cout << "Hello, Iwaku!" << endl;

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  1. As the C++ code proclaimed: I bid Iwaku and everyone that is a part of it a warm, solemn greeting! I feel grateful to my friend whom in which told me about this place, and I very much look forward to a fun experience with all of you! But, before I do anything too rash, let's start with a(relatively) short introduction!

    Outside of the internet, I am known by a simple, decently common, and a bit dreadfully mundane name, so I'd rather not be addressed as such when I indulge in this massive web of data...

    Instead, I prefer the name: Thoren. It's impossible to fully explain why I use this name, other than the fact that I identify myself with it. I've made Thoren, both the name and my character, a fragment of my very soul. If I could change my name, that's definitely what it would be. I don't even want a last name; just Thoren would do for me.

    Of course, I will certainly allow you to shorten and modify the name as you like when referring to me. Heck, come up with a nickname! I can handle it. c:

    And... that's about it for now. I really can't settle on any other sort of topic to cover about me without slapping a wall of text in your face. I'll save that for any roleplay that comes from me, which, again, I really look forward to doing!

    But, I'll tell you what: why not make this into a short Q&A game? I can't possibly answer everyone's questions with a single post, no matter how hard I try. So, what do you want to know? I'll do my best to answer in a timely manner! :D
  2. Greetings! Here's to hoping you enjoy your stay.
  3. Greetings Thoren. ^o^ Welcome to the community!
  4. Oooo, greetings Thoren! I've been wanting to learn C++ for awhile! Very creative intro ^ ^
  5. Good evening, HibikiKuraii! I'm a bit nervous in addressing anyone with shortened names at the moment. But if you'd prefer that I call you either section of your username, then don't hesitate to make the suggestion!

    Anyway, I actually wanted to contribute a bit to any educating you might like in the complicated world that is C++ coding... by applying this thread's name to what an actual C++ source file would look like, if I wanted a console application to display that very text within the quotes! I'll show you what I mean via the spoiler:

    INTENSE C++ (open)

    // This is a comment section of a source file.
    // All text that is within lines preceded by two
    // forward slashes(//) is a comment by the
    // developer. Typically to explain certain
    // elements of their source code if it is deemed
    // necessary. Compilers ignore comment text,
    // and it will not affect the program in any way.

    // Including a data file within the computer that contains the basic, necessary information that
    // a program is based on in order to function properly. It is often required that certain programs
    // have certain base files included in order to perform a specific set of functions. For example,
    // "cmath" is an "#include" file that allows a program to perform more advanced mathematic
    // operations, such as square roots.

    using namespace std;
    // Setting a standard for the program, though this one's pretty in-depth, so I'll leave it at that.

    int main() // Declaring the main function of the program. All C++ programs MUST have a "main" function!
    { // Opening brace that precedes all code that defines the function.

    cout << "Hello, Iwaku!" << endl;
    // An output command. All that is within the quotes will be displayed on-screen. "endl" has a lower
    // case "L" at the end. It is short for "End Line". This tells the program to perform a return-carriage
    // function after printing the text.

    // This allows the user to observe the results on the screen before the program closes. Depending on
    // what compiler you use, the form of this command can vary, but no matter what form, it performs the
    // same general function.

    return 0;
    // If and/or when the compiler and program reach this line in the main function, it is the C++ way of
    // saying that all is working as it should be, and when the value "0" is returned to the computer, the
    // program will be terminated.

    } // Closing brace indicates the closing of the function.


    Without all of those comments, the source file looks like this:


    #include <iostream>

    using namespace std;

    int main()
    cout << "Hello, Iwaku!" << endl;

    return 0;

    Eight lines of information, all just to display one line of text... Computers are strange like that. :P
  6. Indeed, I took Game Development and learned a bit of code using Game Maker.. I don't remember a lot of it, just a lot of variables and whatnot

    Also you can call me Hibiki! Don't worry about it :)
  7. Welcome to your new dysfunctional family at Iwaku! We only want your soul. :)
  8. Thank you, honestly! However, I'm afraid I cannot provide you with my complete soul. Without my name and character, you will never have all of my soul... sorry, not sorry. xP
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