WORLD SHOWCASE Country Of Kyrule and The Warrior clans of Man

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So this is what I came up for my country and it's culture. It has a lot of inspiration from Eder Scrolls Skyrim and Conan the Barbarian, also a few elements of an old animation called Fire&Ice.
The Warrior Kingdom of the North, Kyrule is it's name and this is home to Man. It's ruler's name is Krom, Lord of Steel, Master of the Great Forges and King of all the warrior clans. His Castle built upon on the mountain side. The largest mountain in the world and also a sleeping volcano. Mount Durin. There the his caste, Greyreach lies along with his Great forges. The forges creates and black smoke that covers the sky making the land look grey.

It is here that Krom's legendary weapons and armor are made. Because man is not gifted in the ways of magic their strength lies withing the steel that they forge. The Gift Of Steel is what they call it. From this they are able to forge weapons and armor powerful enough to face any magic. Swords that never go dull or break and shields that no other blade, arrow or magic can pierce. He who can harness the Gift of Steel shall rule over Kyrule. Krom used this power to conquer all the warrior clans uniting them.

Language: English and Barbaric tongues.

Origin Tales: Man believes that they were born from battles that were waged by gods on the earth. They believe they came from seeds. These seeds were first planted Kye, the mother of the world. Kye had two sons Talos and Grond. Both brothers were always at odds with each other. They would fight over everything. When Kye made the earth and planted the seeds the brothers would fight over who would rule it. Slashing with their blades they would spill each other's blood. Their blood drenched the earth and seep into the ground where the seeds were planted. The seeds absorbed the blood and this made them grow into plants giving the first life on earth. When Kye witness this she alone stopped the fighting between her sons. She decided neither of them are worthy to rule the earth. So Kye breathed new life into them and these plant's turning them into the first race of Man. She declared Man as the ruler's of this world.

Folkloer :The War gods left the world and their great weapons behind on the battlefield along with it was the Gift of Steel. For it was Man who found these weapons and with it the sacred gift. It was man who found it. Not elves or gods or giants....just man. Because of this Man found it's purpose. For they carried the blood of the war gods and they too felt the urge the fight and conquer. And so the history of man is violent. For even Kye could not completely stop the violent urges her son's carried that was now passed on to man.

Family tree: All Man believes that they carry the blood of either Talos and Grond. But also belive to be children of Kye. Man still has greatly divided in the beginning into clans. The largest warring clans were the Talos clan and the Grond clan. Many generations passed and none of them are worthy to be told in stories or remembered. That was until Krom, for he carried the blood from both clans. Descendant of Thrak One-Eye of the Grond clan and Ivanour Sheild-Maiden of the Talos Clan. They mated in secret and conceived a child. He was named Krom and in time grew as a mighty warrior. After Krom became the ruler of Kyrule he was breeding with many woman of many clans to have children. However they all died through complications at birth, illness, killed in battles, even eaten by creatures. Only one son survived and came to full term of adulthood. His Son, Kalgor who rose as a great prodigy to Krom. He baptized in the fires of combat. He carried his father's strength, withstanding all the elements and the harsh environment. For the northern lands of Kyrule can be cold and cruel to the weak. Krom's son Kalgor the Barbarian Prince.

Professions: Warrior's, Hunter's, Blacksmiths, mead brewers, farmers.

Gender roles: Both Men and Women are considered equal stature. Both are warriors for they both carried the blood or the war gods. Some clan's are better skilled in certain crafts which dictates weather what roles men and women carry. For example some clans specialize in hunting, farming and mead brewing. So the men would do the faring and the women brew the mead. Both gender's learn to hunt. Both gender's also learn how to fight and smith at a young age.

Clothes/Costumes: They dress in the furs and hides of beasts they hunt. Some warriors would wear the bones of dead enemies they killed to strike fear into their living enemies. The most powerful of warriors wear steel armor forged only from Krom's forges on Mount Durin. For these carried the Gift of Steel. Special carved metal plates that shine with quicksilver and even black ebony. Farmer's make their own clothes from the wool of mountain goats or the manes of horses they raised. Also tanning leathers from beasts they hunt.

Weather: Kye is very cold and harsh. There is always snow that covers most of the land, and blizzards can be deadly. This makes the race of man become more resilient to the cold.

