eighteen year old to pass the academy in such short amount of time. We don't know if we can trust her." I think I remember what the Director said."

    There was a deep sigh. "Okay. Just be safe. The image and any information we have is going to take at least another three minutes."

    Clara cursed mentally. Three minutes to anyone else isn't very long. Three minutes to her was her make or break moment. This is going to get interesting very quickly.
  4. The driving around town kept going for a while, doing quite a trip across Los Angeles all the way down to the harbors near Long Beach. As usual, the main facilities of the place were completely crowded, filled with work to do and ships to load and unload. But not far from there, there were some old shipyards no one used and had all those chains and creepy tools. One way or another, those always made everyone talk.

    Slowly driving next to one of those, Vasily parked the car and picked up the faint body of the target with ease, taking it into the rusty structure and disappearing into the maze of props and stuff in there. Then, after tying the subject to some heavy chains hanging from the ceiling, Vasily trowed some water at him, even slapped him a couple of times. He had to admit, that was just for fun tho.

    As that guy woke up, Vasily browsed some of the belongings of that man, not hiding it from him what he was doing. "Ah! Your awake!" Said Vasily, committing terrible spelling mistakes as he talked. "Nice phone." Muttered the Russian spy with the target phone in his hands, disassembling it and keeping the phone card and the data card to himself. "Oh... Yeah, I have few questions to you." Said Vasily taking a piece of paper from his pocket and looking at the man hanging from the ceiling a feet from the ground. "Alright... First one: Where did you get the information?"
  5. Clara watched the SUV down to the port and parked at least a block away from where the SUV parked. After cutting the engine, she pulled off her helmet and brushed out her hair.

    "Clara. Clara you there?" A voice cut through.
    "Yeah. Yeah. I'm here. The SUV stopped. I'm in Long Beach at one of the ports. It looks like the guy dragged him into an abandoned shipyard. It'll be easy to hide, a lot of debris everywhere. Do you want me to check out the car?"
    "No, Clara, listen. This guy was arrested and charged for assault last year. He was put in prison, but got out a few months later. Long before his sentence ended, but that's not the most important part. We have record that he's KGB."
    "Oh great," Clara muttered under her breath. She dismounted her bike and quickly made her way toward the old shipyard. "Aren't they supposed to not exist?"
    "Shh. Just listen. Clara, this guy is out of your league. You need to back down, come back to HQ. We'll send someone with higher clearance in."
    "Higher clearance? Jack, you're pretty high up there. Tell me why we need "higher clearance" to deal with this KGB agent."

    There was a sigh. Clara turned the corner and can see the trunk of the SUV wide open. Whoever this was, he was apparently quite confident in his abilities. However, being incognito about his doings weren't his highest priority. The gravel crunched slightly under her feet and Clara tried to stay quiet. She came closer to the car and took a peek inside. The usual recon equipment and some combat equipment. This guy knew what he was doing.

    "Classified," Clara whispered. "I get it."
    "Are you going closer? I told you, Clara: stay away."
    "I can almost hear them," She argued.

    She made her way closer to the building and could hear the chains and metal moving as the man dragged the target away.

    "...First one: where did you get the information?" A muffled voice asked. It took a bit to understand through the accent, but Clara had an idea.

    "Jack, I can record the entire conversation. We might not need to get the information ourselves. I'll just sit tight, record it, and get out of here."
    "Clara--" Jack began, but was cut off. "Yeah... Yeah... Understood, Director." Jack took a deep breath and hesitantly he said, "Fine. Be safe."
    Clara smiled. "I will. End call."
    "Call ended," The AI notified.
    "Audio... recording."

    Clara sat against the wall of the building carefully listening into the conversation.
  6. Vasily looked at the target hanging from the chains a couple of seconds, but no response seemed to come out from that guy. "No? Fine for me." Said him putting the paper back into his pocket and looking at the other guy, like searching for something in him. Then the Russian man put his hand in the other guy arm, pressing at the same time he threw a punch to his chest.

    The hit could seem rather weak, but for the reaction of the hanging men, it had to hurt like hell, yelling out loud, moving erratically trying hopelessly to get rid of the chains. Calmly, Vasily kept "searching" in the target body precise spots and hitting them firmly, causing so much suffering to the target that its face was almost disfigured because of the pain.

    Not even sweating, Vasily gave the target a rest, steeping back a few steps and taking out the note once more. "We can go for second question if you want. I have all day." Said him. The target seemed unresponsive, probably still because of Vasily strange, yet painful torture. "Give me the launch sequence, and I'll promise I'll go easy from now on. Deal?"
  7. Clara was picking at her nails as she listened, nonchalantly, to the conversation in the shipyard. She had to physically resist the urge to whistle a tune while waiting for the interrogation to finish. It was just starting to get dark when she heard more cars. Scrambling up, Clara darted towards another shack. Cars screeched to a halt before the doors crashed open.

    "Well that's my cue to leave," Clara whispered to herself. "Recording: stop."
    "Recording... over."

    Clara darted back to where she parked her bike and started it quickly, making her way back toward her rendezvous location.

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  8. Vasily kept punishing the target at will, knowing well that eventually he would get the information he wanted. That, or this was going to be one long day for him. Luckily for whoever had the original source of information, the target was giving nothing, holding himself pretty well. "Phew... I must admit I'm starting to get tired." Said Vasily taking a deep breath. "I mean, like real tired. Not that sarcastic crap you Americans say." Said him chuckling.

    Was then when some cars could be heard approaching, nobody he was expecting, that was for sure. "Friends of yours?" Asked him as he walked over a window. With all the work he had been doing he had barely noticed it was almost dawn and the light of the sun was no longer of any help. Guess party was over.

    With a precise shot of his reliable PB silenced gun, Vasily got rid of the target since there was nothing else for him to dig out of him. Now was time to play with the MI6. No one said this job was going to be easy.
  9. Meeting back at the hotel she was ordered to stay in, Clara quickly parked in the parking structure and locked her bike before she ran up to the elevator. As she watched the numbers change, Clara nervously tapped her foot. The earpiece crackled before she heard the voice.

    "Clara, Clara?" Jack's voice came through in a frantic tone.
    "Yeah, Jack," Clara answered, tired. "I'm here. Did you get the audio file?"
    "Yeah, yeah we got it. Dammit, don't pull that kind of shit. You could have--"
    "Aren't you supposed to...I don't know... Not have romantic relations with your co-workers? I'm pretty sure there's something against that," Clara interjected smoothly.
    "Shut up. Seriously--"
    "God, I got it. Do you really have to be--"

    The elevator stopped and the doors opened to reveal a tall, brown haired, green eyed young man standing before her holding a cell-phone in his ear.
    "Protective?" Clara asked out loud.

    Jack turned to face her with a worried frown. Hanging up, Clara pulled out her earpiece and tipped her head to the side. "I'm fine," She explained.
  10. "ебать... " A pretty bad looking glop of dark blood came out of Vasily mouth as the tall man stumbled through the lonely streets of the neighborhoods around the harbor. The police cars could be heard loudly at the distance, joined by the ambulances a few seconds later, all of them about to find the bodies of three MI6 dead agents, the informant, and once unlucky peasant who happened to be in the wrong place in the worst moment.

    Not that it mattered any longer, it would be a matter of minutes, a complete hour with enough luck, until the injuries in his body killed him, if they havn't killed him already. Finally falling to the ground, Vasily lay in a corner of a forgotten street, embracing the cold hands of the night under a lamppost. 'Does anyone ever get life right?'