Couple of ideas. Come see!

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  1. Hello my friends!

    I have a couple of roleplays that I'm dying to do. So without further ado....

    Nature's Thorn

    This is a survival roleplay which includes a brother and sister getting lost on a hiking trip in the woods. There will be side characters that i will play. And i will play the brother. There will be some surprises in this one!

    World War Pokemon?

    Yes...this is a pokemon roleplay with a twist. Now imagine that team magma and team aqua are at war. People are dying and the teams keep recruiting more and more trainers. Stuck in the middle of all this war are two pokemon which must survive through all mean possible. Both team have succeeded in awakening both kyogre and groudon and rayquaza is no where to be seen. The world is in ruins and the teams are trying to reign supreme.

    The last one is onky for the libertine section so i will not post it here. You may pm me for this one. But you have to be old enough to do libertine. I will deny the ones that are underage.

    Anyways...tell me what you want and lets get to it!
  2. Ooo i really really want to do this.
  3. Pm then so we can figure out details.
  4. Bump for the roleplays!
  5. I'm interested in Natures Thorn!