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Which JB Superspy Personality Most Suits You?

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  2. James Bond (Smooth and dramatic, maybe bed a few hotties on the way)

  3. Jack Bauer (Aggressive, will do whatever it takes)

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  4. Mix of Bourne + Bond

  5. Mix of Bauer + Bourne

  6. Mix of Bond + Bauer

  1. This is an idea I have had for a long time, but I haven't had the variety of people to try it with or the length of time to make it last for. Keep in mind I used to be a chat program RPer, so rounding up the same crew of people at the same time for repeated RP sessions was an unreasonable long-term goal. But now that I'm here, I figure I will try to share it with y'all and see if we can bounce ideas around to make it work!

    The real world, in modern-day. Plot takes place in various countries throughout the globe.

    Plot Premise:
    The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO, or Interpol) has begun developing a team of operatives to serve as their undercover eyes, ears, and hands in countries across the world. These operatives are highly trained in the arts of espionage, intelligence, information gathering, and combat, although each operative of course has his or her own specialty or set of specialties. The team is comprised of operatives who are recruited from among the best at various intelligence agencies worldwide.

    These agents operate under Non-Official Cover (NOC), meaning they are to operate without ties to their original government. This allows them to utilize measures more extreme than their government would normally allow, but carries the disadvantage of their government not being able to rescue them or claim responsibility for them in the event of capture.

    As agents complete varying tasks in their respective locations, Interpol begins to realize that the events are not as isolated as they originally believed, they are all somehow related. Something much bigger is unfolding; something that would make Al-Qaeda look like a petty gang. Interpol must dispatch its best operatives to thwart this global threat.

    Structure of the RP:
    The GM will play the role of handler. The first post in the thread will always contain the most up-to-date intel as well as a mission chart. There will always be multiple missions for each character to choose from, and the missions will list out scenario, objective, risk level, and suggested outcome. As operatives complete tasks, new ones will open and existing ones may close depending on the outcome of the mission.

    Risk level will help to explain the difficulty of the task. Of course, depending on each individual operative's actions, they may attract more attention or less attention than the risk level indicates.

    Suggested outcome will explain how the mission should end. While Interpol is very selective with their operatives and selects only the best, occasionally some missions will end in failure, capture, or worse - death. Again, these outcomes are suggested only and do not have to be followed, but are guidelines for how the scenario should unfold.

    There will be no supernatural or superhuman abilities. Strictly realistic, although a bit of action-movie flair is acceptable. Remember, your character may not have special powers, but they are about as good at what they do as any human will probably get.


    Please let me know if this is something that would interest you. Also, this is just a concept I had, and I am looking to flesh it out a little more before opening signups for it. Please don't post character sheets at this time.

    What I WOULD like from all of you is if you can help me with a few things:
    • Would you be interested in this?
    • If so, do you have any suggestions on a good way to organize a quest chart?
    • What is a good underlying plot that Interpol has to thwart?
    • If a mission's suggested outcome was capture or death, would you adhere to that outcome? (Be honest)
    • And lastly, answer the poll question! Just so I can get a general idea of the variety of archetypes we'd have.
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    • I'm interested ^.^
    • This sounds more like a group role-play to me but then again, I'm still going off of what I know from Figment and have yet to explore the entirety of this site (still working on the ins and outs!).
    • An underlying plot? Maybe we could go with the cheeky taking-over-the-world scenario? Or maybe there's a brilliant master mind who thinks humanity isn't worth saving or something and tries wiping everyone out as well as looking to making an army of artificial intelligence?
    • Yep, just to make things interesting :)
    • I only know who James Bond is and I'm certainly not like him D:
  2. Yes, it would definitely be a group roleplay.

    Yeah, I made sure to add descriptions in case anyone wasn't familiar with the characters. But seriously, how do you not know who Jason Bourne is? lol =P
  3. I am interested :)
    I think a brief description of the mission and which character is on it would be good, as you said a plan is only on paper, it isn't only the "good guys" that have the best of the best, so a plan may not always go unhinged. Something like...
    "Missile code retrieval - Serbia - *name of agent*"- followed by a brief mission statement.
    If people want or need detail about the mission, then read the posts and live it ? I think that would be cool but maybe its just me.
    I think the best way to find the underlying plot is to first find the group, then put our heads together and agree on a sublime threat.
    I am no different than most others, when you make and put time into a character you tend to get attached, however with this specific genre I think there is some honour in the whole go out with a bang theme on the premise that it all makes sense and there is a genuine chance that your own RP skills could pull off the mission, it would also lead to a cool replacement role-play for a "new guy".
    James Bond- I don't know if my RP skill will cover the necessary calculations and thought process to survive as a Jason Bourne type :3 however I very much know who he is and the thought of not is well, absurd.
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  4. Well, I don't want the RP to mirror reality too much, so I definitely don't want to use an existing criminal or terrorist organization, which is where I have trouble coming up with an idea.

    I happened to come across the 1996 film The Rock (with Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage) playing on TV yesterday and it gave me some inspiration to have the enemy organization led by a group of retired/disillusioned former military special ops. It would make an interesting dynamic considering military combat is a tad different from covert op combat, but I'm not sure that the contrast would show well in writing.

    Plus I worry it would make many posts overly action-heavy, just involving large-scale shootouts. Of course, firefights are bound to happen occasionally, but I'm hoping the emphasis will be on stealth.

    And what would be their plot? Global domination seems too cliche for me, but I'm stuck trying to figure out what the bigger picture is. I guess I need to think like a criminal mastermind for a while and get in their heads.
  5. Well I think that most "bad guy" plots are going to be cliché.
    If you like the veteran idea.
    Maybe something along the lines of they are stealing vast amounts of money and supplies, scientists ect... to try and boost the science of extending their lifespan. that is just a quick stab but I can try and come up with some stronger idea's for this if you like ?

    Depends how farfetched of an idea you want them to have !
  6. Well that's exactly the issue I'm having, I want to come up with something fresh and original, or at the very least something that people probably haven't played before. Maybe I am aiming too high, but you know what they say: shoot for the moon; even you miss you will land among the stars.
  7. I will never knock someone for having ambition :)
    An original Motive might be hard to find, but I will give it some thought. I would really like to see this come to life, and also become a part of it :)
  8. I was referring to the type of roleplay rather than the amount of people if that makes any sense ^^; Like, instead of roleplaying in the forums you make a group out of it?

    I'm not really sure how to be any more clear...
  9. If you mean like a live chat roleplay, I don't think that's a good idea. Keeping it in the forums I think is easier to keep people updated. Plus in the beginning, my idea is that many of the characters will start working separately and eventually need to team up for more complicated missions.