Fauna and Flora: Because the weather is so cold the environment had to learn to adapt to it's climate making both the plants and the animals stronger and sometimes more deadly. There are large pine like trees called Eldergreens that grow tall and wide in forests and mountain sides. Their bark is very strong and also poisonous if ingested to protect their sap which is used to cure diseases. There are frost plants that carry fruit thats sweet but is also poisonous unless it is cooked properly. Some fruits are even even sweater in the cold such as snowgrapes and frostberries. The wild life is as fierce as its environment. There are wolfs, bears, and saber cats that roam. There is also peaceful animals such as foxes, rabbits, mountain goats, Tall Elks, and Woolly Rhinos. Cow and Horses are raised by farmers. The cows in Kyrule are more hairy and horses are taller with larger hooves. By rivers and lakes they have biterfish and slush crabs. Near larger bodies of water and oceans are walrus looking creatures known as Snorkles. These are quite fierce despite their size. They have also giant spiders that live and caves and frost bees whose stingers are fatal. But frost bees make the most sweetest honey that's used for man's mead.

Food: Farmers are able to grow crops like potatos, leeks, carrots, tomatoes even apples and cabbage despite the conditions. They also are able to brew some of the best mead. There snow grapes and frost berries made special in these drinks. Most of man also like to hunt for their food. Beef,chickens, venison, rabbit and even snorkle meat which is a delicacy in Kyrule

Geography: Kyrule is the far northern country on the map of the world with many rocky and mountainous terrain. At the Center is Mount Durin where Krom's castle resides. Greayreach is what it's called. His fortress sit's above all others so Krom can see all of his kingdom.

Annual Rituals: When a baby was born, aligned with will the warrior's they were examined. If they were born small or puny, sickly or misshapen they would be discarded. At the age of 7 they are trained to be the greatest warriors the world has ever seen. To show no pain or fear, never surrender. They were taught that death on the battlefield is the greatest honor. Most importantly taught the Gift of steel. For it is tradition to pass the secret only to man. For it's the only true thing that separates them from any other race. No other race is allowed to know the gift of steel. Once a year there is a special feast and made in honor of Kye, Talos, and Grond. Drinking games and competitions that measure fetes of strength and fighting skill. They have al large area were warriors fight to the death and the victor reigns champion of the games and is awarded the title of Warlord. An honor to be one of Kroms warlords. When a warrior or man dies it's not simply buried or burned. The blood of the deceased must be drained into a urn or chalice. Then a seed from an eldergreen must be planted. Then the blood from the vessel is poured on the planted seed so that it will grow into a marvelous tree. For they believe this was Kye's true purpose and pleases her. The blood of her son's that once gave them life will now be passed on to give live to the eldergreens. In this world blood quite literally makes the grass grow.

Technology: Their craftsmanship in weapons and armor is unmatched by any other race in the world. From light shields to large battle axes that were indestructible. Armor that cannot be pierced by Magic or other blades. As long as they are made by Kroms great forges in the fires of mount Durin. For it is there that the sacred Gift of Steel lives.

Religion/Spirituality: Man believes only in only three gods. Talos, Grond and Kye. Talos is the god of Valor and courage for his virtue shines like the Sun. Grond is the god of anger and ferocity. His rage creates storms that affect the land. Kye is the mother and the goddess of all for she created man and the world with all it's wonders. She breathed life into everything and so farmers worship her periodically. Some believe that the heart of Kye lies deep in the volcanic core of Mount Durin. Volcanic soil is the most fertile on Earth and also contains the gift of Steel. Krom is is also worshiped as the protector of the gift for he controls the great forges and is the Master blacksmith that makes the great weapons of war. It's deep within the race of man to believe that they are destined to conquer for they carry the blood of their War gods. Over the centuries they have mastered the art of war. They favor death by glorious combat for they believe it is through great suffering in life that they will find Salvation after death. For their spirits will then be taken to the great feast Halls of Talos and Grond. And some believe Kye will welcome them with loving hands and give them the gift to be reborn as seeds of the earth. Warriors hope that their deeds will be so great that Man will tell stories and revel in songs of them that will last through the ages.

Magic: Man is never gifted with magic. They find it as weak trickery compared to their more head strong and brute force nature. They trust in the strength their arm and their blades instead.

Politics/Power: Krom is king. All pay homage only to him or we'll be crushed by his Iron Fist. He does give a certain amount of power to his Warlords that enforce his rule at certain regions of his realm. Warlords can be challenged for their title as long as it is settled in the traditional ways of one-on-one combat. But no has ever been able to challenge Krom and live to tell about it.