Country Vs City

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Did you grow up in the city or the country? Maybe something in between?

What did you like/dislike about it?

I grew up in the city, however I have done some work on a farm and lived in the middle of nowhere for about 5 months. The thing that always blew me away about the country? How quiet it was. I mean, at my house (in the city) there are always cars going by and sirens and people yelling, but out there....all you can hear is the wind. Also, the sky is so much brighter at night in the country, without all the street lights on 24/7 you can really see the stars.

One thing I hate about small town/country settings is how everyone knows everything about everyone, and if you don't fit in, then you don't fit in. Often times those small towns are redneck-ish, so I end up not fitting in. Although i can fake it pretty well as a carpenter and gun enthusiast, at least we have things to talk about.

Over all I am a city person. I love how impersonal the city is, how you can walk around all day and not see anyone you know. I guess living in the sticks could be nice if you liked the people that lived around you. Maybe I just hate people?

What say you!?
City person. I spent time with my family in Poland, in a small rural town, and shit was fucking boring. Because everything was so far apart, there was no motivation to go anywhere, if there was even anywhere to go. This was years ago, though, before my family finally got internet access in their small slice of nowhere.
Grew up in the city, but I've spent my far share of time out in the country. Air out in the country really does seem cleaner and nicer unless someone just kicked up dust or an animal died/pooped nearby. Plus depending on the region you get that feeling of an isolated serenity which I feel like I need more and more. Plus you don't have many people around causing stupid stuff unless you're stuck on a camping trip with people that think they know what they're doing and DON'T.

I think city life definitely shaped how I expect things to be when I go to sleep though. I can't stand sleeping in dead silence. It bothers me. And the sound of insects or other animals out in the country won't cut it. I need music or a TV or any type of city background noises to fall asleep. Unless I'm dead tired. Plus I like having cool restaurants nearby and not driving for HOURS to see a friend unless they live in a DIFFERENT city. Or out in the country.

Each have their pluses and I'll definitely have to remain in cities to pursue my career.
Grew up in O'ahu's naval base "countryside" and... shit was fucking terrifying for a child, yo! Fucking menehune, night marchers, calling ghosts, hitchhiking ghosts, lady in white ghosts, Pele trying to fuck with you and all these other shits waiting in the dark of night. Especially because of all those low-hanging, long-branched fuckin' trees looking like fingers at night with bushes so high and thick you fucking know there's something in there waiting for you to reach in so it can grab you.

FUCK mainlanders and their, "Oh, living in Hawai'i must be so glamorous!" bullshit. Assholes.
I don't really care either way. Though, I hate large metropolitan areas (ie major major cities) since there are too many people in one area.
I grew up in the city. Right outside of Atlanta. And to make it worse, I had to grow up in the poor ghetto side. c__c; So that was dangerously fun.

And then I moved out here to the country. XD A city big enough compared to the towns around it where everyone that has lived here all their lives THINK it's a big city, but have no idea.

The difference was a HUGE thing to get used to. I miss having real choices of places to eat, and places actually being open all week and 24/7. This entire town shuts down on Sunday. x___X

Everyone really does know everyone in these smaller towns. And if most of the people are assholes, well... it makes living a little awkward. >>; I'll always be at risk of running in to the people I absolutely hate. >< And if you get a reputation, somehow everyone knows it even if they don't know YOU.

I think I just miss the food and the cultural education of living near a large city. .__.;